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    I didn't vote for Trump. Went third party and even if I wanted Trump out, I didn't have to vote for Biden since I knew who was getting Colorado's vote so I didn't have to cross over.
  2. PAC MAN


    Wonder how many moderate Dems are ready to move over to the R side like one who was re-elected after doing that. RED WAVE 2022.
  3. PAC MAN


    How about better words than DEFUND?
  4. Healthcare workers will be getting those vaccinations first along with the well off (can't complain if that means we watch sports to keep the masses calm), before everyone else does. I'm still under the impression that you need two doses which means we would have to produce about 20 billion (gotta have extras for the incoming as well) does, manufacture refrigerated trucks, build roads, etc. It's going to be a big job and I'm not expecting any change for 2021.
  5. That is the outcome I’m hoping for. I’m ready for that GOP civil war and I hope the sane GOP wins that battle.
  6. Looks like we have the Fall wave underway. Maybe with Nick Saban contracting COVID-19 despite wearing his mask, maybe the southerners will take this coronavirus much more seriously. Maybe not since Saban will get top of the line care...probably better than what the governor of Alabama would get.
  7. What an idiot Trump is...having that small parade so his cult members could catch a glance of him. I hope no Secret Service agent dies as a result.
  8. Conspiracy theorists are going to burn the midnight oil on why Trump got COVID-19. Can’t wait to see the takes...could be fun reading for tomorrow.
  9. PAC MAN

    2019-20 NBA

    And not playing at altitude in the bubble.
  10. PAC MAN

    2019-20 NBA

    What's going on is unprecedented and some are saying the biggest unrest in this country since the US Civil War. Sports aren't important right now and Orange is right...the only change that could happen is to threaten the pocketbooks. Sacrificing sports even for one year if it results in needed change would be worth it at this point.
  11. All thanks to that SD governor’s attitude towards containing the virus. Don’t forget about the kids going back to school.
  12. That same postmaster said this morning he will not put those sorting machines back in. Let's not forget those unconfirmed appointees by Trump.
  13. My sister was in town and we talked about everything including politics. My pro-GOP family is looking forward to giving Trump the boot this November and I believe there are many pro-GOP families feeling the same way. As for the Colorado US Senate seat that is open, the incumbent Republican was rated as the third most bipartisan Senator out of the 100 senators last year. The DNC guy, former Governor Hick, is viewed as someone who would be bipartisan based on his record 12 years as the guv here. I think Hick is going to win the Senate here in Colorado but I'm curious to see where Gardner is at if it becomes more clear that Biden will win the election.
  14. Technically he's the boss of the postmaster who is the boss of the USPS and I also happen to know that those USPS workers took the same oath to uphold the US Constitution and would work outside of their working hours if necessary on election night. My superiors would not be opposed to me working outside of my scheduled hours in a situation like that and I imagine many USPS superiors are the same way. Ditto for the state government workers who would be handling those ballots. If you polled government workers, I wouldn't be shocked if at least 90 percent wants Trump out.
  15. I agree let the states handle the voting by installing those drive up ballot drop off boxes...are you willing to let the Feds (acting under the orders of Trump) touch our ballots (through the USPS)? I wouldn't mind sitting in traffic if it means my vote would be more secure. If you wanted to determine the winner through a popular vote, does that open the door for the Feds to get involved in the vote counting process? Just look at other countries that stuff the ballots because they are directly in control of the voting. Dems trying to federalize elections...I don't see it that way.
  16. @glduck it’s still funny that the NASCAR #32 which has Trump 2020 advertising on it still has to use Goodyear tires since they are the official tires of NASCAR. I think I have seen that involved in more wrecks as well.
  17. Gun control measures might need to be revisited...it could be used for good!
  18. Truth. After the election loss, I hope the GOP acts swiftly to give Trump the boot.
  19. Don't forget the lighter fluid & matches.
  20. I'm sure you are old enough to remember me saying how Trump handled this during the summer and lead up to the election was going to determine his fate. I also never thought Trump would lose it as much as he has done. I also hope his people has the balls to invoke the 25th amendment on him after the final election results are posted. And to top it off, there will be cameras showing footage of Trump in a straitjacket being taken to the local crazy hospital.
  21. There was one young gal who wrote a note of encouragement on a napkin and handed it to him at the very end. I hope she hasn't been harmed by now...that part where they show her should be edited out for her safety.
  22. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/sec-football-schedule-2020-ads-approve-10-league-only-games-as-acc-allows-nonconference-matchups-per-report/ SEC ADs approve 10 game conference schedules. Looks like a silver lining of COVID-19.
  23. Norte Dame is a member of the ACC in football for this season.
  24. Texas is more diversified than you think and Texas has used its oil revenues very wisely. This isn't the first time that oil has gone through a boom and bust cycle and this isn't the first time that the price of oil plummeted badly. A lot of those Texas oil companies also have natural gas assets that is more recession proof because many homes need that heating oil in the winter time and China's demand for natural gas is exploding. Better to have both oil & natural gas instead of just oil at this point but a lot of those companies are going to be filing for bankruptcy in the next year or so just to shed debt and and get back to drill baby drill. The only question is will Texas actually finish their high speed train project before California does? We Coloradoans were smart to have passed a constitutional amendment that caps state income taxes & government budgets called TABOR back in 1992 and as a result, we don't have the over-inflated state government budget issues that California has. Sure there are issues with TABOR but at least the state Dems cannot freely spend like CA & NY. You Utahans might want to really check into passing a similar thing in your state before it's too late if you haven't done so.
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