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  1. I love talking Pac-12 football and basketball. The good and the bad. The state of the league. The coaching changes, the player triumphs and failures. The media contracts, the conference leadership, the financial stability. The fanbases, the traditions, the concerns about competitiveness, and the hopes for the future. But this board, unfortunately, has become toxic. If a post is put in about comparative fanbases or salary structures, or all-conference player possibilities, or attractivenes of Pac-12 cities/towns, it's crickets. Totally cricikets. But if some ahole like HLB (or sometimes dtd) posts some garbage, it generates a long string of noxious discussion, a circular toilet flush. It makes you want to take a shower. I'm going to take a break from this board. Maybe it'll return to a serious and spirited discussion of our Pac-12, with rival fans loving the competition and loving the league, their hearts glued to their dreams, their minds trying to figure how to get there. Or maybe it won't. I hope it will, but as it is, it's driving fans like me away.
  2. Are you masturbating by yourself again while you post? Don't you get the keypad sticky? Why don't you calm down, and maybe find a human somewhere (there's gotta be someone...) who might find you attractive? Anger isn't the best way to start a New Year.
  3. Utes made the conference proud.
  4. USC vs UCLA since 2012 have been 5-5. USC vs UCLA since 1980 have been 17-14-1 for USC. Not the dominance though one might think.
  5. This is from the composite overall 247 point rating. In other words, Utah has slowly been inching up, with most years mid-pack. The 2022 ratings will likely change, with Utah already with 18 recruits, but USC (7), Oregon (10), and Washinton (6) at this point have far fewer, and are likely to jump up. In terms of average recruit rating for 2022, Utah at 87.02 currently is in 6th place.
  6. Utah's recruiting has improved nicely, but it might be a stretch to say that it's typically top half of the conference. From the 247 Composite rankings: 2015: 10th 2016: 8th 2017: 7th 2018: 5th 2019: 7th 2020: 5th 2021: 6th 2022; 3rd (incomplete as of this date)
  7. Up here, we don't equate football with religion. Always seemed creepy. Glad to see you've decided to get on board. (sarcasm font)
  8. So far in bowl games the Power Five has gone 0-5 against G-5. SEC is 0-3 (losses by Auburn, Florida, and Missouri) ACC is 0-1 (loss by Louisville) Pac-12 is 0-1 (loss by Oregon State)
  9. Utah's trajectory is up. This is not going to be a once in a lifetime event. The money-schools (USC and Oregon) are going to be unhappy, because the Utes have their act ongoing together more than they do.
  10. Imagine if we had had a 12-team playoff this year -- #6 Ohio State would have been paired against #11 Utah, with the winner to play #3 Georgia.
  11. Reaction of some Pac-12 fan-bases when (or in some cases, if,) good football things (like a bowl, or a division or conference championship) happen: UCLA -- We're building something, but we never should have lost a couple of those games. The damn Pac-12 refs. Cal -- This is unusual ... does anyone here know how to get bowl tickets? None of us have ever gone... Arizona -- We can't make it to the bowl, the schedule won't allow it. The basketball team plays at Tennessee that week. WSU -- Yes! We showed them! We don't let anybody push us around. USC -- Winning the conference isn't all that important. We're after bigger things. We deserve them. Colorado -- What just happened? This can't be real. It's an illusion -- we're the 21st century University of Chicago. Oregon -- You should see our recruiting class. If the coach doesn't screw it up next year, we'll be in the playoff. Utah -- We told you so (in a voice with surprising smugness.) We've always been good. Oregon State -- I don't care what bowl we're going to. We're all going to head there and party in the sunshine. Washington -- We have the resources. The money. The facilities. We should have done better. Much better. Stanford -- This team is good. They're a nice diversion. A bunch of us might skip watching water polo this week. ASU -- We had a good season. But just imagine what Frank Kush could have done with that talent.
  12. The viewing results: SEC 15.2 million Big Ten: 11.7 million Big-12: 8.0 million Pac-12: 4.2 million AAC: 3.4 million ACC: 2.6 million
  13. The question is, with all of the resources, a winnable division and conference, a history of 10-win seasons, and persumably competitive salaries, why would coaches be leaving Eugene? Sure, the local high school talent pool isn't there, so you have to travel to get blue chips. But the path to the playoffs sure is more direct for the Ducks than for many other schools that are in conferences with several heavyweights. My take is that stability is overrated. It's what got Colorado to go with Dorrell, after they got burned, and while it might be stable, it sure doesn't shout "winner!" Wilcox? Oregon should be shooting higher at a number of candidates.
  14. Facts: STATES RANKED BY PERCENTAGE OF FBS SIGNEES State FBS Signees Players Ratio 1. Florida 389 40,606 1 in 104 2. Georgia 248 32,979 1 in 133 3. Louisiana 132 20,087 1 in 152 4. Hawaii 22 4,258 1 in 194 5. Utah 35 8,638 1 in 247 6. Alabama 89 22,841 1 in 257 7. Mississippi 83 22,300 1 in 269 8. Maryland/D.C. 55 15,662 1 in 285 9. Ohio 135 44,431 1 in 329 1o. Tennessee 67 23,003 1 in 343 11. California 289 103,474 1 in 358 12. Texas 459 164,554 1 in 359 13. Virginia 68 24,954 1 in 367 14. Arkansas 29 10,977 1 in 379 15. Oklahoma 37 14,615 1 in 395 16. South Carolina 49 19,543 1 in 399 17. Pennsylvania 64 26,100 1 in 408 18. New Jersey 64 26,138 1 in 408 19. North Carolina 83 36,273 1 in 437 20. Kansas 30 13,959 1 in 465 21. Indiana 43 21,760 1 in 506 22. Arizona 39 20,019 1 in 513 23. Michigan 77 39,963 1 in 519 24. Nevada 12 6,580 1 in 548 25. Connecticut 18 10,158 1 in 564 26. Kentucky 23 13,788 1 in 599 27. Delaware 5 3,019 1 in 604 28. Illinois 74 47,068 1 in 636 29. Colorado 20 15,357 1 in 768 30. Missouri 29 23,257 1 in 802 31. Wyoming 3 2,596 1 in 865 32. West Virginia 7 6,198 1 in 885 33. Idaho 8 7,141 1 in 892 34. Iowa 21 18,846 1 in 897 35. Massachusetts 18 20,113 1 in 1,117 36. New Mexico 6 7,293 1 in 1,216 37. Wisconsin 20 26,680 1 in 1,334 38. Oregon 9 13,212 1 in 1,468 39. Nebraska 6 9,984 1 in 1,664 40. New York 21 35,552 1 in 1,693 41. South Dakota 2 3,399 1 in 1,700 42. Minnesota 13 23,582 1 in 1,814 43. Rhode Island 1 3,069 1 in 3,069 44. New Hampshire 1 3,547 1 in 3,547 45. Maine 1 3,768 1 in 3,768 46. Vermont 0 1,332 — 47. Alaska 0 1,950 — 48. Montana 0 4,376 —
  15. Prediction: Utah wipes out Ohio State in the Rose.
  16. Cristobal was given how much money in his contract extension? Hmmm. What's the buyout?
  17. The downside of this is that BYU has now proclaimed themselves as Pac-12 champion.
  18. --USC will once again become a five star program. Oregon has the resources to overcome its geographical location, even after Nike. --UCLA and Arizona are more focused on basketball, that's what moves their hearts. They will never see football as the #1 priority. --Stanford has the resources, but there's the question of the will. Life goes on there just fine when football has crashed. --ASU and Washington are football centric, and if either could get their act together, they could be a national player. --Utah, the most consistently solid of the Pac-12 teams, is facing post-Whit questionmarks. The future is unclear. --Colorado talks about their glory days, but does not have the commitment in resources or interest to return to the front tier. --Cal has huge funding problems, and probably more than anywhere else, a strong faculty anti-football bias. --Both Oregon State and Washington State have the will to win, but location and resouces leave them only as occasional front-runners. Bottom line: The ACC and the Big-12 have been dominated by Clemson and Oklahoma respectively, both national players. The Pac-12 has a good shot to be doing the same in the coming years. In contrast, the B1G (OSU, Michigan PSU, Wisconsin, and now MSU) has top tier depth and takes this much more seriously, as does the SEC (Georgia, Florida, Bama. A&M, Auburn, and now Texas and Oklahoma.)
  19. It seems like the $90 to $110 million 10-year head coach contract is now the going rate for blueblood college football programs. Tucker, Riley, and Kelly, and Franklin are all in that rarified territory. Still not the $18 million a year that Belichick pulls in, but not a bad payday. What is less clear in all of the situations is what the assistant coach salary pool is, and what the buyout details are, particularly the buyout owed to the school if the coach decides to leave. Franklin reportedly owes a buyout of $12 million if he leaves PSU the first year, $8 million the second. In an eye-opening contrst, Tucker only would owe Michigan State a buyout of $2.5 million if he were to leave this year, the perfect contract for a set of wandering eyes. Tucker is reported to have an assistant coach salary pool north of $7 million. That compares with a 2021 salary pool of $7.6 million at Ohio State and $5.4 million at Michigan. I haven't seen the assistant salry pools being offered at LSU, USC, and PSU. Where does all of this leave schools like Washington State, Syracuse, West Virginia, and Colorado? The gap is growing wider in the world of mega-power college football.
  20. Isn't that typically the case with portal pickups? Hello, rocket scientist.
  21. An analysis with some content. Refreshing. And appreciated.
  22. The dynamics of these repeat games played only a few weeks apart typically favor the team that lost the first round, even if it was a blowout, as long as the talent on either side isn't totally dominant. On one hand there's a revenge factor, and on the other, even in a championship game, there's a level of over-confidence. I expect a very close game deep into the fourth quarter.
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