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  1. It's no secret why they all admire Putin. And why they looked the other way as Trump has sucked putin's dick for 6 years.
  2. Protecting fascists from the people is now a MUCH higher priority than protecting the people from fascists.
  3. This opinion is essentially your angry uncle’s letter to the editor. My fucking god.
  4. I'm sure @KUGRDON is celebrating today, but that doesn't make this any less true:
  5. Imagine believing people "earn" billions of dollars while Amazon employees working an overnight shift with a piss bottle "earn" being priced out of a home. Keep being your fascist self, don.
  6. If ever there was a test-study for a need for an income ceiling, he is it. No human needs a fucking billion dollars. None.
  7. Of course it was all just a troll. That’s what he is. A global troll.
  8. Musk has a non-disparagement clause in his buyout of Twitter, and meanwhile he's shitting all over Twitter and its employees with public tweets. That aside, this is his latest troll: Imagine thinking this, much less saying it out loud. The "right", which is led by a literal insurrectionist who adores autocrats worldwide and stands against free and fair elections, has stayed the same since 2008? lol, even GW Bush doesn't believe this shit.
  9. That was a former Beav mowing down Mariners hitters last night.
  10. Orange


    Rand Paul is truly disgusting, but is endemic of the GOP's party-over-democracy ethos:
  11. Wow, Elon Musk is a genius, right @halfmanhalfbronco?
  12. Orange


    Spectacularly idiotic assessment. The right has never "governed" because they don't believe in government, much less democracy. "The left" is making the same mistakes all of us on the left make: Believing there are sane adults in government who would like to not shit in our own water supply. There aren't. There are money-hungry assholes who would rather pocket $500k annually than take one tiny step toward a climate bill, or one tiny step toward fixing the childcare crisis, or one tiny step toward easing inequality in even the smallest way. There's nothing "moderate" about Joe Manchin. He's a corrupt shill for the coal interests. That's not "moderate." As for the rest of your post, it's really stupid to compare 1950s Hungary and 2020s Ukraine. Hungary was a homegrown revolt. This is an outright invasion by a hostile, genocidal foe against a democratic government. And Ukraine has the ability. They can hold the capital, and the entire west of Ukraine, and they have 45 million people, not 10 million. Of course we have to stand up to Russia. But good luck getting 70% of your party to believe that. Tucker Carlson and Trump are the rule in your party, not the exception. They believe in one-party rule, autocracy, and ethno-nationalism. They've been quite clear on this point.
  13. Orange


    You can always tell when the republican party has COMPLETELY lost its mind, because Don will say "what if the two parties are kinda the same?" in an effort to justify his voting record. No shit, don.
  14. This will NO DOUBT result in many suicides. Republicans are needlessly murdering children.
  15. This woman rocks. Posted in Conservative America so conservatives can get a lesson in what Christianity is.
  16. "I will go literally anywhere besides Pullman."
  17. And for this he'll no doubt get a paid vacation and a ton of January 6thers commenting "he should've complied" on twitter.
  18. Blah blah blah, "Biden caused mah inflashun!" Fuck off and ride your bike to work.
  19. Kershaw is clutch as long as it's not the playoffs.
  20. But how many assholes will vote in November for republicans under the guise of "liking divided government"? Forget the kids, the way we're fucking planet earth it will make sure all of us burn.
  21. UNC had a helluva run, or they were way underseeded. Bacot is a beast.
  22. All these YOUNG conservatives are jumping on this ridiculous fascism trip. It's like the collective white-male trauma that our grandparents suffered in watching black people get civil rights and voting rights combined with the sexual revolution has trickled down to today's young GOPers as some kind of gross, inherited grievance trait.
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