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  1. Something the ASU presidents needs.
  2. Looks like that didn't happen. This is the craziest morning in awhile.
  3. I'll look at this as a sequence of things that are to happen. 1. UA has its golden ticket to the B12. They can back out the last minute potentially save the P12 but they are certainly smarter than ASU and President Crow...what a clown of a president! Those UA-KU matchups are awfully tempting. 2. Assuming UA goes, it is down to the PAC-8. FBS regulations call for no less than seven members to be able to have a football conference. The P8 could have teams play each other at least one time and that means two round robin games if they want the nine game conference schedule. Given how late it is for 2024 scheduling, that might be the road they have to take. 3. It seems like UW is a little further along than UO is when it comes to B1G membership. If UW goes, it's the PAC-7. That is the very point where one more departure will put the PAC at the mercy of the NCAA granting a one or two year waiver like they did with the WAC when they didn't have enough members for any non-football sport. Right now UW and UO are being bid on by the B12, B1G, and P12. Uncle Phil and that Nike money could be a factor. 4. If UW & UO goes to the Big 12, the door to the Big 12 ark slams shut and that means Utah, ASU, Stanford, Cal, OSU, and WSU are left to swim to safety given they down drown. If UW & UO gets a favorable revenue share from the P12, they could stay and pretty much end realignment. If UW & UO goes to the B1G, that means the focus goes back to ASU & Utah. What can a P6 do at this point? Round robin scheduling except for one team. P5 would mean round robin scheduling in football and maybe one team three times...LOL...I don't think it will get that desperate but crazy things are happening so who knows? 5. The Big 12 goes back to ASU & Utah and throws out the raft for those two. The AZ BOR throws Crow off the raft (aka firing if that is possible in a short amount of time) and tells Utah to take the deal or join Crow. Utah begrudgingly joins the B12 and the first person to greet them at the Big 12 pier is none other than BYU. 6. At this stage, the P4 sends an emergency request to the NCAA asking for that waiver for the 2024 season. Why would they do that? The P12 is legislated into the NCAA as an A5 conference despite the perception that there is a P2. If the NCAA says yes, the P4 can raid the MWC...boy I can imagine the infighting between the Bay Area schools and OSU & WSU over who to choose. The P4 absorbs the MWC and this all depends on if Apple has a new deal in place for the conference. 7. MWC to P4 merger doesn't happen due to the NCAA denying the emergency request, I think all four go independent with a scheduling alliance with the MWC. I'd love to see Stanford have to travel to Boise and Frenso.
  4. Fox & ESPN since they are driving the realignment bus. Fox made USC & UCLA’s move to the B1G possible. They just have to make sure UO & UW gets paid more than either what the B12 or P12 (via unbalanced paychecks) does and it’s over. They also both approved CU & UA getting full paychecks next year in the Big 12. Fox has approved for ASU & UU and it seems like ESPN might have done that. After CU left, ESPN pulled its offer and Fox was making a late push but seems like they have pulled whatever offer. Pac 8/9 is having one last meeting today to try to salvage the conference. More like seeing if some schools will stay for more than $31.7M. Apple’s offer to the P12 expires tomorrow which would leave the PAC with potentially zero media offers with less than a year to go before the current P12 media rights expire. Not ideal. Earlier, I posted the FBS membership rules. With UA departing, it is the P8. Two more schools depart, it is pretty much over. The WAC was granted two years waiver by the NCAA to survive. Next post I will map out what I think are the next steps in this saga after UA is admitted into the B12.
  5. One more AZ BOR meeting and UA is in the Big 12! Unless that happens tonight.
  6. Looks like UA is 14. ASU is probably 15 and Utah is 16.
  7. Funny thing was 30 mins before that tweet he had this to say:
  8. Now they might have to deal with 9 AM game starts when the Huskies are on the road. I liked waking up to college football and the NFL when I was on a cruise in Hawaii.
  9. Amazon sells caskets...shouldn't you be looking for one for the PAC or MWC?
  10. I know man...I'm not a fan of the Twitter rebrand.
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