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  1. Rough day for Jack del Rio.
  2. I don’t know what think about this year, man. New coach, new QB. I would like to think the defense will be a little better, and the offense, while nowhere near the levels it was operating at from 2009-15, at least strives for greater balance and execution than what we’ve had to watch the last few years. Bo Nix? Ty Thompson? The receiving group is crazy talented if one of them can spread the ball out. Both lines return most everybody, with KT the obvious exception on the DL. Sewell and Flowe are going to wake up most Saturday’s and choose violence. Our two best DBs entered the draft and promptly went undrafted. Then there are transfers, which I know little about.
  3. This morning the Supreme Court looked upon a country terrorized by gun violence and asked, “What can we do to make it all worse?”
  4. glduck

    2019-20 NBA

    Portland gets Jerami Grant for a 2025 first belonging to Milwaukee, so assuming Giannis is still around that’s a decent return for a pick likely in the late 20s/early 30s. Also helps make trading McCollum for table scraps a little better, as this was the pick we got back in the deal. Didnt realize until today that Jerami Grant is the son of former Blazer Harvey Grant.
  5. I’ve seen this movie before.
  6. The GOP is scary as fuck.
  7. So, where was Jack del Rio on Jan 6?
  8. Awesome rally by Arizona to eliminate Miami.
  9. Oregon baseball and softball fail to get out of regionals. Baseball I expect, but softball continues to disappoint.
  10. I don’t mean for this to come off snarky. But this man is dealing with some obvious legitimate CTE issues, no? Like, Tommy Tuberville is dumb. This isn’t dumb, this sounds like a man struggling with a debilitating issue.
  11. I kinda like the Coach Waz hire now. When we fired Horton it seemed like we just replaced him with his cheaper, less accomplished disciple, but he’s built some entertaining teams. Not sure I expect Oregon baseball to ever rise above “decent, occasionally pretty good” so I’ll take entertaining.
  12. Seemed relevant.
  13. ahhh, now it makes sense.
  14. This would have certainly changed several CG’s in the past. Assuming this ultimately do away with divisions, I’m for it.
  15. M’s need Kyle Lewis (and two other bats) if they’re going to do anything this year. Houston is annoyingly refusing to drop back to the pack, and the Angels appear to have chosen this year for their once a decade run to relevance.
  16. do you think this man has ever conversed with his wife
  17. “Don’t be so melodramatic,” they said, as we all predicted they’d overturn Roe years ago. Marriage equality is next, because they are a hateful, radicalized minority party and this is their opportunity to be hateful, radicalized assholes.
  18. Has anyone checked on Colin Cowherd after the Jordan Addison rumors hit?
  19. glduck

    NFL 2022

    Love the bookend tackles in the 1st and 3rd. Didn’t like taking a 24 year old project edge rusher in the 2nd. Indifferent on Kenneth Walker. Yeah using a second rounder on a RB is dumb but I guess it’s an improvement on wasting a 1st on one. I assume Chris Carson’s neck injury is much worse than what’s been reported. Since it looks like the tank is on for 2022 I guess we’ll have a talented young back to help out whichever QB we take next year.
  20. glduck

    NFL 2022

    Happy for Thibodeaux, if he produces he’s going to be a star in that market.
  21. It’s too bad we all have to be a part of his mid-life crisis.
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