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  1. Anyway, regardless of being punched in the dick so many times by your rival the most painful part of that game was Rod Gilmore.
  2. 🤷‍♂️ I think that ignores the situation, but ok.
  3. I really liked Dillingham, and it will hurt to lose him. The absolute dick punch will be if Dante Moore looks elsewhere because of this.
  4. Well, what’s the best case scenario there? It would be our bad punter actually gets the punt away (statistically unlikely today) and we net 30 yards, giving the ball back to an offense we can’t stop around midfield. Does it matter if it takes them 7 plays to score instead of 4? Nix just made the wrong read. If he hands it off instead of keeping it, it’s a first down.
  5. That’s a gotta-fire-some-coordinators type of loss. Congrats Beavs.
  6. I still think ASU would be the better fit, but they seem determined to take our o-coordinator.
  7. This game is so dumb both fanbases on twitter think they should be up 24-3 and they’re both right.
  8. I love this for Colorado.
  9. Yeah, you can’t deny Musk’s rags to riches story is inspiring. I bet he has shown a bunch of young kids whose fathers also owned Apartheid-era Zimbabwean emerald mines that they too can rise up and make something of themselves in this world.
  10. Oregon is in trouble. Two uncompetitive home losses already, and the PK85 is this week. A bad showing there — and let’s face it, even when we’re good we suck in November tourneys — and we’ve set ourselves up with 4-5 losses before December gets here. I’m ready to move on from the Richardson/Dante/Guerrier core. Richardson was a fine complimentary guy when Pritchard or Duarte was carrying the offense, but he isn’t a #1. Nobody can shoot. We have four transfer guards out indefinitely with various ailments, maybe one or two of them can help but how much of a hole will we have dug before we get there?
  11. Bray, who has been phenomenal this year, is going to pick up right where Utah’s halftime adjustments left off; we’ll see what Oregon can do to counter, or if Nix is able to move any better with another week of rehab. I’m going 24-20, winning team TBD.
  12. It’s not always his fault, but every time Ty Thompson is on the field something catastrophic happens.
  13. A family member said maybe Lanning was playing 4D chess and everyone is fine and we’ll ride the emotional wave to the win and I got really hopeful for about thirty seconds until I remembered he used the exact same reasoning when he explained how Trump would arrest Biden at his inauguration.
  14. i just hope both teams have fun
  15. Colorado has lost to Grambling St and UMass but beat Tennessee and Texas A&M (both ranked) by 22 and 28, respectively.
  16. I can handle dense, but this too-stupid-to-even-insult turn is too much. Gotta block him. Someone let me know if he ever posts a link to his book, I’ll still buy it.
  17. glduck

    AP Poll

    Seems like you’re overrating Alabama a lot lately. Reasonable people know they would fear the Tree.
  18. Big upcoming challenge for the GOP: after seeing so many hardline candidates fail, how do you convince your base to not support the looney tunes in primaries?
  19. glduck

    AP Poll

    oof, take Bama out of that group. We’d probably just unleash Stanford to take them down.
  20. I doubt the team will put out anything official, and I don’t subscribe to any of the premium sites so I’m not privy to any gossip. If Ty Thompson plays, allow me to be the first to congratulate you on your trip to Vegas.
  21. glduck

    UW @ Oregon

    I’m torn. We weren’t stopping UW, so giving them the ball there or punting and having them make up the yardage in 3-4 plays?? I don’t mind going for it, but if Nix was ready to go in I don’t know why Lanning didn’t call the TO and put the country’s best QB sneak threat in. Even if you ultimately hand off, at least UW has to respect it. Everyone knew the call with Thompson in there. Congrats Board Husky fans. Penix is that guy. Well, hope Nix’s ankle is ok, try to beat Utah and OSU, find yourself in Vegas and the Rose is still in play.
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