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  1. NCAA Division I - Wikipedia Football conferences[edit] Under NCAA regulations, all Division I conferences defined as "multisport conferences" must meet the following criteria:[20] A total of at least seven active Division I members. Separate from the above, at least seven active Division 1 members that sponsor both men's and women's basketball. Sponsorship of at least 12 NCAA Division I sports. Minimum of six men's sports, with the following additional restrictions: Men's basketball is a mandatory sport, and at least seven members must sponsor that sport. Non-football conferences must sponsor at least two men's team sports other than basketball. At least six members must sponsor five men's sports other than basketball, including either football or two other team sports. Minimum of six women's sports, with the following additional restrictions: Women's basketball is a mandatory sport, with at least seven members sponsoring that sport. At least two other women's team sports must be sponsored. At least six members must sponsor five women's sports other than basketball, with at least two of those five being team sports. If a conference officially sponsors an NCAA "emerging sport" for women (as of 2020, acrobatics & tumbling, equestrianism, rugby union, triathlon, or wrestling), that sport will be counted if five members (instead of six) sponsor it. NCAA conferences must have a minimum of seven schools to sponsor men's and women's basketball. If Utah joins the AZ schools in going to the Big 12, the PAC is as good as dead.
  2. X thread and you can click on that X. UA, ASU, and Utah could be in the B12 Friday night.
  3. If the B12 presidents are voting Friday, there probably would be one more AZ BOR meeting to finalize the move. And most of those CU board meetings were to discuss the school treasurer position LOL. It seems like UConn is being used to push Arizona into leaving for the B12. And possibly ASU & Utah. Utah has came a long way from when they entered the PAC…there’s no way Utah should be left out of a top conference. That would be a massive leadership failure at that school. They should be getting a chair before Stanford and Cal.
  4. Utah fans better light their hair on fire and run for the exit.
  5. Says the one still posting on MWCboard.
  6. I get what Utenation is saying but I don't think he really saw the full picture of what was happening at CU last fall. Season ticket renewal rates were tanking hard due to horrible offenses that season & previous season and people were walking away from CU. I had moved on from CU until I couldn't ignore the news about Coach Prime so I had to check it out and I'm curious to see how it all comes together for the Buffs. The NCAA also allowed this much movement and it sounds like that is not going to be the case next season. Things really got bad in Boulder the last couple of seasons and something had to do or CU would have had Stanford/Cal-esque crowds going forward.
  7. Any President or Chancellor will say that until the conference invite comes.
  8. It would be hilarious if that did happen and UCLA still had to pay Cal. I would question Stanford & Cal getting a B1G invite over the four corner schools too given their attitude towards athletics on their campuses.
  9. I agree that there are bigger fish to fry for Congress so it's understandable that Congress hasn't acted on NIL yet. Yes I'm still in team red (not the Ute or Cornhusker one LOL) and I should agree with what you are saying. If Congressional inaction on NIL leads to more scenes like the USC QB throwing his helmet on the floor after losing to the Beavs or watching Oklahoma fans & players with those facial expressions after CU kicked a last second FG to win the game, I'm good with nothing being done.
  10. Yes the SCOTUS did speak on that but for the sake of college sports, I would think having an uniform & national NIL law passed would be good for college (and possibly high school) sports. At least it would reduce the damage the SCOTUS did to college sports like Congress not doing jack after the SCOTUS ruled on that TV stuff in the 80's. But I'm not going to hold my breath on Congress doing something in this case. Maybe it is for the better...who knows?
  11. I will believe it when they pass something on NIL.
  12. Again, I think you are thinking too highly of CSU.
  13. I feel UO & UW to the B1G is going to happen but Stanford & Cal to the B1G could get Congress involved.
  14. USC & UCLA being on an island in the B1G was never going to work regardless of money. Having four other PAC schools would be a much better option.
  15. Got the preseason media poll off of CBS Sports: 2023 Pac-12 Preseason Media Poll USC (25) Washington (4) Utah (6) Oregon (1) Oregon State UCLA Washington State Arizona California Arizona State Colorado Stanford If the PAC is going to die after this season, it looks like it will go out with a blaze of glory. USC...they are picked to win the PAC but the last six games could have something to say about that. Win out and they are in the CFP. UW at #2...that November schedule looks brutal. Win that out and they are in the CFP. Utah at #3...we shall see with Rising's injury and road trips to USC, UW, and OSU. The Utes should beat Florida at home and Baylor on the road (picked #6 in the B12 media poll). The Ducks have a difficult schedule and Texas Tech just announced today that the UO-TT game is sold out. The Red Raider fans do not have Oklahoma or Texas coming to Lubbock so they will be amped for the UO game...UO announcing a move to the B12 will amp game up further. TT was picked to finish #4 in the Big 12 preseason media poll behind UT, OU, and KSU. At least the Ducks have a bye week before going to Seattle and Autzen will be amped for USC if UO isn't headed to the B1G next year. The Ducks have the second easiest route to the CFP assuming they get past TT in Lubbock. I feel like Oregon State is being underrated this year given how close they were to an 11-1 season before counting CCG & bowl games. They could be 10-0 before hosting UW and then traveling to Eugene for the Civil War. But who is going to be the QB? I think OSU has the easiest road to the CFP for the P12. I might swap UCLA for WSU due to the QB situation but the Bruins have a good QB transfer from Kent State. Arizona is probably too high...I'd only feel comfortable with saying that UA wins their conference opener at Stanford. I think California is pretty much where they could be at. Colorado...Coach Prime upgraded the roster through necessary attrition and the Buffs could be dangerous in the second half of the season. It could all come down to the interior lines...if the DL can slow running games down, a bowl game is doable. The schedule feels like 11 conference games and one FCS game in CSU. CSU isn't anywhere close to being as talented as CU and that has been that way since the Buffs joined the PAC. An 0-3 start is highly unlikely but a 1-4 start is possible with the lone win coming against CSU. I have CU's ceiling at seven wins this season and there is no way CU matches last season's 1-11 record. Stanford...that was a good hire at the HC position but there is going to be some work to be done there. The work he done at Sacramento State was impressive.
  16. CU’s starts tomorrow…how about the others?
  17. https://twitter.com/picklesbaseball/status/1686571165538811904?s=61
  18. That was what I really wanted the whole time but I’m okay with ESPN+ starting next year.
  19. Thanks. I have fallen behind on who’s T1 and who’s T2.
  20. If you are talking research tiers, there isn’t much difference between both conferences since only Baylor, BYU, and TCU are not tier 1 research schools. The only difference is the number of AAU members and it is a selective club that only helps in bringing more research dollars to member schools. Even the Big Ten has said that AAU membership is not a priority. And talking of being an ass, there are those Twitter Ute fans and their attitude towards the Big 12. BYU looks like the good guy in the eyes of the Big 12 fan base at this point. Ute fans will be kicking themselves hard after a couple years of being in the Big 12 especially when they see the night and day difference in the fan base passion. The same goes for the schools that go to the Big Ten. Conference loyalty is a thing of the past at this point. If you value that, you might as well go back to the MWC.
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