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  1. http://www.buffzone.com/cu-news/ci_26287869/cu-regents-approve-13m-cost-increase-boulder-athletic CU BOR approves $13M increase for Folsom Field which brings costs up to $156M.
  2. Will have to check out Martin Stadium's look...I can't stress enough how much better Oklahoma's stadium looked after they put the bricks up. Looks like WSU finally has an actual college football stadium.
  3. Old board is a pre-HD board as well?
  4. http://www.cubuffs.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=209458799&DB_OEM_ID=600 Second camera feed just went live and a tower crane is being put up. I suspect it would be used for the new indoor practice facility. It's possible that it is slightly postponed as the CU BOR determines whether the new indoor practice facility will be built on top of an underground parking lot. North stands should be done sooner than later. Northeast corner stands are still having the foundation laid. Good thing CU's first home game isn't until September 13th.
  5. They did the same thing around the time they joined the Big 12. I was in College Station in '95 for a family vacation and they were building their current basketball arena and other facilities. I guess it's their way of annoucing their arrival to a new conference. Be grateful that they didn't along with those other Big 12 schools. The funding for the $450M renovation of Kyle Field was done in just two weeks. You don't really find that kind of support anywhere in the nation.
  6. They actually have internet in Pullman?
  7. http://www.cubuffs.com/mediaPortal/player.dbml?id=3306676
  8. You should have seen the crown of Oklahoma's turf fields. You could only see the top half of the opposing players & coaches from your sideline. The option offenses excelled with those playing fields in the old Big 8 & SWC. Don't know about the old turf surfaces at Cal and the Northwestern schools.
  9. I'd have loved the other Pac-12 schools to install fields like UO's so those Duck fans can go nuts.
  10. Recently got back home from a trip to Texas & Oklahoma. The stadiums I drove by are as follows: UTSA Texas State Texas Baylor Dallas Cowboys (stopped there to take photos) Texas Motor Speedway North Texas Oklahoma (stopped there to take photos) Cheaspeake Energy Center (home of the Thunder) Bricktown Stadium (home of OKC's AAA team) Kudos to Baylor for building a nice toliet seat like stadium for God to take a dump when he needs to. JerryWorld is just huge. DKR in Austin doesn't look that big compared to JerryWorld. It's good to be home after dealing with that 90+ degree weather and that humidity. At the Big Red Shop (OU apparel store) in NW OKC, still saw some CU mini helmets there and the same for the other former Big 12 teams.
  11. June 2014 Update of Folsom Field renovations https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=eDt0sKgNI2I
  12. http://www.cubuffs.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=209458799&DB_OEM_ID=600 Construction webcam is up for CU.
  13. LOL...that's for the student rec center at CU. Having a pool shaped like the CU athleic logo is still cool tho. CU hasn't had swimming teams since half a dozen teams were eliminated in 1980 thanks to Title IX. Baseball was one of those sports cut.
  14. http://www.buffzone.com/buffzonetopstories/ci_25744220/cu-boulder-proceeding-143m-athletics-expansion-despite-not CU is going ahead with the $143 million facilities project even if the fundraising goal hasn't been met. Check @cubuffs for pictures of the groundbreaking with a backhoe getting ready to rip out the northeast corner seating.
  15. Nice design for UCLA even if it isn't original.
  16. Design and construction companies selected. They are the same duo that designed & built Coors Field. http://www.cubuffs.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=600&ATCLID=209411380
  17. Looking good to me. Found a good website for that: http://www.gohuskies.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=209389784&DB_OEM_ID=30200 Should be a nice field:
  18. Are you saying that Cal should have given up and shared the Coliseum with the Raiders and A's? EDIT: Another question to be asked...why couldn't Cal simply build a new stadium just like Stanford did on the cheap and away from that fault line?
  19. http://www.buffzone.com/ci_25080550/rick-george-cu-more-than-half-way-50 Buffs are now halfway towards the $50 million mark to begin construction on the $143 million facilities plan for Folsom Field. AD George said that shovels could be in the ground in April or May. It's very clear why former AD Mike Bohn was shown the door last year.
  20. At least Cal fans can say they are Pac-12 Champs if Kabam makes a CFB game. CU's stadium is Folsom Field but it used to be Colorado Stadium. My guess is that with corporate sponsorship, it will still say Folsom Field at (corporate name) Stadium. It's also possible it will be renamed Folsom Stadium so the field can be sold for naming rights.
  21. And that $140+ million renovation of Folsom Field and new facilities were approved by the CU Board of Regents yesterday. Last year's $170M plan by former AD Mike Bohn never came up to a vote. Could be all done in time for the 2015 season if not the 2016 season. Bohn's plan had renovations to the Coors Events Center but it appears like they have been dropped for now. Here's some plans for Folsom Field:
  22. There has been talk about CU getting corporate sponsorship for Folsom Field so like Cal, the name of the stadium could change. Coors put down a lot of money for the Dal Ward Center at Folsom Field and instead of renaming the stadium, they renamed the Events Center to the Coors Events Center and that name is still there.
  23. They will tear out about 5-7k seats at Sun Devil Stadium to reduce capacity and drive up ticket prices. It sounds like ASU will play at SDS next season and I suspect 2015 would be the season that the Sun Devils play at the Diamondbacks' stadium unless the Cardinals let the Sun Devils play at U of Phoenix Stadium. Saw a photo how SDS's north end could look like next season. I'd call that an improvement.
  24. http://www.buffzone.com/cu-news/ci_24650754/cu-boulder-officials-propose-142m-athletic-facilities-upgrades New pricetag is $142 million. Three phases in total. First phase will be a new floor on the east side of the stadium and will cost about $6 million. Phase two which includes the IPF, new football ops center, etc will cost like $117 million. The third phase which will gut the interior of the Dal Ward Center will make up the rest. From what I have learned, construction will most likely start after the 2014 season. Four seating sections on the east side will be demolished and rebuilt with seats in the NW and NE corners. There will be a new team store near the south stands. This is something that is LONG OVERDUE for CU fans. I have been to top notch facilities and they have team stores. Oklahoma's football stadium has a bookstore and team store under one of the sides of the stadium. Maryland's Comcast Center has a team store as well. If you watched the video of the press conference back in 2010 that announced CU's move to the Pac-10 at the time, people would have saw how beautiful the Flatirons can be in the background. One of the new revenue sources will include weddings and events with that view. No Pac-12 or Big 12 school can say they have that view.
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