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  1. Not inspiring but hey Minnesota kicked CU’s rears in Boulder last season. I think Dorrell knows he has to win next season or he won’t be back in 2023.
  2. When the CU administration above the AD cares about football again.
  3. Solid hire by the Ducks...hopefully they attached a large buyout to the deal. Who did UW hire again? I think that UCLA-USC next year is going to be big with Riley-Kelly. I have not felt this optimistic about the Pac-12 in quite awhile.
  4. At least 9 CU players are in the portal.
  5. Let's see...Eugene/Portland/Nike versus Los Angeles, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Austin, Houston, New York City, Miami, Atlanta, etc. Those metro areas have more NIL opportunities than what Portland/Nike can offer. The majority of those cities are east of the Rockies where at least 2/3 of the country lives. NIL isn't focused solely on Nike and Uncle Phil isn't going to live forever. That's like saying Arkansas' players should benefit from Walmart HQ being in the area. No one shopping at Walmarts outside of the southeastern US will know who those Arkansas players are. It doesn't mean that GM will always offer Michigan player NIL deals since Ann Arbor isn't far from GM HQ in Detroit. It doesn't mean that national insurance companies and P&G based in Ohio will give Ohio State players exclusive NIL deals nor defense contractors will be doing that to UVA, VT, UMD, and even CU. It doesn't mean that Google and Apple will be exclusive for Stanford & Cal players and the same goes for Amazon, Microsoft, and Starbucks for UW & WSU. Oklahoma City is home to at least two of the largest oil & gas companies in the US and they are not always going to give OU players NIL deals. I could go on and on. Even Nike is not obligated to offer UO athletes NIL deals. It's the local companies such as the used car lots (think Big Red Motors in Norman...remember Rhett Bomar), restaurants, businesses, etc. In those large metropolitan areas, there are lots of businesses that will be vying to get the star player into their ads so the fans who see those players will stop by for a drink and perhaps some good BBQ when their favorite team is on the road or after the home game. Those businesses even from those small college towns with large football stadiums can still reach the alumni in those large metropolitan areas by having their favorite team's star players in those ads especially those targeted online ads. That's another way to recruit athletes in that case. UO could offer Nike but that is limited in scope and many other schools are sponsored by Nike. I'm sure Oregon has some of those businesses that happily supports those Duck athletes but if I'm a recruit that knows for certain that I can end up in the NFL, maybe UO isn't the best solution but USC is. My likeness could end up on a NYC building too. Tell me how UnderArmour has helped Maryland recruit elite athletes. And the CEO of Apple did go to a SEC school and could direct Apple advertising dollars to Auburn athletes but are there better schools aligned for Apple in that case and Apple could target athletes from those schools instead of Auburn...yep that can happen. UO could do well in the NIL arena but again, Nike is not obligated to sponsor UO players only. Same thing for the Jordan brand and North Carolina. Perhaps you are the one who needs to do that thinking through.
  6. If it was just about the coaching money, I don't know if Cristobal makes that move because that UO offer was a real good one. But this NIL thing has made some coaching jobs where the school is located in a large metro area pretty attractive.
  7. OU hiring Venables as the next HC: the last NC winning DC they hired worked out good for them in Stoops. Ole Miss OC is rumored to be the OC under Venables.
  8. PAC MAN

    Rose Bowl

    Go Utes...Ohio State is one of my most despised teams out there and I enjoyed last weekend's Michigan win.
  9. Congrats to Utah and I love the fact that you kicked UO's rears two times this year. Two thumbs up from me for that. With the rumor of KW retiring soon, I wonder if having the P12 title and a potential CFP playoff run next year would put those on hold for a year. You got Lincoln Reily and USC in SLC next year right?
  10. And he can be hired on the cheap while Florida pays the difference. I like that.
  11. That's the truth and sadly I just don't see that changing anytime soon. I can't get myself to say that CU is going to win the Pac-12 next year. CU is the new Tennessee for sure.
  12. CU is looking for an offensive coordinator after having a bad year on that side of the ball. I think Dorrell gets one more year as the HC but reality might mean the new CU HC doesn't come until 2024 due to the apathy of the CU administration and regents. I'm seeing that there are CU fans real fed up right now that they have informed the CU AD that they will not be renewing their season tickets despite the Buffs averaging over 47K fans at 50K Folsom Field this year. So perhaps one more year for KD. Hopefully the new Buffs OC will lead CU to a berth in the Sun Bowl or even that ABQ bowl game next season before getting hired away somewhere.
  13. One or two coaching hires can change the trajectory of a conference. In 1998, Texas hired Mack Brown and the following year OU hired Bob Stoops. The Big 12 was a really good conference in the 2000s. Nick Saban gave the SEC a good jolt when he went to LSU then to Alabama. Better days do appear to be ahead for the Pac-12. Gotta prove it on the field though.
  14. HLB is probably right in this case. USC road to playoffs is much easier than OU road to the playoffs in the SEC.
  15. First year the P12 CCG is in Vegas...could be good.
  16. I think this is a great move for Riley and USC. OU can start its SEC transition right now and I think the move is going to occur in 2023.
  17. NASCAR is coming to the Coliseum next February.
  18. Mardi Gras in Vegas? That'll be wild.
  19. For a Thursday or Friday night game? Possibly.
  20. I'm aware of that and it is an attempt to hold things together until the NCAA constitutional meeting in November. This is also against ESPN. Until then, it's fun to ponder all of those match ups. Looking forward to that WSU-Wake Forest football matchup down the road?
  21. If the P12-B1G-ACC alliance holds, what basketball games would you be interested in?
  22. Nebraska deserves to wear those Lil Red uniforms after trying to back out of the Oklahoma game.
  23. Good to see those classic UA uniforms back.
  24. I imagine it'd be cool to have all those uniforms UO had over the years in the same closet.
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