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  1. Could see him coming home (UO or OSU). We have a bunch of young guys who could use a senior presence, OSU is in the market for depth and could use someone with his size to pair with Lindsay and Harrison. Travis Dye-to-USC has hit the rumor mill today. My assumption was that Dye was looking to cash in some NIL money since playing professionally seems unlikely, and jumping into the Portal put Nike on notice to put something together. But SC has deep pockets too, and he’s from SoCal so you never know if he’s just looking to spend his last year at home after spending four years up here. Still hope to get him back.
  2. Several of our running backs have entered the portal the last few weeks, not sure if the position coach hire was a disaster or what. Lanning has pulled back Seven and Dollars, hoping he can do the same with Dye. I thought initially he was a token scholarship who came here because his brother was so good, but he’s really developed into a talented all-purpose back. Wherever he lands, he’ll produce.
  3. Did not see that coming. This is Altman’s worst team since the mess he inherited from Ernie his first season.
  4. 8 point UGA lead with time left for one last Bama drive. If they hold on I will credit Lanning for a national championship, if they blow it it’s on Kirby. I will not be taking questions at this time.
  5. glduck

    NFL 2021

    Three more tries to get it right, if I have my NFL CBA correct (Herbert two more years of his original rookie contract, + 5th year option) before it gets really tricky. Herbert may not get Mahomes money, but his extension is going to be massive. Chargers had a trash OL last year, and they addressed it and made it a strength this season. Gotta do something about that run defense now… and their receivers were 32nd out of 32 teams in drops, which isn’t ideal. Spend some money, LA.
  6. Nice snag out of the portal, one of the better returning Pac-12 corners.
  7. How do you see it all playing out? You mentioned earlier that DTR is coming back, UCLA will probably have decent expectations for 2022. Does Chip have to win the South or else?
  8. Seahawks are likely cleaning house, as early as Monday! This could — nay, must — happen.
  9. good GOD he’s promoting it!
  10. I no longer care about your hilariously anecdotal grocery store encounters, or brushing off the South’s hemorrhaging methamphetamine problems because you yourself are not a meth addict — I want to focus on you trying to compare Nashville to Jacksonville. Or Tampa! ORLANDO? What the actual fuck, man.
  11. This is one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever seen.
  12. glduck

    Rose Bowl

    Like, why don’t other networks just air something at the same time as the Super Bowl and rake in that sweet advertising $$, am I right?
  13. slow down and leave some transfers for the rest of us
  14. glduck

    Rose Bowl

    And your point is as wrong now as when you first posted it.
  15. Tonight was supposed to be a Colorado/Oregon makeup game because covid issues at CU, but now it’s postponed again because of covid issues at Oregon. The odds of the basketball civil war being played this weekend… not great!
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