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  1. "President" Putin is asking the same question, hoping to learn from the Utah co-ed.
  2. B1G is rooting for Newsom to pull the plug.
  3. They're free with the purchase of six rolls of Kirkland toilet paper.
  4. This doesn't have something to do with who's leaving the conference?
  5. You're doing it again. Ignorance once is okay, but repeated quickly in a couple of days is, well, what it is. Idaho (the team that lost to Wazzu) is not the same team as Idaho State (the team that lost to San Diego St). Do you also mix up FSU and Florida? Or PSU and Penn?
  6. Are you stupid? Washington State doesn't play Colorado this year. Good lord, go away.
  7. This might make sense ... but don't you?
  8. I respectfully disagree in what a win would do. Winning at the home of one of the SEC's blue-bloods, even if they are a bit down, along with the Pac-12's diminished reputation, would turn heads and solidify a high national ranking for the Utes.
  9. Newsome has to win primaries. Particularly in western blue states.
  10. Assuming Notre Dame loses in Week One to Ohio State, while A&M feasts on Sam Houston and Clemson also does so with Georgia Tech, the pivotal game will be the Utes at the Gators. A Utah win will very likely place them up to #4 nationally.
  11. Favored right now to win every game. Let's see, an end-of-season record of 13-0 after the conference playoff. Could be that #4 is a little low...
  12. Yes, what's been suggested is that the smaller payout would stay for the length of the contract. Inside the B1G there's some pushback on this, with the Marylands and Purdues worried that a pattern of uneven payouts might be used to burn them sometime in the future.
  13. Here are a few examples of current enrollment by gender: University of Washington: 21,464 male and 26,685 female University of Arizona: 20,578 male and 25,023 female University of Colorado: 20,469 male and 16,968 female University of Utah: 17,073 male and 16,008 female University of Oregon: 9,782 male and 11,970 female
  14. The "sorry" may be the where Udub and the Ducks are when they're sitting in the Pac-6.
  15. It's listed as 35,000 (expandable up to 55,000); perhaps they should expand it before applying for Pac-membership.
  16. You don't need a medical school on your campus to be in AAU. Lots of AAU schools don't have it. However, if you're Nebraska, with Nebraska academics, you desperately need a medical school to show you've got something going on in the research side other than seed development.
  17. They say "Y'all" in San Diego? That could seal the deal on barring them from consideration.
  18. If I hear about a 22-year-old who died in a cliff-diving accident, no matter who it is, I care. And I'd bet that many other posters on this board also woulkd care, regardless if the young man had been a highly rated football player,. The difference is that when it's a P5 football player, the news is broadcast widely. But if an accident like this occurs locally with a less known victim, and is only known locally, whether in Georgia or Maine or Idaho or New Jersey, it is not true that nobody would care.
  19. They probably won't be added, but they are ranked higher academically in several ratings than WSU and OSU.
  20. There's a certain nastiness that isn't necessary as people state their thoughts. I'm not sure what will happen to this board based on whether the Pac survives, but there won't be any loss from the absence of posters with the attitude that you express.
  21. This is all about money, not geography. SC and UCLA, by jumping quickly by themselves, have lost their bargaining power to have companions. The bottom line is the bottom line -- do UDub and the Ducks add at least $100 million each to the B1G's media deal? If they don't, the share for everybody from Ohio State to Rutgers will go down, a non-starter. That's why Notre Dame is crucial -- they add a lot more than the projected per-team share, and then you can bring along buddies to even things out. I'd be real worried if I were in Seattle or Eugene, sitting around and waiting for the phone to ring.
  22. Decent chance here that the (1) Arizona schools, Colorado and Utah jump to the Big-12, (2) Notre Dame, after NBC juices up their contract, plays footsie with the B1G and doesn't come, (3) the B1G stops at 16, and the northwest schools are left, well, in the northwest, with an uncomfortable decision to make -- add MWC schools to a revised Pac-12, or follow the mountain schools to the Big-12.
  23. I'm no expert on this, but the argument is that if the golden goose NCAA tourney were taken away from the NCAA and owned by the power conferences, the per-school basketball income would skyrocket.
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