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  1. It was really an issue with where the Nebraska medical school was located...not dissimilar from CU's medical school.
  2. NCAA is said to have its constitutional event this November and that could really blow things up.
  3. Yeah it could have gotten worse for the Pac-12 in that case. I have to wonder if football is basically done west of I-25 in the US.
  4. B1G would love to have a talk with Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Miami FL, Pittsburgh, and Virginia. SEC would likewise have those talks with VT, NCSU, Clemson, Florida State, and Louisville. Norte Dame could force the B1G's hand to take Boston College and them which would mean the votes are there to dissolve the ACC. The SEC later invites West Virginia to make it 22 schools. B1G would need to look for just one more school and they could just pick up UConn for cheap and as a way to get back to ESPN for their SEC stunt. That is why the ACC wouldn't want to do a deal with the B1G. I'm torn on this. If the P12 did sign that ESPN extension, the P12N games would have been on ESPN+. SEC Network games could be shifting towards ESPN+/SEC+ and beginning in 2023, all ABC/ESPN NFL games will be on ESPN+ too. NBA is only a matter of time before that happens too if they stay with ESPN. On the other hand, the P12 could sell the rights of their games to anyone and make a good sized chunk of coin. But I'm skeptical on that ability to make a good sized chunk of coin. Rejecting that ESPN offer might end up being a bad decision after all.
  5. I imagine it'd be cool to have all those uniforms UO had over the years in the same closet.
  6. Both schools would owe $75-80M each. Texas already has the money lined up from how much ESPN owes Texas for the LHN. Texas then could loan OU that money out to be paid back over a decade. They will be playing in the SEC next year.
  7. CU joined the Pac-10 on June 10, 2010. CU finalized their exit from the Big 12 on September 21, 2010. Nebraska announced their departure the day after CU and finalized their exit deal the same day as CU. 64 days.
  8. USC is just leveraging at this point unless the B1G doesn't care about the P12. I will assume that is true in this case and USC might get a concession from the P12 when it comes to conference payouts. OU & UT are pretty close to the Deep South region which all 14 SEC schools...maybe except Vandy and it's more of a natural fit than you would think. BU, TCU, TT, and OSU to Pac-12. This is something the P12 needs to do and doing this will get the P12 solidly into DFW. This will give the PAC a chance to survive any future moves. Getting only two will not be enough in this case. I don't think we will need Houston in this case because it is solidly in the hands of the SEC. KU & ISU to the B1G. This step will dissolve the Big 12 regardless of WVU going to the ACC first or after the B1G move since there are 8 schools that have moved and you need 75% to dissolve a Delaware corporation which the Big 12 is (and also many other conferences). WVU to the ACC. Bless their hearts for sticking out like this. KSU to AAC. Starting a rivalry with the Shockers of Witcha is something to look forward to. The Wildcats will not lose access to DFW this way. MWC is not the answer for them.
  9. Wait a minute...I think CFB is becoming more regional.
  10. College sports as we knew it is dead. For the rest of my time on earth, I'm going to just enjoy watching college sports regardless of conference afillation.
  11. SEC Presidents have scheduled vote this Thursday.
  12. It’s hard for many people to comprehend why those two schools still matter. Both are about 3 1/2 to 4 hours away from DFW. When I drove through the Texas panhandle to go to a funeral, I noticed more muscle cars with Texas plates especially Dodge Challengers & Chargers. It amazes me how smooth my 2017 Jeep Cherokee (under the same Fiat roof as Dodge) can drive even at 85-90 MPH. You can even drive that fast on I-35 from DFW to OKC. People from those states are conditioned for long drives.
  13. CU is definitely on the bubble in this case. But not all is lost. My favorite memories of CU were from its days in the Big 8 when TV didn't matter. That remains true even to this day. Just look at the Sun Belt...they are better in football than the C-USA which is more driven by population numbers. FCS football this spring showed me that you can get game of the week matchups and watch solid football. I'm going to dip my toes in the D2 football pool this fall and see some good D2 football games.
  14. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/college-football-realignment-fallout-whats-next-with-texas-oklahoma-stating-intent-to-leave-big-12-for-sec/ ASU, CU, USC, and UW to the B1G?
  15. Tried editing previous post. What I was going to say is that the rumors of a P12-B1G merger seems to have legs.
  16. I think we are heading that way already and I have been noticing this with CU's matchups with MWC teams since the Buffs switched conferences. I think it has been awhile since a MWC team beat Utah since the Utes joined the PAC. Without basketball, I'm guessing UA would have an instate rivalry with NAU. 😎
  17. OU is Oklahoma's NFL team and football is a cult in that state. I can only wish CU was in a similar spot.
  18. Do not undersell OU's ability to adapt to a new conference...they will find a way to pull it off in the SEC. Can't say the same thing about Texas although they will win their battles. But being the heel of the conference does have its advantages and Texas could really reap those advantages. Plus Missouri & aTm had good success against the SEC in their early years as SEC members and they were a step below OU & UT.
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