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  1. I understand why CU could be rated lower but I would say that the roster turnover has yielded an overall talent upgrade that CU by default will be better than last year's team. That's why I didn't bother buying any preseason college football magazines this year because the rosters won't be up to date. CU should beat Nebraska & CSU in non conference play then Stanford in conference play. @ASU, OSU, Arizona, and @WSU might be tossups. CU's ceiling is seven wins this year. Boulder will be wild when USC visits and the same could be said for any PAC city they visit this year.
  2. A lot of people will be pulling for WSU & OSU in this case and I will be one of them so I might pop up every once in awhile. I hope the Ute fans do not hold their breaths in anticipation for that return because they could be blue that they would be mistaken for BYU fans. I have heard the talk of how much realignment sucks over and over again. Same old remastered song and the truth is it's up to you to continue watching college sports or just go pro sports full time. I have let go of the concept that is called conference loyalty and I am going to be loyal only to the team that I follow which happens to be CU. I have asked many Buff fans on AllBuffs that if CU was in something like the MWC today, would Ralphie be running sideways or backwards? What is not going to change is the Buff fans standing on their feet and hollering for Ralphie to make her run to around midfield then to the trailer in the visiting team ramp area. We will still hate Nebraska in football and Kansas in basketball. After we beat them, we will remind their fans where they are going home to after that L. Time to go shop for a trucker hat with a CU logo on it.
  3. Arizona is on the clock and it sounds like Tucson will be Big 12 territory as soon as this coming Monday. Either UO & UW or ASU & UU will follow suit. Nothing else besides that and I am done with the bad news for this conference. Reports are saying 14 teams but it appears that 16 is the goal here. If it is just 14, Tucson is the last one into the B12 and there will be a lot of anticipation for those UA-KU matchups on the hardwood. I still hate KU almost as much as I hate Nebraska so in that case GO WILDCATS and I mean the red & blue one not the purple & silver one from a dump in the middle of Kansas. Remember the PAC is still an Automatic 5 conference and that is legislated into the NCAA. That is not something you can say about the P2 so take a deep breath, open that cold can up, and kick back. The PAC is not going to lose schools to the MWC...more like the other way around. Hope that tidbit puts some nerves at ease on this board. The Big 12 knows that beating the B1G & SEC when it comes to football is out of the question so the focus is going to be on basketball. I'm going to miss the basketball from this conference and a lot of Buff fans are concerned with the move to a stronger basketball conference but it'll still be fun hearing K-State players say they are better than CU after CU beat them three times in the same season...GOOD TIMES! I still think the PAC can bounce back and there will be no shame in following what the Big 12 is doing. SDSU should be that first school to send the message through...perhaps in 2025.
  4. Those Ute fans are on edge because they are going to either be back with their ex or will be putting up with their ex having more money than them. Don't feel sorry for them but you can laugh at them which I am doing at this point.
  5. Don't be jealous…just think about how CU got two conference invites ahead of Utah despite what you are implying. And BYU could be earning a minimum of $12M more per year than UU. Good night.
  6. CU’s near 43K per 2022 home game average despite a 1-11 team with one of the worst offenses out there should make you question the reliability & conclusions of those TV centric values that CU has. Those numbers ARE GOING UP because CU has sold out every season ticket and two of CU’s 6 home games are sold out (Nebraska & Stanford) and the CSU game probably will be sold out. A couple thousand more per game and CU is #5 in the P12 behind Utah. https://www.si.com/college/stanford/football/ranking-pac-12-teams-by-average-attendance-in-2022#gid=ci02b8bac4200125d6&pid=5-arizona That is why the national media won’t be able to locate the other PAC schools on a map after USC & UCLA depart. All of this for a 1-11 team last year. Let. That. Sink. In.
  7. You won’t have to worry about me posting on the MWC Board again but I will enjoy those posts welcoming Utah back to the MWC unless the P12 survives as a merger between what’s left of the PAC and MWC. As for this board, I left the B12 boards not too long before CU’s final season in the B12. And are you really sure you want me to go given how much you appear to have enjoyed my posts here? Any tips on how to deal with those folks from Provo would be appreciated.
  8. The stats that matter in college sports begins with the dollar sign. 12 years ago, I never thought BYU would potentially be earning more than Utah nor BYU would be in the B12. People and times do change.
  9. Not sure you read the full article. Author gave CU credit for making the move and placed the blame on the P12 leadership. And yes you have been correct that CU fans aren’t that thrilled with the move back to the B12.
  10. Much better than this tweet below:
  11. The P12 might have a better road towards the CFP and could make up the gap between the P12 & B12. But that depends on if you get the Hallmark Channel as opposed to Apple TV+. Larry Scott is at fault for the P12 being in this shape. GK had a tough job that fell into his laps. And you talk about torture…it sure felt that way for CU fans until today and I’m still stunned that it was an unanimous vote by the CU board to rejoin the B12.
  12. That tweet refers to a 2022 Athletic article that showed CU was #5 in the P12 behind UO, Stanford (now we know where their fans have been), UW, and WSU. That was for 2015-2019 and 2021. Now with Coach Prime, maybe CU takes the top spot this year. Wilner and Canzano have been pretty hellbent on keeping the P12 together.
  13. Oh boy I might have the last laugh when Utah is left out of the Big 12 because BYU blocked that move. ASU has widely been viewed coming behind Arizona. Word is that UO & UW's presidents are meeting with the B12 tonight and there is room for only 16 schools. Utah is team #16 if UO & UW decide to wait for that B1G invite. Is that why Ute fans are called U-tards somtimes?
  14. In addition to that $31.9M, there is $11.1M in tourney credits CU would earn for a grand total of $42M. That is what I am seeing out there. CU could be earning more than $50M in a couple of years once that new B12 media rights deal kicks in.
  15. I'm the same way. I'm only relieved that I know what conference CU will be part of for the next six years. And no more P12N next year too!
  16. That is true as long as the PAC has the money that the B12 will be giving out which isn't there at the moment. The only difference between the B12 and P12 in the academic department is the number of AAU members. Every public B12 schools is a R1 research school just like every public P12 school. If the P12 was that attractive, then tell me why they are empty stands at Cal or Stanford games. That is an image that the rest of the country has when thinking of the P12 and it's not good for the P12 or its schools to be associated with. It certainly has had an impact on those media rights negotiations. The CU fanbase was hoping CU would stay in the P12.
  17. Still looking forward to those games against mighty Stanford & Cal at their 3/4 empty stadiums?
  18. Ask yourself this question: Why is CU still getting conference invites ahead of Utah despite CU sucking in football for nearly two decades?
  19. Still banned from the MWC board? Going to be interesting since your Beavs might end up there.
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