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  1. After this all went down I was hoping OSU/WSU would pair up with the Big West (baseball only) for a few years. Irvine, Fullerton, UCSB, Long Beach and USD + the Pac-2 would be a really fun conference season, and possibly only behind the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 in strength of conference.
  2. Big roster turnover from last year’s Super Regional team, so I’m not sure how the season will play out, but a solid opening weekend through Big 12 country: wins over Oklahoma and Baylor, lost to Texas Tech.
  3. How is Washington quad 1 but Colorado and Utah aren’t
  4. Our softball team left for Texas when our old coach bolted six years ago and never came back.
  5. Oregon’s Friday guy is out for the year before the season even starts. 🤷‍♂️
  6. I thought Troy Taylor would have been a great fit, and I can’t imagine he’s exciting about joining the ACC.
  7. Fisch has the chance to do something really hilarious now.
  8. glduck


    Well, it is an unquestionable disaster for Joe. The fact that Trump’s brain is basically microwaved mashed potatoes too doesn’t matter. None of Trump’s deficiencies have ever mattered and never will. For the Dems it’s about presenting a stable alternative to the walking orange chaos box and it just got considerably harder to do that. Factor in the GOP media machine is light years ahead of the DNC’s and the next 9 months isn’t about indictments or the future of democracy, it’s dementia. And as last night’s press conference showed, Joe is going to have an extremely hard time fighting back. They really, really should have given Kamala something to do the last four years so she could have run instead.
  9. While we’re discussing coaches and programs that aren’t in the Pac-12, what’s up with Minnesota’s guy? Dude wears a tie on the sidelines. That’s weird.
  10. L-O-fucking-L at the GOP’s utter embarrassment. Ridiculous media ploy to impeach over a policy dispute? Let’s make it made for tv! A razor thin majority and an uncontrollable bunch of weirdos, what could go wrong Mike Johnson good call.
  11. Does being on the Next Four Out column twice count for anything
  12. glduck

    NFL 2023

    Any reason? I never know what to make of coordinators who become first time head coaches.
  13. I’m actually pleased where we’re at. Talent can’t help if it’s not playing, and being in first place despite a turnstile roster is kinda impressive imo.
  14. Saw a stat yesterday where Arizona absolutely owns after a loss during the Lloyd era, so we were probably doomed the moment OSU sprung the upset. I think we’re going to do very well in football and baseball in the B1G. I think our hoops team is going to have a very, very tough time.
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