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  1. Utes in trouble, their offense isn’t built to come back from 7 points down.
  2. Bittersweet. Hopefully Jrue can net us a nice young asset and/or picks from a contender.
  3. I actually have a soft spot for the man, once being an impressionable young kid who loved watching his highlights on SportsCenter. I remember having his action figure and for a brief time even being an Atlanta Falcon fan. He’s always been Prime Time to me, so I don’t mind extending that to Coach Prime.
  4. I know I’ve poked fun, but the Prime effect does have its upside. Colorado-Oregon beat Ohio State-Notre Dame on Saturday. Unthinkable in any non-Prime scenario.
  5. I’m here to report that the discourse after a Prime loss is infinitely dumber than the discourse pregame.
  6. People are accurately pointing out the hypocrisy of Oregon of all teams saying another program is out for clicks, but I think you need to look at it from the perspective of this was probably the only opportunity Lanning will ever have to say that about someone else and for it to be true. Gotta take your shots when you can. This post was brought to you by shoes that change colors as you wear them.
  7. glduck

    NFL 2023

    Herbert sets an NFL record for completion % in a game with 45 or more attempts (40/47), throws for 400+ yards and 3 tds aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the Chargers need a tip drill INT to win at the gun against a winless Minnesota team.
  8. glduck

    MLB 2023

    Thankfully we are playoff camels, and last year shall sustain us until well into the 2030s.
  9. Because Rolo watched too much InfoWars, WSU has Cam Ward out there right now instead of Jayden de Laura. Vaccines save lives and football programs, kids.
  10. They just made it personal, we will bury them again next year! Oh wait.
  11. Learned Man HLB thought Colorado could go undefeated.
  12. Even if Oregon is on its best behavior this week, the rest of the world is intent on making it PERSONAL for Colorado
  13. Well now I’m getting nervous, the whole sports world seems to be taking Oregon in a blowout. ESPN has a damn article up with the words “boat race” in the headline accompanied by a picture of Deion smiling. Don’t care for these vibes, not one bit.
  14. I will not stand for this Freddie Mitchell erasure.
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