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  1. Florida is traveling to Cal in 2027 and Colorado in 2029. The Big Ten was my secondary conference back when CU was in the Big 8/12. That Nebraska-Minnesota game was Big Ten football. I still have mixed feelings about the new clock rules in CFB but last night's game was a positive for me.
  2. Looks like OSU & WSU will have the PAC merge with the MWC or those two joins the MWC. Question is will the NCAA allow OSU & WSU to take all the PAC's post season credits with them to the MWC? If not, the MWC would come to the PAC and MWC commissioner takes over.
  3. But yet had the desired outcome which is a L for the Huskers.
  4. Any Ute fans going to stop by for a bite?
  5. Man that wasn't a fun year for you guys.
  6. I remember the field being pretty hot that day and it's going to be at least 90 outside. I used to practice in 90 degree heat during two a days in August in Colorado Springs and given its 6,000 above sea level altitude, it was brutal. Heat and altitude isn't a fun combination and unfortunately the Beavs found out the hard way. Will it affect the Cougs? Possibly but that's why we watch the games. I'm curious to see what kind of team the Rams are before CU faces them in Boulder in about two weeks.
  7. Starting to feel football season is here. Utah should beat Florida but not quite by as much as I thought due to QB injuries. ASU plays at home against Southern Utah. Given that the team banned itself from a bowl game this year, will we see a slow start by the Sun Devils? Southern Utah is around middle of the pack in their new FCS conference so ASU should win this one. If ASU loses, they do with the comfort that their new HC was given another year on his contract once the bowl ban was announced. Stanford travels to Hawaii...maybe as a future Atlantic Coast Conference member...LOL. CU at TCU...all the talking heads seemingly are focusing on last year's 1-11 record as a basis why they think CU will suck this season when there are just seven players remaining from last year's dismal team. TCU's coach said that he didn't bother watching last year's CU team and focused more on Kent State games where the new OC Sean Lewis was the HC last year. Looks like it will be W-W-W with gold numbers and gold face masks which would be something new for the Buffs but not Coach Prime. Portland State at Oregon...are the Ducks required by law to schedule a school that appears on the verge of dropping football depending on how the season goes? Boise State at Washington...Huskies have been highly rated this offseason...will Donkey State change everyone's minds about those Huskies? Cal at North Texas...I forgot they had a football team this year. Will they be forgotten for the rest of the year if they lose in Denton? Nevada at USC...probably another case of USC's players being off to a slow start before they get serious about Stanford but boy their early schedule is soft based on how teams finished last year. They travel to Tempe and then Boulder before hosting Arizona. That's the easiest opening schedule I have seen USC have for as long as sports media kept reminding me about Leinhart and Bush. Washington State at Colorado State. Oregon State got cooked in the first game at CSU's then-new stadium since it was a zero week game back then. High is said to be 87 and the starting time is usually the hottest time of the day in Colorado. Could be a shootout type of game. Coastal Carolina at UCLA...CCU's head coach was lured away to Liberty and their star QB is nowhere to be found near Mrytle Beach (school is located in nearby Conway). UCLA should win this game easily. Oregon State at San Jose State...SJSU finally did something about one side of the stadium but that didn't help them against USC.
  8. It's that time of the year once again and it's game week! GO BUFFS!
  9. Man that Navy-Norte Dame game was just brutal to watch. It's just one game but I'm not sure I like the new clock rules this season. Might as well just not stop the clock after each first down after the two minute warning.
  10. PAC MAN

    NFL 2023

    I do not have high expectations for the Broncos this year after the disaster that was last year's team. Wilson has looked a little better under Sean Payton in the two preseason games but not by much.
  11. It's so funny to see everyone chime in about Coach Prime scolding two CU players for walking away from that ruckus when those things happen in pretty much every college football camp before the season. I have talked to people who are closely aligned with college football players and having those race fights isn't uncommon in college football camps. Those things don't get reported to people outside the football program. If you don't think those fights happen, you are in fantasy land. Coaches are lying if they say they don't want their players to fight because those fights can bring out the extra edge of nastiness of players that carry over to the regular season. Nebraska was well known for those kind of practice antics.
  12. Will be ironic if this deal happens pretty soon and then we will look back and say to ourselves "we should have stayed".
  13. Don't disagree...CU moved to the PAC to be able to have a football game in Los Angeles every year so they can have big alumni events for their Southern California alumni base which is large. When USC & UCLA left and SDSU couldn't get out of the MWC in time, CU had no reason to stay in the PAC.
  14. No way that conference will have 18 teams. There would be eight teams in the PAC next year to meet the FBS conference requirements and then at least two to four MWC teams in 2025. If the PAC does not have eight teams for next year, it will have to dissolve.
  15. Yormark talked about basketball having its own media rights deal and I have the assumption that football will have its own media rights deal too. Could be seperate conferences for football, basketball, and the rest of Oly sports.
  16. Don talked about the old Pac-8 a few times here and I have the old Big 8 to fall back on. I think the PAC will be back in some form but who knows what it will be like? Suppose Arizona enjoys playing basketball in the Big 12...will they be back?
  17. NFL owners investing into college football...aren't the NFL owners too cheap to do that? I think it would be that ESPN minor league and that Fox minor league. Maybe NBC and CBS will step in as well. Apple could do the west coast in that case. If all sports were to return to the PAC, I think it's doubtful that CU returns to the PAC except for women's lacrosse unless they decide to stay in the AAC, Big East, or Big Ten for that sport.
  18. Did you not read "Also looking ahead to next year" before I mentioned how many B1G teams would be mentioned in the preseason Top 25? The August 15th deadline for FSU & Clemson to notify the ACC that they are leaving is today and no BOR meetings from either school so they are in the ACC for 2024. Tulane doesn't have to deal with Cincinnati, Houston, and UCF so their path to the AAC title is pretty clear (with a starting QB entering his third season as the starter) unless they trip over that Roadrunner that hails from San Antonio. The had a nice season...do you focus on just only the SEC? Iowa: that program has been through a lot the last few seasons and they could decide to move on from Ferentz after this season. Oklahoma: that program had quite the player turnover before last season so they should be better this year. They have to figure out their defense soon before entering the SEC. Texas A&M: their schedule shouldn't prevent them from going to a bowl game and I agree they shouldn't be in the Top 25.
  19. That also includes SMU and Tulane. Possibly South Florida given they just got into the AAU club. The PAC-4 might invite four AAC schools (must have at least eight teams to have a conference in FBS) and the quick and easy list is SMU, Rice, Tulane, and USF. Then four more teams from the MWC in 2025.
  20. I think Oklahoma is good at where they are at. TCU & KSU played in the B12 title game last season and Texas is rumored to be back this year. Also looking ahead to next year, the B1G has five teams in the Top 10 while the SEC has just three. The ACC rounds out the Top ten with two teams that appear to be on their way out of the ACC. If I'm seeing one team that might not belong in the Top 25, it has to be Wisconsin. They are moving away from their run heavy offense to the Air Raid in addition to the coaching change.
  21. ESPN. The AAC can ask ESPN for more money if they are to invite the PAC-4 and there are some schools that Stanford would be comfortable with in Rice, Tulane, SMU, and possibly USF given they just joined the AAU club recently. Will OSU & WSU follow Stanford & Cal to the AAC in that case? The AAC media contract is through 2034 and that kind of stability is something that the PAC-4 could be looking for. Don't get me wrong, I think the MWC is a better geographical fit but if the money is there, geography doesn't matter. If CU was in OSU & WSU's shoes, I think CU's preference would be the AAC even if conventional wisdom says the MWC.
  22. I'm with you on that but the problem is the snobbery of Stanford & Cal. I feel bad for OSU & WSU but I"m not losing sleep over Stanford & Cal.
  23. You might be right since UF has Mertz at QB who started a few seasons for Wisconsin and wouldn't be intimidated by the crowd but he has never dealt with the combination of high altitude & heat and this is the first long road trip the Gators have done in a long time. They are not going to contend in the SEC this year either and was picked to finish 4th in the East Division by the media. @HLB coming in fast to defend the SEC in 3...2...1...
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