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  1. It's certainly the Prime Effect and I'm not ready for it to end anytime soon. It ain't stopping even if CU loses this weekend because USC is coming to Boulder after this one and will be on Fox's 10 am MT time slot (noon ET). The media is going to make sure of that.
  2. Ha that's something I didn't really notice. USC's number is going up next week for sure since the USC-CU game will be on at 9 am PT on the 30th. I have brought up in the past the topic of taking advantage of CU's location in the country and have those 10 am local start games. CU has already played in two 10 am MT games and will be playing in another one against USC. The numbers speak for themselves.
  3. https://x.com/RossDellenger/status/1704282126781198599?s=20
  4. LOL Dan Lanning speaking different vibes about Coach Prime.
  5. PAC MAN

    NFL 2023

    Broncos visit the Dolphins this Sunday. I'm guessing that PS2 (Patrick Surtain II) will be covering Tyreek Hill in that one which means the other Fins receivers could be open. I'm not seeing a Broncos win this Sunday at this point.
  6. Funny thing is what is USC doing at the bottom?
  7. The Rams are dead to me after what happened and also what Norvell said yesterday. CSU can go to hell.
  8. I think ESPN stands for Entertainment SPorts Network or something...or was that Eastern Sports Programming Network? I just don't recall. Fox Big Noon was in Boulder this weekend after being there for the Nebraska game and they already announced they are back in Boulder for the USC game. That's three weekends out of four in that case...Fox must love Coach Prime. PAC fans including myself are wishing Coach Prime was here a year earlier because that might have ultimately gotten the PAC a better media rights deal but at the same time, we have that commissioner who can't get anything done. I didn't like Shedeur Sanders getting into the face of Norvell after the game but he might be as polarizing as his father...maybe that is something genetic but there's always learned behavior. He has that questionable eye poke of a CSU player too and he was flagged against Nebraska for doing his father's dances after a TD with the game that was starting to get out of reach for the corndogs.
  9. This upcoming CU-UO game isn't the same as the 2016 game. CU was coming off a loss at Michigan where the Buffs were leading 21-7 before Sefo Liufau went down with an injury and ******n Montez wasn't able to rally the Buffs to a victory in Ann Arbor. The Ducks certainly didn't have much tape on Montez at the time and CU was able to give Montez first team reps that week while tailoring the offense to his strengths. Then the Buffs did the unthinkable and pulled off the win in Eugene. Back then I believed that was doable and right now I'm trying to figure out how CU will do without Travis Hunter. Given Hunter's dual duty of starting on offense and defense, the Buffs are down two starters even if it's just one player. As for how CU would play against Oregon, I am not sure but at the same time CU has a road win at TCU so it's possible. There has been some expected contributors that hasn't stepped on the field due to injuries sustained during camp but one of them is a former Houston RB and from what I have read, he is almost ready to go. Other reinforcements in other areas might be about ready to go for the Buffs.
  10. CSU-Colorado draws late-night record 9.3M viewers on ESPN - ESPN 9.3M viewers for CSU-CU. I think I recall @HLB talking about there being fans on the east coast that are willing to watch such late night games.
  11. No one believed me when I was saying the Buffs have overtaken the Broncos in Colorado this season. CU Buffs more popular than Broncos during 2023 season | FOX31 Denver (kdvr.com)
  12. I'm still pissed about that cheap hit on Travis Hunter but death threats...c'mon. When Coach Prime came to CU so did Coach Prime fans and those people might have been the ones who did the death threat because I just don't see pre-Coach Prime CU fans resorting to such lowlife stuff. I know someone who emailed a bomb threat using his father in law's email address and the police from the Denver were able to nail that person because he had his webcam on at the same exact time he sent the email. With that in mind, people who did those death threats will be caught more easily than you think.
  13. The UO game was one of those games that I expected to see the Buffs lose before that win at TCU. Ditto for USC. If CU wins those two games, I will be pinching myself to see if I have not been transported back in time to the late 80's and early '90's when CU was winning those big time games outside of Big 8 play. Never thought I'd see the Rock sport a Shedeur Sanders jersey on ESPN Game Day in Boulder...it's surreal but I'd take any positive vibes for the Buffs while the Broncos continue laying turds. It's nice to see all of those celebrities in Boulder again after all those years. I am savoring Coach Prime because it would not surprise me the slightest if he leaves after next season. I'm a little surprised the Big 12 hasn't looked that good this season. Perhaps the Big 12 will rename itself the Coach Prime Conference. And I have not gone hard on the kool-aid this season.
  14. Week 4 games: Colorado at Oregon. Autzen is going to be nuts with Coach Prime showing up in Eugene. Travis Hunter is out for about a few weeks after a cheap hit by a CSU player who came from Boulder...his parents better lock everything up and install cameras on their property. UCLA at Utah. I'm thinking UCLA & USC will happily trade Salt Lake City for Lincoln when they move to the Big Ten. OSU at WSU. Too bad someone has to lose this game. Arizona at Stanford. Hope the Wildcats win this one since it might be awhile before UA visits an empty stadium like Stanford Stadium. USC at ASU. USC has a big target on their back and the ASU game will be a good test to see how USC handles it. California at Washington. Washington is no Idaho and that is why I think the Huskies win this one easily.
  15. Oregon made it personal in 2016 by wearing those The Duck uniforms too and I guess someone might have forgot to tell Lanning to not make it personal against CU.
  16. It would be so funny if CU wins in Eugene after Lanning's comments. The Coach Prime loving media would vilify him and Uncle Phil will be fuming since the Ducks signed Lanning to an extension. And you say 19 points? TCU was favored by 21 points and yet CU won that game. CU has played pretty hard for the last three weeks and two of them were against traditional rivals so there might be a letdown game but last night's team showed me a resilient team that has been a rare sighting in Boulder for the last two decades. Given the last time CU had a special season was seven years ago, I'm just going to savor this season.
  17. I have lost whatever respect I have for CSU after their dirty play in this game and it was fitting that CSU fans drove home back to Ft. Collins crying. I would support the CU AD if they decided to drop whatever scheduled games they have after next year's game in Ft. Collins. And that CSU #8 DE...he was going down with fake injuries whenever CU was getting going on offense. Then he got ejected for targeting Shedeur...bastard. Love him or hate him, Coach Prime has done an amazing job and CU will have a target on its back but the Buffs showed resiliency in this one that might propel CU towards a bowl game. But the attention he has brought to Boulder was just insane with all those celebrities. I can only imagine how crazy Folsom Field will be in its next home game against USC but this week will be about the Ducks and their coach who made it personal before the season started.
  18. I would say USC at this point because I don't think the Big Ten is used to seeing those type of offenses that USC will have. Wisconsin switched to the Air Raid offense and Purdue under a former CU player is running the Air Raid too but that is usually what Purdue does on offense. And that could happen as soon as next year.
  19. 'I'm a grown man': Deion Sanders fires back at Colorado State coach Jay Norvell's glasses remark (yahoo.com) CSU game just got personal for Coach Prime and the Buffs. Also CSU returned 500 tickets to CU...guess CSU Ram fans know their team will get buffaloed.
  20. Still love this gif of the backup CSU QB signaling first down after being down 37-0 to the Buffs. https://giphy.com/gifs/black-gold-colorado-l1KVbgowm4InamLhm?utm_source=iframe&utm_medium=embed&utm_campaign=Embeds&utm_term=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.allbuffs.com%2Fthreads%2Fcsu-game-week-thread.156190%2Fpage-4
  21. PAC MAN

    NFL 2023

    Colorado very well could be Buffalo Country instead of Bronco Country this year. Or is that Coach Prime Country? :LOL:
  22. Bug: it is obvious that OSU & WSU are stopping the effort to meet because that would be one to dissolve the conference and all tourney credits would be split 12 ways instead of two ways between OSU & WSU if the P12 remains intact via a reverse merger with the MWC.
  23. That will not be a problem with the three other TX schools. This might be more of an Utah problem for not getting a chartered flight into a closer airport. And also a hotel one hour away from the stadium...that's probably an Utah problem too. CU did chartered flights all the time back in the old Big 12 so I don't know what the fuss is about from the Utes except I will point out to poor travel planning by the Utah AD or whoever is responsible. The heat index easily goes past three digits in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, etc during this time of the year and the humidity too. Someone on that Utah football staff should have known about that. Plus Utah's football staffers should have expected the humidity given that the Brazos River is right next to the football stadium. They should be thankful the game didn't start two hours later because it would have been worse. But the TV stations don't care about those little things. Kansas State games usually meant flying into Kansas City but now I have seen that they are now flying opposing teams into Salina which cut out a hour from the two hour ride from KC's airport. Kansas probably means the KC airport in that case. Ames (ISU) is less than a hour from Des Moines so that shouldn't be a problem. Oklahoma State means either OKC or Tulsa whichever is closer. WVU seems to have similar bus travel times as OSU. Joe Paterno was known to fight any upgrades to the State College airport in PA because he liked how opposing teams had to travel from the Pittsburgh or Philly airports. Now these days schools fly charter flights directly to State College. The heat and humidity will be less of a problem during conference play in October & November. I hope the Big 12 sends the Utes to Ames for a late November game with the cold, humidity, and wind where the wind chill can go into negative terrority. Given the whining that Ute fans and people have done during this realignment saga, it would be more than justified.
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