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  1. USC's backup QB made some good videos of Memorial Stadium
  2. Has Cal even paid back that much money on Memorial Stadium yet?
  3. http://www.cusustainableexcellence.com/#105M CU has raised $75,781,589 out of $105,000,000 for the entire project plus an endowment. Endowment: $18,136,323 out of $20,000,000 Capital: $57,645,266 out of $85,000,000 Not bad for a football program that has been in the dumps for nearly a decade.
  4. Nice stuff for the Utes. I think the Utes could say they have the best basketball facilities compared to any other P5 school out there.
  5. Any photos of what the finished product will be like? Utah could very well have the best MBB facilities in the conference especially when you talk about the main venue plus practice facility.
  6. The Buffs IPF is now going up. It's possible that it might be behind schedule since it has been raining quite often for Colorado. We hardly have had 80 degree weather this year so far as a result.
  7. It's good to know there's company for a 11 game conference schedule. Each team visits every region every year. Wouldn't it be fun to see which teams visit Pullman, SLC, and Boulder late in the season?
  8. Very true. I have pointed out that the Pac-12 appears to be on a higher trajectory than the Big 12 during the same stages being a 12 team conference. You can expect better than what the Big 12 did which was still very impressive over the years. I called for a 10 game conference schedule at least a year ago due to the LA issue with the Northwest schools. I'm sure one more conference game would be better than one more game against a FCS school or even a MWC school. Surely those Northwest schools saw what happened with the competitive gap between the old Big 12 North and Big 12 South and hopefully are being proactive in this case to prevent the same thing from happening again. UO, UW, and WSU appears to have done their part so far but I haven't seen much progress from OSU other than a new basketball practice facility. Utah basketball is already on its way to being a force in the Pac-12 thanks to their coming new basketball practice facility. Given the history of the Ute basketball program, it'll be a shock to me if Utah doesn't win a MBB conference championship in the coming years. Buffs are getting there. A sophmore & freshman dominated team went 0-9 last season in the Pac-12 along with some heartbreaking losses. A junior & sophmore dominated team should show better results this coming season and 2016 could be better than that. CU has pretty much shed the old Big 12 players that were made to compete in a very different conference from the Pac-12. The only thing missing are the Ws.
  9. http://bsndenver.com/what-you-didnt-know-about-the-new-cu-facilities-part-two/ The national championship winning skiing and cross country teams finally get their own lockers. Academic facilities has been a sore point for CU athletics for quite sometime and having everything in one place including the training table will make it easier on all CU athletes.
  10. Bingo. Rick Neushiel left Boulder for Seattle due to facilities alone.
  11. That happened with CU. Buffs opened the Dal Ward Center in 1990, won a National Championship and some conference teams then had a slow decline beginning in 2003 to today's Buffs. Now that the Buffs are spending the money again, it could be the beginning of a new cycle. I think it's stupid. EDIT: Even mighty Oklahoma and Texas were behind in facilities at the beginning of the Big 12 and they pumped the money into facilities and they got impressive results. CU is at the same point in the Pac-12 as those two schools were at the beginning of the Big 12.
  12. http://bsndenver.com/what-you-didnt-know-about-the-new-cu-facilities-part-1/
  13. An old CU Buffs schedule from 1956 that highlighted expansion at Folsom Field back then. Yes back then, there was a running track at Folsom Field.
  14. http://www.tallahassee.com/story/sports/college/fsu/football/2015/03/20/planning-doak-campbell-stadiums-future/25094325/ Interesting take. That would explain why some recent stadium additions has been basically club level/suite box seating. This is related to Florida State's upcoming expansion of Doak Campbell Stadium where they will add 6,000 club level seats. Looking around the PAC, we have the newer south side seats at UA's stadium, the new suite/club seating at Martin Stadium for WSU, the new Husky Stadium, and what is happening at CU's Folsom Field. I will go back and look at the specifics for the new Sun Devil Stadium but it wouldn't surprise me to see more club level seating. That could very well explain why Utah is taking its sweet time on deciding how to expand RES. If money isn't an issue, they will finally finish Reser Stadium in Corvallis. And we got those grand plans for USC & UCLA's stadiums.
  15. Folsom Field BEFORE the expansion
  16. http://www.buffzone.com/football-cubuffs/ci_27389072/cu-begins-new-phase-facility-fundraising CU has raised $72M out of a target of $105M for the Folsom Field expansion. Once that $105M target has been hit, CU will start raising money for the renovation of Coors Events Center and Balch Fieldhouse (on the west/southwest side of Folsom Field. Not too bad raising money for a football program that has sucked hard for the last decade. This will be what Folsom Field looks like after that job is done:
  17. From what I have read, the reason for the reduction in seats is to charge more $ per seat.
  18. http://www.buffzone.com/cu-news/ci_26287869/cu-regents-approve-13m-cost-increase-boulder-athletic CU BOR approves $13M increase for Folsom Field which brings costs up to $156M.
  19. Will have to check out Martin Stadium's look...I can't stress enough how much better Oklahoma's stadium looked after they put the bricks up. Looks like WSU finally has an actual college football stadium.
  20. Old board is a pre-HD board as well?
  21. http://www.cubuffs.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=209458799&DB_OEM_ID=600 Second camera feed just went live and a tower crane is being put up. I suspect it would be used for the new indoor practice facility. It's possible that it is slightly postponed as the CU BOR determines whether the new indoor practice facility will be built on top of an underground parking lot. North stands should be done sooner than later. Northeast corner stands are still having the foundation laid. Good thing CU's first home game isn't until September 13th.
  22. They did the same thing around the time they joined the Big 12. I was in College Station in '95 for a family vacation and they were building their current basketball arena and other facilities. I guess it's their way of annoucing their arrival to a new conference. Be grateful that they didn't along with those other Big 12 schools. The funding for the $450M renovation of Kyle Field was done in just two weeks. You don't really find that kind of support anywhere in the nation.
  23. They actually have internet in Pullman?
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