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  1. And football stadium smaller than Oregon State and WSU
  2. Also forgot to mention this as something for the boy. https://skibowl.com/skibowl-west/alpine-slide.html
  3. Sorry SC, got the numbers mixed up. I prefer bend to Biggs to hood river. Easiest drive.
  4. The only in baseball is the Mariners.
  5. I’ve been both ways. Don’t recall much of a difference in views. 97 better road, less switchbacks. I remember a couple of hairpins on 26, more trouble passing, etc.
  6. Hood River is a fun little place. However, every single meal I’ve had at every single restaurant has been shit. If you find a good place post a referral. I love going there but would like a good meal.
  7. Food for thought: if the GOP takes the house and the senate, and it will, as well as the Presidency, and it could, the filibuster rule could very well prevent a national ban on abortion.
  8. This decision is about returning a political question to the field of politics. Many centrists will be freed from a moral obligation to vote GOP. This decision having been made and provided that it stands for the foreseeable future, It is now clear that, for the time being, the greater immediate threat to the constitution is from Trumpism.
  9. Yeah, it’s the right wing media blaming Biden. . . https://graphics.reuters.com/USA-BIDEN/POLL/nmopagnqapa/
  10. And by extrapolation, different domestic actions could have avoided or mitigated the problem. Maybe throwing money at an economy (especially when the majority of recipients didn’t lose a dime attributable to COVID), creating additional demand, is not a good idea when the economy already has serious supply chain issues making sought after goods and services more scarce isn’t a good idea. Both conditions are inflationary, then you add one to the other. Ya think maybe the highest inflation in decades might result? Maybe? As I said at the time, we could have done more for those suffering and spent far less and done far less damage. \_(ツ)_/¯ Is it just possible that loans and grants to the following companies in Kennewick alone were not necessary? http://ppprecipients.com/citysearch.php?state=Washington&sid=WA&cid=KENNEWICK
  11. Doesn’t the fed know that it doesn’t matter what the US does if inflation is rampant around the world? Fill them in
  12. Yeah, Summers and Yellen, Obama and Biden appointees, respectively, missed that nugget of brilliance.
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