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  1. LOL...that's what CU did before leaving for the B12.
  2. The one they will be sending out after UA to the Big 12 is official later today?
  3. Just wow. McMurphy tweet says no deal reached in that P12 meeting this AM.
  4. Or how lame Lanning is to talk smack to CU like that especially after CU faces TCU on the road and two rivalry games against Nebraska & CSU before they travel to Eugene with USC coming up to Boulder the following weekend. I hope for UO's sake that they are in the Big Ten by the time this game kicks off...losing to CU might merit a rejection in that case.
  5. The Big 12 has a media rights deal...what about the PAC? Two current Big 12 programs (TCU & Cinncinnati) have been in the CFP recently. Where has OU & UT been in that case? It's so amazing what he has done to a football program that was truly on the rocks before he hired. If CU gets off to a good start, that will really blow the lid in CO for sure.
  6. I have lived in Colorado for the most part since 1987. I do not recall the Buffaloes getting this much attention compared to the Broncos since Coach Prime was hired.
  7. Hopefully the P12 releases the basketball schedule after they are done kicking the media rights can down the road.
  8. I hope CU has a much better showing at TCU than at Cal in 2010 after the PAC move announcement. That was one of two games that ultimately led to Dan Hawkins being sacked after blowing a big lead at Kansas.
  9. There might be some hope (I hope that doesn't happen though):
  10. P12 meeting is happening tomorrow followed by that AZ BOR meeting. I suspect CU is behind that information to MHver who did a Twitter thread and probably on the Big 12's orders. My takeaways: 1. If I was a MWC president or chancellor, I will reject that P12 deal on the spot because it seems like the MWC school (or AAC for SMU) will be getting less than the $17M exit fee if you gave at least a year's notice ($34M if under one year). 2. UO, UW, and Utah would get more of the money. That means ASU is more amenable to leaving the P12 along with UA. If that happens, the remaining 7 schools would become football independents if the NCAA rejects a waiver for 2023 assuming that MWC & AAC schools are coming. 3. I have zero regrets that CU is leaving the PAC after going through all of that information. CU left the Big 12 due to unequal revenue sharing and that is also why CU is going back home to the Big 12.
  11. I'm still standing after drinking all of that kool-aid you know?
  12. Don't think he is wrong but if CU manages to beat UO this year, that would just be freaking hilarious. With a new coaching staff and huge roster turnover in addition to being the conference opener, the odds are stacked against CU this year in Eugene.
  13. Are they bringing back those uniforms that they wore in the 2016 game against CU?
  14. I agree it was a very poor take by HLB. Everyone is overlooking the Beavs because Caleb Williams is expected to lead USC to the CFP. I would not mind the Beavs knocking USC out of the CFP at the P12 CCG. I'm going to have to keep tabs on that QB race. I watched on TV that former Clemson starter lead Clemson to a win at Norte Dame when Lawerence was ruled out of that game with an injury. People forget the Tigers had to replace a very good RB and a couple of WRs. If OSU has a good OL coming back and some help on offense, whoever wins the starting job at QB should have a good season for the Beavs.
  15. The national media isn't reporting enough about how bad last Thursday's P12 meeting was after CU left for the Big 12. It sounds like UA, ASU, and Utah reached out to the Big 12 after that meeting. ESPN is said to have pulled its offer for the P12 so it's basically just the Apple TV subscription that is on the table. To sponsor football at the FBS level, you must have at least eight schools and below that will require a NCAA waiver for maybe one year which allows the P12 to absorb the MWC thanks to the P12 being legislated as an A5 conference.
  16. You mean the UO & UW and Florida State & Clemson to B1G rumor? Arizona could be a Big 12 member as soon as tomorrow.
  17. I want to see CU beat USC on the hardwood again because Enfield is full of it whenever he goes against Tad Boyle. This season is going to have some extra juice since the Buffs will go back home to the Big 12 after this season. https://www.buffzone.com/2023/06/11/mens-basketball-nonconference-schedule-shaping-up-for-2023-24-cu-buffs/ As for the non-conference slate: @CSU Towson Pepperdine Sunshine Slam: Florida State, UNLV, and Richmond Grambling
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