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  1. I have not been on this page for months. Anything happen while I was gone? The Big 10 is a big deal but I realize that UCLA being invited was a package deal. USC is the football brand. Also, our athletic budget is run just like the state of California. We are carrying a 108 million dollar debt load. How does this happen? I’m certain our chancellors will screw up the Big 10 money quickly as they will want it spread out evenly. I see that $68 million of the debt will be relieved by UnderArmor. I see the Big 10 as a way to get our ass kicked in the cold weather and have more teams plunder the best California talent. I am not complaining because we are in the “big boys” club but I will miss our old rivalries. I’ll be headed to the donor dinner again this year in a few weeks. It appears that there is a lot of optimism again this year. The reason I know is that donations are way ahead of our 2014 season which was our best donation season ever. I did laugh and was surprised that UCLA did turn away some large donations from a few sketchy organizations like Pornhub. Apparently UCLA is trying to raise their morale standard? I wonder if they will accept $ from Cooper Heffner or any of the oil companies that donate annually.
  2. I’m actually a fan of the Utes and am glad they have contributed greatly to our conference (unlike Colorado). My point is that there are schools that have huge advantages based on talent, history, money and population. Utah is not one of those schools yet they are ALWAYS one of the top teams. It’s not a knock on Utah. Don’t offend so easily.
  3. When does Colorado get better?
  4. I hate it but we NEED USC to be good. We are a better league when the Trojans are good. Oregon is fun and sell a lot of jerseys but USC is the only school in the league with the football legacy and opportunity to consistently be in the discussion. Oregon isn’t going to win a National Championship but USC could. I’m always amazed that USC, Washington and UCLA don’t win this league every year. They have they talent pool, the name and the money. Huge underachievers! The only consistency is that Utah keeps fucking everything up as they always tend to be a top 3 team in our league. Why does this happen? They should be a bottom third team as they don’t have the same advantages. I want all the teams to be good but we need a dominant team or two in this league. Michigan/Ohio State, Alabama/Georgia, Oklahoma, Clemson. What do we have?
  5. Are we doing the Pickem this year?
  6. I never lived in the Bay Area. I lived in Southern Cal. I am enjoying Texas as the people are happier and the government works with you, not against you. Also, I know many business owners that left the Bay Area and don’t know a single one that will ever move back.
  7. The last automaker in California just announced he is pulling all his operations and companies out of the Bay Area for Texas and Nevada. Toyota pulled out in 2018. My company makes a lot of the replacement car mats for his cars and have met him twice. I can’t believe he didn’t leave California years ago. He will find (like me) that California hates their constituents and he will be much more profitable out of this state. Charles Schwabb is completing their new headquarters building here in Dallas and will be moving the main headquarters out of San Francisco. AT&T just moved their headquarters here from San Fran as well. Hyatt Corporation just announced most of their operations will be leaving California for Texas. According to Forbes, 660 companies have left California the past two years for better futures in Texas, Colorado, Utah and Nevada. Watch for a mass migration of the largest California based companies to exit right to the East. It’s just too hard to work there. Californian politicians are way crooked and have killed my state.
  8. Woke up this morning grateful Trump is the President and not Hillary. Grateful Trump will be President again for 4 more years.
  9. Need to start over. This stadium, like the Rose Bowl are pieces of crap.
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