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  1. I can’t imagine either. It won’t happen. I never said it.
  2. Just read all my 855 of my posts. I mentioned work less than 3% of the time. Everything else had to do with football. Anything about spending (6 times) had do do with my love of UCLA sports. Sorry to bore you as you had no problem commenting. Hey Orange. Fuck off.
  3. Winners will be UCLA, Wazzu, California, USC, Utah and Washington. I believe the biggest upset could be the Beavers.
  4. UCLA fans have basically given up. I’m almost there as well. I’m tired of flying in to sit in a stadium that is mostly empty to watch our team struggle against teams we should crush. I figure I’ve spent way over a million dollars over the past 17 years in being a fan. That doesn’t count tuition. Tickets, flights, hotels, swag, annual donations, “premium parking”, NIL donations, etc have added up. The Big10 will turn us into Vanderbilt. We will be lucky to win 6 games a year. We are already Vanderbilt in the PAC 12 My daughter was just accepted to University of Texas in Austin and just bought me a Longhorn t-shirt. She is hoping we adopt Texas as our new team. I’m going to be sick. I’m not there yet….
  5. Most of the Pac12 teams are jealous of the success Utah has had in the 11 years as a member. In fact, 11 of the 12 teams wish they had the success of Utah the past decade. Oregon is the only team that had better success the past 11 years and Utah now dominates them. I laugh at most of these comments as they ooze with jealousy. Utah is the class of our weak conference. Utah deserves a better conference and I’m sure they will land in a better place once this once great conference completely implodes. I believe Utah will end up in the Big12 and will consistently be one of the 12 teams in the playoffs. If the super conferences wanted more fierce competitors, they should invite Utah, Baylor, Oklahoma State, Clemson and drop Rutgers, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Indiana, South Carolina and Missouri. Eyeballs bring more money than good teams. My Bruins are about to become the new Rutgers of the Big10. Watch and see.
  6. I hate that I spend thousands on donations, seats, airfare each year for such a mediocre program. I attend all home games and hate our venue. 30,000 fans for a stadium that holds 90,000 is embarrassing. The heat was bad but the drinks were cold. No excuse to not have at least 60,000 in attendance. Will attendance increase once we are in the Big10? Absolutely! It will be full of folks that traveled from their respective cities. Will Wisconsin not show up due to 100 degree weather? Not even close. Will UCLA improve from all the additional revenue? I highly doubt it. #uclafanssuck
  7. I live in the South. Most things they say about the South are true. There are rednecks everywhere but I’ve seen things here that nobody believes. With that said, Southerners are the kindest people in this country. They love God, family, country, football and good bbq. Is that so bad? They do go overboard on their passion for football.
  8. Very weak week two schedule for most of us.
  9. I had to share.
  10. This death is very unfortunate. Died way too young.
  11. Why would Utah not be the favorite? Best coaches, tons of returning talent, best fans? USC will be dangerous and Oregon will be good. With so much new in Oregon and USC, I don’t see either team challenging Utah. Utah usually trips up to a team that has no business beating them. Who will that be this year? Oregon State, ASU?
  12. I have not been on this page for months. Anything happen while I was gone? The Big 10 is a big deal but I realize that UCLA being invited was a package deal. USC is the football brand. Also, our athletic budget is run just like the state of California. We are carrying a 108 million dollar debt load. How does this happen? I’m certain our chancellors will screw up the Big 10 money quickly as they will want it spread out evenly. I see that $68 million of the debt will be relieved by UnderArmor. I see the Big 10 as a way to get our ass kicked in the cold weather and have more teams plunder the best California talent. I am not complaining because we are in the “big boys” club but I will miss our old rivalries. I’ll be headed to the donor dinner again this year in a few weeks. It appears that there is a lot of optimism again this year. The reason I know is that donations are way ahead of our 2014 season which was our best donation season ever. I did laugh and was surprised that UCLA did turn away some large donations from a few sketchy organizations like Pornhub. Apparently UCLA is trying to raise their morale standard? I wonder if they will accept $ from Cooper Heffner or any of the oil companies that donate annually.
  13. Pac12Fan


    Pasadena is a great town. Feels like going back in time. Rose Bowl is a dump. Hope you aren’t disappointed.
  14. I’m actually a fan of the Utes and am glad they have contributed greatly to our conference (unlike Colorado). My point is that there are schools that have huge advantages based on talent, history, money and population. Utah is not one of those schools yet they are ALWAYS one of the top teams. It’s not a knock on Utah. Don’t offend so easily.
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