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  1. I'm seeing stuff out there saying that Nebraska-Colorado hit 10M viewers which was more than Texas-Alabama which would be unreal. That USC-Colorado game could have an insane amount of viewers and game time & television will be announced next week on Monday.
  2. LOL...that CU-UCLA game isn't until October 28th. I'm not even looking that far down the road and no further than the USC game in Boulder. which is three Saturdays from today.
  3. I am wondering when CU will have to play a game on the P12N. I'm thinking Stanford game at home would be it.
  4. South Carolina-Georgia and Tennessee-Florida were other options but yeah the OOC scheduling hasn't been too hot this season. GameDay isn't coming for CSU or CU. They are coming for Coach Prime.
  5. Week three games: Weber State @ Utah. Rising can sit this one out...maybe after one quarter of play just like in the NFL preseason. SDSU @ OSU. Beavers will keep dominating their future conference rivals. Idaho @ California. Idaho won convincingly at Nevada 33-6 and I think Cal should win this one. Washington @ Michigan State. Mel Tucker is suspended for being stupid with a rape survivor activist and the Huskies should win this one. Northern Colorado @ Washington State. UNC is not good at all as a FCS team this year. WSU backups should be ready to work most of the game. North Carolina Central @ UCLA. That's the team that spoiled Coach Prime's Jackson State finale playing in LA. Chip might want a chat with the NCCU coach about how to contain Coach Prime. Hawaii @ Oregon. UO's mascot will be in peak condition after this one. Sacramento State @ Stanford. Will the Stanford coach come to the realization that he should have stayed in Sacramento? Not if he's trying to build up his flier miles. Colorado State @ CU. CSU had two weeks to prepare for Coach Prime. CU might start as slowly as the Nebraska game and still win the game comfortably. WSU's Ward lit up that CSU pass D for 451 yards passing. Frenso State @ ASU. Frenso wins at Purdue and escaped Eastern Washington at home. Maybe ASU does have a shot at this game. UTEP @ Arizona. UA living up the days of the Border States Conference and would that usually come with an UA win? I have seen good collective seasons from the old Big 12 but this year's Pac-12 is shaping up to be the best one I have ever seen.
  6. Coach Prime hype going into overdrive. ESPN Game Day and Fox Big Noon Kickoff in the same location on the same day. I'm going to savor the two years that Coach Prime will be in Boulder as much as possible.
  7. The Buffs D sure stepped today. Rhule is a smart guy....he could be collecting two big paychecks in the not too distant future.
  8. It just looked too easy whipping those corndogs.
  9. Buffs beat Nebraska 36-14 and the Nubs scored a TD with one second left in the game against the CU backups. The other Nebraska TD was a blown defensive commitment but the Buffs D stepped up big time today. That was despite a not great first half for the Buffs so it feels like CU should have put up more points in that one but seeing those Husker fans leaving for that long drive back home is just fantastic. CSU comes to Folsom Field next. The Buffs need to clean up those false starts and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.
  10. Thought that it would be impossible to have a Pac-12 next season but the answer appears to be that there can be a Pac-2 next season. If both schools went to the MWC, that means all the NCAA credits and stuff like that will be split 12 ways from what I have been reading. If both schools stay in the PAC next season, they will be getting all that money but the problem is the rent for that P12 HQ in SF. The lawyers are figuring out everything and I think within two weeks, everything should be settled.
  11. Those Texas-Alabama numbers will be ridiculous. CU-Nebraska also has drawn really good numbers and probably will again this year (and next year too). What's sad is how many people tuned into Northwestern-Rutgers.
  12. I dealt with people from Orlando...that's more than what anyone should have to deal with.
  13. CU has been placed in the Top 25 of both polls this week so Nebraska will have a little more fire for this game. Coach Prime just said that this game is personal and nothing else. He'll crank the players up in the locker room before running out behind Ralphie. I don't care if it is not a blow out win over the Huskers but sending them home with another one score loss will be more than enough for me. I hope the Colorado Highway Patrol has their cars filled up with gas on I-76 after the game to prolong the misery of driving back home to that wasteland.
  14. At first, I didn't like the new clock rules during zero week especially Navy vs Norte Dame and then now I'm coming around. Just have to remind myself that they won't stop the game at two minutes before the end of each half like in the NFL. Once it passes the two minute mark, the clock stops on first down.
  15. I am not so sure he will be back next season if Baylor bombs this year. The former Astros owner is a Baylor booster with $$$.
  16. It's Nebraska week for me...I'm ready for this week to be over but I'll go over the games this week: Utah @ Baylor...never saw Texas State's win in Waco coming. The Bears should rebound but Utah should win this one. Maybe the Bears are descending back to their early Big 12 form when they weren't very good. Nebraska @ Colorado...I do not recall a time where it looks like CU should blow the Huskers out. I'll take a W over the Huskers in Coach Prime's home debut even if it is an one score margin victory just to rub some salt in the wounds of those crying Husker fans. Tulsa @ Washington...Tulsa is going to Seattle for cash so they can pay Oklahoma next week when the Sooners visit Tulsa for another Sooner blowout win. Huskies just need to show up and play before going to Michigan State next week. Oregon @ Texas Tech...I was surprised the Red Raiders lost at Wyoming. Maybe they were focused on Oregon instead of their oxygen levels up in Laramie. Like I said earlier, Lubbock isn't getting Oklahoma or Texas this year so Oregon will get that Lubbock treatment usually reserved for those two. The Ducks should win this one but it won't be easy. Wisconsin @ Washington State...I know it is CSU but WSU coming into Ft. Collins and smashing those Rams was impressive. I think the Cougs win at home in this one or will they Coug it? Good warm up for the Badgers who will be making such treks to Seattle, Eugene, and Los Angeles in the near future. Arizona @ Mississippi State...I would love to see the Wildcats leave Starkville with a W over a SEC team. Are the MSU fans going to do those SEC chants even if they know their team might lose that day? UCLA @ San Diego State...go Bruins...don't need to see those Aztec fans claim how good their team is against P12 teams. UC Davis @ Oregon State...another record setting day for Uia-gale-lei (sorry need to practice spelling his name) unless Coach Smith pulls him early to conserve him for SDSU. Stanford @ USC...too bad a P12 team is going to lose this weekend. Auburn @ Cal...I know it's North Texas but I was surprised to see that the Bears put 58 points on the scoreboard on the road. Suppose UA & Cal win their games against their SEC opponents...what is HLB going to have to say? Oklahoma State @ Arizona State...Okie State has played good for awhile but people are saying the Cowboys are taking a step back this year...perhaps ASU scores a win against a future Big 12 rival.
  17. Coupled with the UO HC's comments about CU before this season started. National TV for sure.
  18. I'm stoked over a great offensive performance. Defense needs some work and special teams too. I'll take this win.
  19. For sure! Last year's offense was just plain bad.
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