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  1. wow what do you think drove him to this
  2. Near as I can tell, modern conservatism is basically whining about victimhood, demanding special treatment to address imagined victimhood, and then calls to incite violence when special treatment is denied them.
  3. I don’t like the Astros because they won’t stop throwing at and injuring Mariners.
  4. Yankees and Astros having themselves a hell of a deadline, the two best teams in the AL getting even better.
  5. Utah’s the right pick, imo. They were so good once Rising took over last year, and there’s no shame losing an instant classic to the Seattle Seahawks next franchise qb and the best receiver in the country in the Rose Bowl. Don’t see why their success shouldn’t carry over to ‘22. 1. Utah 2. UCLA 3. USC 4. Arizona 5. Arizona State 6. Colorado 1. Oregon 2. Oregon State 3. Washington 4. Washington State 5. Cal 6. Stanford UCLA finishes with a better conference record than Oregon and meets Utah in the Pac-12 CG. Don’t fret if I ranked your team too low; take solace in the fact that I’m usually wrong.
  6. Heavy price tag for Castillo, but you have to spend quality to get quality and there wasn’t any question that management would go a bit over the top to end the playoff drought this year. Helps a little that the two top prospects going to the Reds are both shortstops, and our current Gold Glove/team captain shortstop is only 27. And we just drafted a SS in the 1st round a week ago.
  7. I would rather be in the Pac-6 than join the Big 12.
  8. Julio won the popular vote but lost the electoral college.
  9. I disagree with the premise that SDSU is the bridge to open up recruiting in southern California, but again I’m happy to invite them to the party if they add value to the conference’s new media rights deal.
  10. If Furd leaves am I good with a Pac-9? If that’s the best financial option, sure. If it makes financial sense to add SDSU and get back to 10 teams then I’m also fine with that.
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