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  1. Apparently WSU isn’t happy to be in El Paso. They look horrible.
  2. Boom! How bout them Trojans?
  3. If it’s only about weather, beauty and fun, California is better than most states. I’m from California. We mulled this decision for 4 years before pulling the trigger. Our move had more to do with freedom, economics, politics and safety. I’m in California a week every month and more during football season. We still have most of my wife’s family here. They are considering a move as they could sell their 1400 square ft home in Escondido for a small fortune. Again, all sane people are leaving.
  4. We have contracts with Toyota, Honda, Tesla, Yamaha that we can’t sell direct to the public. You can buy our products at their part shops all over the U.S., Canada and Mexico. I can reach out to you this spring and give you some samples. We will be making ski racks and off road lighting in Utah and partnering with Lifetime Products. Are you going to the Rose Bowl? I have more “samples” available here in Los Angeles.
  5. We build and import car accessories. A lot of Tesla, Toyota/Lexus, Honda/Acura floor mats, cargo bars, ski racks, fun lighting, etc. It is more economical to ship products into California, Washington than be based out of there. Most car part manufacturers are in Utah, TN, TX, NE, OK for a reason.
  6. These announcers talk about Anthony Brown as if he was a good QB. Oregon should run every play.
  7. We will purchase a corporate condo by April. We are building a shop off 12th street if you know the area. I moved the family to Dallas 2 years ago. We love it there. A little humid in the summer but a great place for families. I will be in Utah 6-7 times a year.
  8. Honestly, I’ve heard so little about it. It hasn’t affected me or my businesses. Sounds like made up propaganda. I believe California has worse power grids than Texas and it isn’t even close. As I’ve only posted about 750 times over the multiple years I’ve been on this board, I’m quite certain I haven’t said “this” 10,000 times. I actually work for a living and spend very little time on social media. I see that you still get joy from being an asshole and misery loves company. We may be the only people that communicate with you. I have spoken to multiple friends on this board in person (at games) that support leaving California. It’s a matter of time until all the sane ones leave. Orange, I just want you to know we are moving our last shop out of Carson, CA and moving it into Ogden, Utah and building another just outside of Omaha. 27 of my 29 employees are ecstatic to move to Utah, Texas and Nebraska. #leavingcalifornia Love that freedom that comes from Capitalism. Can’t wait to see Trump back in office soon. Happy New Year Orange.
  9. Pac12Fan

    Rose Bowl

    I imagine folks will tune in to watch the Rose Bowl in large numbers. I am reading in SD Tribune that Utah had three games this year with over 3 million viewers and two of those games had over 4 million viewers. I think people love the underdog story and will view Utah as the underdog. Utah is building a following. Ohio State better be careful. Utah is basically the same team as Michigan and the Rose Bowl crowd will be pro Utah. There were thousands of Utah fans here in San Diego last night. I believe (hope) many came to cheer on my Bruins and go to Sea World. I’m driving up to my office in Carson right now and seeing a lot of Utah flags all over Southern California. I still don’t get how Utah is our best team but I’ll be there in the stadium with my Bruin shirt and my Ute hat. Love the Utah helmets for the game. Go Utes.
  10. Travel insurance for the game? I nelieve the insurance would cover flights, hotels and rental car only.
  11. I feel bad for the 20,000+ NC State fans that spent a lot of money coming out to the Holiday Bowl only to have UCLA pull out. Holiday Bowl is only refunding 80% of ticket fees from what I’m hearing. I was excited to see the game at Petco Park. The best players are not playing in bowls, teams cancelling, etc. Fans get screwed a lot I predict that the Rose Bowl game is cancelled by state officials. I’m from Cali but moved 3 of my businesses and family out because this state sucks. I’m a little drunk across from the stadium. I bought a round for a big group from NC State. I’ll probably regret this post tomorrow. #dontpostwhiledrunk
  12. Pac12Fan

    Rose Bowl

    60,000 fans is impressive. That’s more than we sell for our home games. Lol. I have the option to purchase 2 tix today. $529 each but includes Rose parade. What a bargain. Lol.
  13. I’m actually a fan of the Utes and am glad they have contributed greatly to our conference (unlike Colorado). My point is that there are schools that have huge advantages based on talent, history, money and population. Utah is not one of those schools yet they are ALWAYS one of the top teams. It’s not a knock on Utah. Don’t offend so easily.
  14. When does Colorado get better?
  15. I hate it but we NEED USC to be good. We are a better league when the Trojans are good. Oregon is fun and sell a lot of jerseys but USC is the only school in the league with the football legacy and opportunity to consistently be in the discussion. Oregon isn’t going to win a National Championship but USC could. I’m always amazed that USC, Washington and UCLA don’t win this league every year. They have they talent pool, the name and the money. Huge underachievers! The only consistency is that Utah keeps fucking everything up as they always tend to be a top 3 team in our league. Why does this happen? They should be a bottom third team as they don’t have the same advantages. I want all the teams to be good but we need a dominant team or two in this league. Michigan/Ohio State, Alabama/Georgia, Oklahoma, Clemson. What do we have?
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