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  1. The B1G has a healthy title drought of their own so I’m sure they’ll try to claim it, but the B1G can fuck itself. That’d be a Pac-12 title.
  2. If UCLA breaks our men’s basketball title drought this year I will bury any resentment I feel towards them.
  3. In the last three tournaments Purdue has lost to a 13, 15, and 16 seed. Outstanding.
  4. +1 Really hope he can come through, though. The Pac will always be the GOAT and I hope the 10 of us can stay together.
  5. I have a hard time wrapping my head around potential moves until we know what our media rights deal is going to be. I think the B1G ultimately wants to invite UO and UW, but at a lower annual payout than their other 16 schools. If the B1G offers roughly half of what their other schools get, that’s $40-50 million. If Kliavkoff can surprise us and get a deal comparable to (or in the ballpark of) the B12, UO/UW would stay and and the 4 corners schools have no reason to leave. The Pac lives to fight another day. If Kliavkoff swings and misses…
  6. Hoping to make another run in Vegas, but we’re probably too inconsistent to win 4 in a row. And we may need someone to beat UCLA for us, Altman had done pretty well against Cronin since he came over but this particular Bruin team gives us fits.
  7. ION? The Onion couldn’t satirize us better than this.
  8. I don’t think I’m smart enough to chime in much re: expansion. I don’t see how adding the 8th most popular program in Texas adds anything to this conference, but that seems to be the path ahead of us so I assume it’s all 4D chess that I don’t understand. Did UTEP say no?
  9. Would rather take SDSU, play football as the Pac-11, and add Gonzaga as a non-football member than take SMU.
  10. Good god, look at Pod 1 and then look at Pod 3.
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