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  1. I don’t know but often used in Eastern Washington.
  2. He is so awesome. Slept on the floor at the foot oF the bed when things were bad a few years ago. On Saturday I called him and like 15 minutes later he showed up in a sweatshirt, the athletic shorts he sleeps in and sneakers. So awesome.
  3. Washington Senate race now a toss up statistical tie. Recent moving toward GOP candidate. Polls indicate top 3 issues are economy, crime and gas prices. Must be gerrymandering. Would be huge upset if it swings to GOP, last GOP Senator from Wa left office in 2001.
  4. Sounds like you’ve got some medical background. I’m taking a steroid for 5 days in connection with Bell’s Palsy. Blood sugar is spiking, once as high as 160 after eating nothing but skinless chicken breast and avocado in prior 24 hours, once 135, while it normally is about 104. Online sources say those spikes are normal for steroids. I’m seeing my Doc on Friday, know anything about it?
  5. I agree. I was waiting for my nephew to drive to my place 10-15 minutes, when I did the googling so little if any time wasted. Still, solid advice. Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins pages said most parotid gland lesions are benign, some cancerous but I’ll be hoping you’re right! Thanks for well-wishes.
  6. So Saturday was fun. Wok to symptoms of stroke. Partial paralysis in facial muscles and tongue. Nephew came over to take me to Hospital. Did some quick googling and concluded on the downside it was stroke with slight brain damage or, on the upside Bell’s Palsy. Told my nephew my conclusion and he looked at me and said from the way I looked and sounded it was a fucking stroke. I tended to agree with him because Bell’s is generally a follow on to a prior viral infection and as far as I know I hadn’t had any. Got to ER, rushed through EKG, CAT Scan and MRI. So after about 6 hours they came and told me Bell’s Palsy. Good news because generally temporary nerve damage rather than brain damage. Most symptoms clear in few weeks to 6 months. I can’t hold my right eye closed bottom lid muscle paralyzed, mouth hangs down on right side won’t close against glass or cup to drink and tongue feels swollen slowing and slurring speech and use less to move food around while eating. That’s the good news. Today I got a call from the hospital asking if I wanted to schedule a visit with an ear nose and throat specialist about what they found on the left side of my throat. I asked what did they find because nobody had said anything about my throat at all. She didn’t know and called someone. Called me back and told me they found a lesion on my paratid gland. After some google research most common reason for that is a tumor, cancerous or no cancerous. Here we go again.

    NFL 2022

    Words I never thought I would type: Seahawks are so much better without Wilson.
  8. My gosh, stuns and sickens me. Fight is on I know but enjoy every minute, smile and chuckle that comes you way. They give as much strength as the Docs do.

    NFL 2022

    GL, what does this immediately bring to mind?
  10. Completely aside from issues I am flabbergasted at the state of the Democratic Party. Election before last it was “how the hell does Hillary lose to Trump?” Even the most Trumpian were shocked. To trump (lol) that we have this year’s House elections. Every polling organization I checked today had the GOP ahead in the generic GOP vs Dem Polls and the most recent polling data has the GOP widening the lead after the drop in gas prices boosted the Dems a bit. I checked 6 different leading political analysts today on the House races. RCP, 538, Politico among them. Everyone of the prognosticators have the GOP taking control of the House? How does this happen in this Anti-Trump and Abortion Rights charged election atmosphere? What are the Dems doing wrong? Polls can move quickly. I will be shocked as hell to find the GOP in charge of the House. If that happens the next two years will be a blood fest among Dems to see who controls the party, liberals or progressives. politics as sport has never been as interesting.
  11. I think Utah blows us out. We’re getting worse, not better and Cameron Ward has been a huge disappointment. Last game the Cougs were listless and without purpose. I don’t have that many seasons left in me to have wasted seasons like this.
  12. Racism. These men didn’t abandon their families to do or sell drugs. They had to leave for their families to get assistance. You are Trumpian in your thinking. That is, you don’t.
  13. They were stripped from their families, couldn’t live in the same household, before the Dems would provide welfare benefits. This occurred long after the second migration. Families largely remained in tact until then no matter the unemployment rate.
  14. 1. And Joe Biden did more to lock up more black young men than anyone in history. 2. You said nothing to erase the fact that the welfare state did more to break up black families than did slavery and Jim Crow. The welfare state prevented black men from raising their sons and Biden came along and locked their sons up. Inconvenient facts.
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