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    Week 1

    UNC didn't play a game last season including last spring so they are going to be rusty in addition to being excited to finally play a game. CU just needs to pound away at the Bears and call it a day in addition to keeping things as vanilla as possible for the upcoming games against Texas A&M and Minnesota. If CU puts in an effort akin to what they did in 2017 against those Bears, I will not have a good feeling about the rest of the season. GO BUFFS! SUN BOWL OR BUST!
  2. Disagree. It's not fair to the fanbases of those four California schools to not have their rivalry games. I speak as someone who is fond of that CU-Nebraska rivalry. I think that was done with the ACC's NC schools if not at least attempted. There should be exceptions to rivalry games in those cases.
  3. CU-Cal in 2011 was a non-conference game so I think playing the unscheduled school in non-conference play would be doable in this situation.
  4. PAC MAN

    Week 0

    Missed the game...did he have the Brittany Spears earpiece on?
  5. PAC MAN

    Week 0

    It's going to be a long season in Lincoln and congrats on the win Bruins. I'm not going to mock UCLA fans for staying home when it was at least 100 & fully sunny during a 12:30 pm kickoff. @Pac12Fan's point of UCLA moving to SoFi looks stronger at this point.
  6. Might as well call the CU-SJSU the MacIntyre Bowl.
  7. Mardi Gras in Vegas? That'll be wild.
  8. For a Thursday or Friday night game? Possibly.
  9. Agreed. Losing Wilson to the Jets probably will hit BYU hard and no one outside of AZ seems like they are taking UA football seriously this year. SDSU might be tough but you think UA could open 3-0 in this case before going to Eugene?
  10. I'm aware of that and it is an attempt to hold things together until the NCAA constitutional meeting in November. This is also against ESPN. Until then, it's fun to ponder all of those match ups. Looking forward to that WSU-Wake Forest football matchup down the road?
  11. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/32066171/college-football-bottom-10-back-bad-ever Shocking to see Arizona isn't in that Bottom 10 right @azgreg?
  12. If the P12-B1G-ACC alliance holds, what basketball games would you be interested in?
  13. As a CU fan, I appreciate Jon Wilner & John Canzano because during CU's time in the Big 12, David Ubben was the ESPN Big 12 beat writer and he pretty much ignored CU because he was in bed with Bevo. I'd say those two are pretty much all the P12 has but an upgrade from what the Big 12 had.
  14. From what I have read, Texas A&M has to replace their QB and four out of five OL positions. The Buffs D playbook will be simplified and let the Buff defenders talent show itself. HC Karl Dorrell said that the defense could be special this year and from what I see on paper, this could be the best LB corps the Buffs had in a very long time...maybe at least 20 years. JT Shrout blew out his knee in CU's first summer scrimmage and the Buffs are down to Lewis, a true freshman, and a freshman walk on. If Lewis goes down, so does CU's season so I think the Buffs might have to be cautious with him and just run the ball. Problem is Texas A&M is said to have some solid DL players. That matchup will probably determine the aTm-CU game. I always was more confident of a CU win over aTm than Texas when the Buffs were in the Big 12 but that was a long time ago. Noyer was recruited over by Lewis and after watching what Lewis did against Texas, Noyer had to know he was done as the starter in Boulder. Same thing for Nixon being recruited over. It does sound odd given CU's success in the Pac-12 but truth be told that CU has been competitive in the conference since at least 2015. You would think that USC would have landed a higher caliber player than Nixon. If Noyer wins the OSU starting job, I think that speaks more to the lack of talent or leadership in the Beaver QB room. The same OC that OSU has was the one who was pushed out by CU. If both do well at their new schools this year, this will not only show how deep the Pac-12 South is but it could also be an indictment of the talent level of the P12 as a whole. It would be another way to show how rotten CU's luck has been in the P12 since joining back in 2011. As for this year's CU squad, the talent level might not be that far off from the 2016 squad but at the same time, CU fans knew that Montez was a capable backup while no one knows how another Oregon kid in Drew Carter will be like as the backup QB. I think CU's coaches were willing to take chances with Liufau because Montez was there to take over if necessary and he sure had a debut to remember at Oregon that year. If Shrout didn't go down with that knee injury, I would be having those 2016 vibes again. CU has struggled with overall depth dating back to its Big 12 days. When the Buffs were contending in the Big 8 and Big 12, they had the depth. With the new transfer rules, the CU of old might come back. CU lucked out in 2016 in the injury department other than QB and the bowl game that year. That's why I am saying SUN BOWL OR BUST for the Buffs this year.
  15. Pullman is paradise compared to Manhattan & Stillwater.
  16. B1G's media deal expires after next year and the P12's media deal expires a year after that. I guess it is Fox's turn to decide what media markets they want in the B1G.
  17. It's a combination of the changing demographics in CA in addition to those HS football participation numbers that has the future of football out west in question. That is something that the new NIL rights could reverse but in order to get the best NIL deals, having a passionate fan base is probably a requirement and the P12 doesn't have that in spades. This does have the potential to benefit CU football over the long run since CU is the closest P12 school to anything east of the Rockies so I should be excited at this prospect but I am not since we very well could be past the golden age of college football. That is why I have watched more soccer this summer than in the last decade or two.
  18. That mojo might be back for a limited time after CU runs over Northern Colorado.
  19. It looks like the Buffs are going to have to run the ball more than anticipated. Tennessee QB transfer JT Shrout had a bad knee injury in CU's first preseason scrimmage and his season is in doubt. That leaves Brendan Lewis as the starter and behind him is a true freshman QB who was supposed to redshirt and the third QB is a freshman walk-on QB from a 3A school here in Colorado. Not good for the QB depth. I'm still excited for the Buffs running game. Broussard had a good season last year and he wasn't fully recovered from a knee injury that knocked him out back in 2019. Those injuries usually take more than one season before you really are back. Alex Fontenot, the leading 2019 rusher for CU, blew out his knee before last season is back this season but he's probably the third option behind Ashaad Clayton. Speaking of Clayton, he struggled with homesickness & difficult freshman season and is said to be totally into it this year. The Buffs have two RBs behind that trio that could contribute. I love the thought about what this year's CU squad could be like. One problem is the schedule. Five P12 games on the road in addition to aTm & Minnesota for a grand total of 11 P5 games and I think CU can be forgiven for having FCS Northern Colorado in the season opener. I will be thrilled with a Sun Bowl appearance by the Buffs this year if that happens.
  20. And BTW, have you checked out the new 2020 US Census data? It could be argued that football in the western US is going to have a big decline if it hasn't happened already. I don't think this is a hot take and that take is college football is finished out west.
  21. Agree with Don. 16 teams is enough to have a league as opposed to a conference. I have been watching a ton of soccer and most European soccer top tier leagues have no more than 18 teams each. Clemson and FSU would make it 18 for the SEC when the time comes. Decentralization is the trend at this point. The SEC will do just fine on its own.
  22. Maybe this is how CU will finally beat USC...LOL.
  23. Nebraska deserves to wear those Lil Red uniforms after trying to back out of the Oklahoma game.
  24. Good to see those classic UA uniforms back.
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