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  1. Geez Bug this guy is sayin the same shit about the Cougs
  2. We’ve won two of the last three against Arizona and the last one played at McKale. We aren’t going to win on Thursday. Just have to hope we do enough in the following 4 to seal the deal.
  3. SEC and B1G seeking more AQ spots in 26 and thereafter, as many as 4 spots each.
  4. That’s Bug putting the blame on Mack. No other way to interpret it.
  5. I didn’t see anyone blaming the refs.
  6. Has anyone ever analyzed whether visiting teams in Pac 12 basketball do better on Thursday or Saturday?
  7. Is that the same thing as Athletic Director? I was
  8. I’m probably being a pain. Nobody has more than 7.
  9. The first year I watched baseball. Giants
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