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  1. Agree with Mano above...the hope is to go back to regional conferences.

    I'm still trying to digest the CU football schedule but at the same time, the bright side is that the Big 12 cares more about football & basketball than the Pac-12 does.  I'm more interested in how the Big 12 will handle basketball scheduling if the Big 12 decides to stay at 18 conference games.

  2. OSU @ CU is a 8 pm MT start on ESPN on CU's homecoming day...I guess the CSU-CU ESPN game ratings left an impression on ESPN to keep airing CU games later in the evening regardless of whether the school is having its homecoming day or not.  With the upcoming @WSU game a late evening game, that would mean four CU games starting at 8 pm MT or later this season.

    At least ESPN will have Stanford & Cal for the late ACC games in addition to the five 4C schools in the Big 12.  I grew up watching games at 10 am & 1:30 pm MT and I'm hoping for more games in that time slot if not 5:00 pm MT when CU goes back to the Big 12 next season but I'm not going to hold my breath in that case.

  3. Things take forever to get done in Boulder and the eventual west side renovation of Folsom Field is one of them.  This tweet below appears to put a timeline on that.  The fundraising with Coach Prime on board and the increased conference money from the Big 12 should make that happen in a few years.  Maybe a season in Denver might be necessary.



  4. On 10/18/2023 at 9:41 AM, MrBug708 said:

    Colorado - UCLA is a "sellout". Not sure they remove the tarps but tickets are way overpriced right now


    With both LA schools off to the B1G & CU to the B12 and not a high likehood that CU will attempt to schedule either LA school, this might be Coach Prime's only game in LA unless he coaches in the NFL which doesn't appear to be the case.  As for how the Buffs are going to do in LA, we are just going to have to see what kind of CU team shows up in the Rose Bowl after a bye week.  If the Buffs win this Saturday, the Buffs are basically back on track for a bowl game.

  5. On 10/14/2023 at 12:22 AM, MrBug708 said:

    Your lines cost you that game.

    Don't disagree with you on that but those illegal substitutions fall on the coaches and that is where I'm putting the blame on for this epic choke job (as Mano simply described it).

    Right now I think CU's bowl games are shot but I'm going to take two weeks off from football and see how the Buffs respond at UCLA followed by OSU and then Arizona.

  6. Never seen such a bad 3Q from the Buffs ever and that is why Stanford is creeping back into this game.

    Coaching has been hot hot garbage in the 2H for the Buffs and Coach Prime needs to keep his composure.  How many illegal substitution penalties is CU going to commit before the end of this game?

  7. On 10/13/2023 at 8:34 AM, Orange said:

    Meaningless unless we know whether it’s based on percentage of snaps or percentage of yards. Lotsa teams throw 20 incomplete passes in the 4th quarter while trying to catch up. 


    I believe it's based on attempts.  Washington is doing great with that type of ratio, CU's running game isn't strong by any means, Vandy is Vandy and they don't have the athletes to match the typical physical SEC team, WSU having a run heavy offense if that happened & could be a sign the world is about to end, Oklahoma State has been throwing the ball as long as Mike Gundy has been the HC, ASU going pass heavy isn't a bad thing given the pass heavy nature of the Big 12, and BYU has been long known as a pass heavy team.

    I don't think that supports your point of teams throwing 20 incomplete passes in the 4Q while trying to catch up.  If teams aren't passing teams and already being blown out, what's the point of stopping the clock with another incompletion?  Just run the ball and the clock out.

  8. On 10/12/2023 at 6:08 PM, Scscsc89 said:

    I thought I was being clever by not wearing my SC cap in central Washington & wearing my Oregon State cap instead. Everyone loves those lovable Beavs, right?

    I learned I was wrong.

    I would have done the same thing if I was in your shoes.  So much for the mascots shaking hands at midfield in a sign of unity when they played.

  9. Deion Sanders calls late start times 'stupidest thing ever' - ESPN


    I'm not a fan of the 8:00 pm scheduled start of the Stanford-CU game and given that a matchup of 4-1 teams in Tulane and Memphis is on ESPN before the game, there's a chance the start time gets pushed back.  At least the Stanford coach can say to recruits...did you see us against CU?  You could get early playing time.


    On 10/12/2023 at 4:23 PM, Orange said:

    Im not excited about the Beavs going to Boulder.  


    Because of Coach Prime or the fact that OSU lost to a Karl Dorrell coached team in OT the last time OSU visited Boulder?


    I did mark OSU as a game that CU was not likely to win before this season started.

  10. That Duck D was the best D I have seen all season long and what jumped out at me about the season stats for that D was the passing yards given up.  Looking at the UO scores this season, there was ample reason for teams to be throwing the ball more often after finding themselves behind but the Ducks pass rush D has been excellent.  Plus those teams UO played are not the running type of team.


    UO is the best P12 team at this point and that should continue this Saturday in Seattle with a win over the hated Huskies.

  11. On 10/10/2023 at 10:25 AM, utenation said:

    There is a difference between not buying the hype for a likely 5 win team, not liking the message being sent by your coach on sportsmanship, adult behavior and overall class vs hating CU. I don't like coaches and players that feel the need to show up everything about an opponent.  They can't back up any of the bullshit on the field. 

    You realize Sanders' two sons have tried to fist fight coaches right? Watch Flexing? Give me a fucking break. 

    Sanders could run over an old lady in the street and you'd be fine with it. Your goggles are extra thick. I've never hated CU, they have been irrelevant for 2 decades. There is nothing to hate about that. 

    season 13 GIF

  12. WBB%20Team%2016x9v3.png?itok=QoWPisk6


    HONORABLE MENTION (received votes from three-or-more members of the media): Helena Pueyo (ARIZ); Kemery Martín (CAL); Leilani McIntosh (CAL); Frida Formann (COLO); Aaronette Vonleh (COLO); Talana Lepolo (STAN); Emily Bessoir (UCLA); Lauren Betts (UCLA); JuJu Watkins (USC); Jenna Johnson (UTAH); Dalayah Daniels (WASH).




    Team (First-Place Votes)



    Utah (12)



    UCLA (10)



    Stanford (5)






    Washington State












    Oregon State









    Arizona State


  14. On 10/9/2023 at 7:56 PM, Mano said:

    Deion has done a great job using the portal and NIL to quickly make Buffs a competitive team, which considering where they were last year is quite amazing. However, the amount of hype they have gotten has just been a lot. IMHO they are not in the top half of this league ( behind at least the 7 ranked teams ). There is a lot to praise for what Deion has done here, but I think some of the criticisms are valid too. He is brash, and talks a lot and his team follows suit, and that is going to rub people the wrong way. Hope he sticks around and builds the program up so maybe a rivalry can form in the Big XII that never materialized in the Pac.


    What lured me to CU in the first place was the rivalry with Nebraska back in 1989.  I was an Oklahoma fan as a kid who wasn't too happy with Nebraska beating the Sooners the previous Thanksgiving (they played on Thanksgiving until the Big 12 which CU replaced OU in that contest against Nebraska).  I enjoyed those border state rivalries on Colorado's eastern side against the likes of Nebraska, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma in the Big 8.  I believe there are strong feelings against CU from the AZ schools and the Utes but it hasn't leveled up to a rivalry due to CU's piss poor football performance in the last 13 years.  Now with the move to the Big 12, CU has four border state rivals on the west and three on the east.  Texas Tech might not be technically a border rival but they are close in that regard.

    If CU can't develop a new rival outside of Nebraska and CSU in the Big 12, something is very wrong in that case.

  15. Ouch man that L to the Jets at home for the Broncos.  Stick a fork in the Broncos for this season...they are done and now there is talk about shedding expensive contracts.  NFL teams, start your bidding for Broncos players such as Justin Simmons.

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