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  1. Great game upon us tonight, 10:30 EST, 7:30 PST. Unbeaten San Diego State vs unbeaten Arizona in the Maui Invitational. Both have looked impressive.
  2. The "we" could stand for the Pac. A lot of early "L's" being racked up, three more yesterday.
  3. There are fans here who have super-secret insider information. You are not one of them.
  4. While it doesn't explain why, it's interesting to note that not one of those four games was in Colorado.
  5. We're stymied for the moment from pulling things together by a number of things, including the confusion caused by the Regents vote on UCLA; the continued comments by Kevin Warren that there might be more B1G expansion (e.g., the two NW flagships); and the likely demands from Amazon Prime for a large chunk of tier one inventory. Keep in mind, though, that taking our time might be advantageous, not a sign of weakness. As for Gonzaga, reportedly they've had talks with the Pac-12 and Big East as well as the Big-12, so that's not necessarily a minus either. The Zags look more desireable with a UCLA departure, giving the Pac some hoops juice (and media interest) to make up for the loss.
  6. He's totally confused. He came up with Gonzaga College High School in Washington DC. "Hey, honey, you won't believe this but the Big 12 is adding an east coast school!"
  7. If the Pac offered, the Zags would stay west.
  8. Interesting, in that there deal appears to be done. This riases the question of further western expansion, back to the Boise St/San Diego St options.
  9. The African American population still reflects the stained past of where the slave trade brought them, with heavy concentrations in the south. The Great Migration (1910 to 1970) saw many Afreican Americans move to northern industrial cities (e.g., Chicago, Detroit, NYC). States like Oregon, Vermont, Colorado, Nebraska, and Utah were not key destinations for those seeking industrial jobs. Today's map still reflects the brutality of the original forced migration from Africa.
  10. Maybe he'll just stay there.
  11. A&M has made the big mistake of tossing huge dollars at high school 17-year-olds, kids who were paid before having to prove themselves, and thinking life is a free ride. The smart NIL money goes to (1) targeted incomimg portal transfers of proven talent where your team needs it, and (2) locking down the talented and proven players you already have when it looks like you might lose them.
  12. This game isn't over. The Ducks are playing the best they have all season. Impressive. The eustion is, can it continue, and can the Bruins notable offensive weapons step up in the second half. (That awful loss in Atlanta may end up as a killer for the Pac-12's playoff hopes.)
  13. Cal got caught by the whiplash of the overwhelming jubilation that occurs whenever sleepy Karl Dorrell is fired from a program.
  14. This is the first one that makes any sense.
  15. Banned by the other four Power conferences.
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