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  1. Out of twelve losses (with more to come) this is the loss that will continue to hurt? Not the one to Northridge? Or the one to Cal? When it's likley the Bruins will never play Utah again?
  2. Let's just say that there's nothing neutral about these comments. If the Bruins were as defensive as these two paragraphs, they would have won by 20.
  3. Bruins used to = class. This is a different era.
  4. Andy knows how to lose a game. Will he be there next year in the B1G?
  5. The eye-opening part is that next year's conference will make this year's look like the Big Sky. Will the Utes win in Lawrence, Morgantown, Cincy, Houston, Ames, Lubbock, Manhattan, and Stillwater?
  6. Curious -- How much would it have cost to fire him? How much was saved by him resigning?
  7. Outside of Arizona, WSU is the only Pac-team that really belongs in The Dance.
  8. Great game for the Cougs. Ducks fading, chances to dance sinking.
  9. Just rude. And what a stupid comment. Look around, many Pac teams could whine about injuries, but they just move on. Utah has three starters out, Colorado ran a stretch with three of their top four players out with injuries. USC, look at their season, It's part of the game.
  10. No, what I meant was that he might hang around in their new quarters. Unwanted in any room.
  11. OMG. Don't tell me he's following the four-corners...
  12. The final year of the Pac-12 in basketball falls a good deal short of being the conference of champions. Here are the NET rankings as of today: 3. Arizona: An excellent team when they want to be, but something is missing when it comes to a killer instinct. Another early out in the NCAAs won't be a surprise. 29. Colorado: Sometimes amazingly good, other times amazingly horrible. Nice talent but total inconsistency. Can beat anybody when things are swinging, but that doesn't happen often. 36. Utah: Showed promise as a team, more than a bit of a surprise, but lacks depth, pretty obvious with the take-downs that have occurred after injuries. 41. Washington State: A showcase on how great coaching and a key player can create something. Playing way above their talent level, and their heads are in the right place. 52. Oregon: In contrast to Wazoo, playing lower than their talent level and expectations. Ducks NCAA fate may be sealed this weekend in LA. The rest are history. UCLA looks better, but only compared to where they were. USC is an embarassment to talent collections everywhere. UDub needs a new coach, as do the Beavers. ASU is where they always are, as volitile as their coach, all over the place. The Bay Area schools should see this year as a gift, because it's going to get really ugly in the ACC.
  13. 1/21/24 NET rankings: 3. Arizona 25. Utah 33. Colorado 52. WSU 53. Oregon 77. Washington
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