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  1. I think he's just a sad, lonely old man barely making ends meet in a dixieland shack (or trailer).
  2. And you have extensive knowledge of the UW Cougars', I mean Huskies, greatness, right?
  3. How the fuck do you write these 1,000-word treatises where you discount every SEC loss and play up every Pac-12 loss without feeling like the dumbest, most dishonest dipshit on earth?
  4. Do you seriously not understand that we proved to you that SEC teams do this? You're being more stupid than usual.
  5. Can we get rid of the Finebaum avatar here who just smells his own farts all day?
  6. I think a lot more of it was Bray's strategy of not providing a defensive look until the last second, and switching up looks. Reser is loud, but hardly the loudest stadium in the conference.
  7. Can't wait for this guy to be Senator and vote to destroy the filibuster:
  8. OSU has a special relationship with playing USC tough at Reser. I'm not sure that will transfer over to playing in SLC, where even some of the best Beaver defenses (2008) blow it. OS had their chance to be ranked, and blew it. Won't sniff that opportunity for 10 years, or until we get a decent QB, whichever comes first.
  9. Tucker will probably have his show in Rome any week now....
  10. And this pressbox cheerleading for USC can really fuck off, too.
  11. Why didn’t our OL think of tackling defenders? Way easier.
  12. Osu showing lots of different defensive looks, but still, it’s like a freshman and a rookie coach aren’t on the same page or something. A halftime adjustment could fix it and then we’ll be in trouble.
  13. How is the clock management this bad for USC?
  14. I don’t see 55 going away. Ever. It’s like chamberlains 100. Or beamon.
  15. Can't everybody just play football via zoom? Would save on fuel.
  16. The rate at which blacks are pulled over in counties where Trump rallies are held increases by more than 5% for 60 days after said trump rally. It's no longer theoretical or anecdotal (guy with confederate flag, "all lives matter" merch, etc.). The tangible, racist effect of even trump SPEAKING is proven. https://academic.oup.com/qje/advance-article-abstract/doi/10.1093/qje/qjac037/6710386?redirectedFrom=fulltext&login=false
  17. It's interesting how fast people go to jail for saying stupid shit, and yet a treasonous bag of shit who assaults women on the regular, steals state secrets, defrauds millions, and spearheads an attack on democracy is STILL not in jail. Almost makes me think our justice system is 100% pointless and absurd.
  18. They will never vote to end corruption, because if not for corruption, the GOP wouldn't exist.
  19. 3% of 855 is like 25 posts where you ramble on about your business. Christ, with math skills like that, no wonder your company was sliding too much to make it in Cali. The rest of us have posted maybe once or twice, ever, about our jobs. Try not being a total trumptard/fuckwit who whines out of one side of his mouth and brags out the other and then I'll fuck off, shitbird.
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