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  1. Tried editing previous post. What I was going to say is that the rumors of a P12-B1G merger seems to have legs.
  2. I think we are heading that way already and I have been noticing this with CU's matchups with MWC teams since the Buffs switched conferences. I think it has been awhile since a MWC team beat Utah since the Utes joined the PAC. Without basketball, I'm guessing UA would have an instate rivalry with NAU. 😎
  3. OU is Oklahoma's NFL team and football is a cult in that state. I can only wish CU was in a similar spot.
  4. Do not undersell OU's ability to adapt to a new conference...they will find a way to pull it off in the SEC. Can't say the same thing about Texas although they will win their battles. But being the heel of the conference does have its advantages and Texas could really reap those advantages. Plus Missouri & aTm had good success against the SEC in their early years as SEC members and they were a step below OU & UT.
  5. It is important that the P12 gets into the Metroplex and Houston so TCU & Houston to the Pac-12 would be a done deal imo. OKSU-TT would be a good rivalry pair. Kansas & Baylor are too toxic to be considered at this point.
  6. For as successful as Oklahoma State has been of late, I can tell you that support within OK runs at least 90-10 in favor of the Sooners.
  7. Hate the idea of having to go back to masks.
  8. Going to be fun to see what this season's Buffs will be like without Mackenize Wright IV at PG. Recruiting has improved for Tad Boyle of late and we might have another solid PG ready to take over.
  9. I have had a feeling OU & UT to the SEC would happen for awhile. The SEC was the first to 12 teams and I guess they will be the first to a super conference.
  10. PAC MAN

    NFL 2021

    Aaron Rodgers is still not a Denver Bronco yet. I'm still not sold on Drew Lock and with all those weapons on offense that are back and healthy, any excuse he had in the past for not succeeding will not fly this year. He is going to have to get it done this year. Word is out that he has been putting in the work this offseason but I'll believe it when I see it. Von Miller is in a contract year so I'm expecting a big season out of him if his heel can let him. The Broncos ownership saga is nearing its end after the daughters from the late Pat Bowlen's first marriage's lawsuit challenging the trust that is running the franchise was dismissed. Either Brittany Bowlen will get control of the franchise starting next year or the team will be sold. I'm having to remind myself that there will be one less preseason game thanks to the move to 17 regular season games.
  11. Maybe he took a ton of AP classes in high school?
  12. PAC MAN

    2019-20 NBA

    Never thought that I'd see the day that two former Buffs are hired as NBA head coaches within a week of each other. Chauncey Billups is the new Blazers coach and Jamahal Mosley is the new Magic head coach.
  13. It feels like the multi-color uniform craze is slowing down. I guess it was fun while it lasted.
  14. FCS has 24 teams in their playoffs with 10 autobids for conference championships. With a smaller 16 team format this spring, there were five teams from the MVFC in the playoff field but none made it to the FCS championship game. The new FBS playoffs very well could have just gone to eight instead of 12 and kept the six highest ranked autobids and six highest ranked at large bids. Even if one conference championship team missed out on the autobid, there's still the at large bid so there could be seven maybe eight conference championship winning teams.
  15. The Indy 500's 135,000 seats are sold out for the Memorial Day race.
  16. Got Pfizer #2 yesterday and very little side effects...almost none at all. Going to keep wearing my mask in stores for about two more weeks and then I will just leave the mask in my pocket to get out if needed. By the end of next month, I could be using mass transit again and they are saying that the mask mandate for mass transit here in Denver could be gone around September. Next few weeks are going to be critical when it comes to hospitalizations & deaths due to COVID-19. If there's no surge in hospitalizations & deaths during that time, Biden could very well say that we have conquered the coronavirus during the 4th of July time period. California is re-opening in just under three weeks and I think Colorado will follow shortly after unless that happens before June 15th.
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