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  1. Both Cal and UCLA are no longer listed on the UA website. I don’t think a big buyout is going to happen. Cal and UCLA will likely have to work with UA, whose finances are abysmal. I predict both will get small buyouts and sign with other apparel companies rather than fight this in court for years or risk a UA bankruptcy, which would see both schools get nothing.
  2. With this foolish take, one would think California’s economy would be shrinking. You post this same crap every year and every year California’s economy puts more distance between it and every other state. California has the largest, and most diversified economy out of any state, which is evidence in and of itself that your claims are stupid. How about this. I’ll start believing your silly claims when the cost of a 1-bedroom in SF drops below a million bucks. Until then, supply and demand speaks for itself and is the easy conclusion to draw against your claims, which are backed by nothing more than anecdotal evidence. Speaking of an economy that is poorly diversified, How is Texas doing? Everything should be fine as long as the price of oil is healthy. The price of oil is healthy, right? Ut oh. Hey, it’s not all bad in Texas. At least I know where to turn for cheap real estate investments.
  3. Not a lot of right guys in this draft. Looking like One of the weaker drafts In a long time.
  4. Him and Beal are putting up some silly numbers. Kinda crazy how Beal didn’t make the ASG in the weaker conference.
  5. What do the haters say now!?
  6. Best thing to happen to the team. They were a 7th seed at best this year. Now, they will get a real asset and the idea of adding Giannis in 2020 has even more legs to it.
  7. While Roy was a very good player, Zion’s talent is on another level. I’m not sure there would be a player of his talent to retire early due to injuries. he does seem to get injured frequently. A man of that size is probably not meant to move that explosively. The human body is only so durable.
  8. It doesn’t upset me but i found his takes pretty stupid. His attempts to walk things back were not exactly strategic either. If LeBron is truly all about the money, which I don’t believe he is, then issuing hot takes in this climate and on this issue is not exactly wise. lebron’s brand is at its best when kids think he is cool and this is not how you score cool points.
  9. Nevada had the turnover towel. Not all athletic budgets are created equal.
  10. First time in league history that all 4 division winners lost in the first round, that’s crazyness. it would have been 6 of 8 lower seeds had the Sharks not comeback from a 3-1 series deficit as well as a 3-0 deficit with 10 minutes left in the 3rd period of game 7. The best looking team in the playoffs IMO was the 8th seeded Avalanche. They look way faster than everyone else and that offense ripped apart top seeded Calgary. Now they face what has to be the worst goalie in the playoffs in San Jose’s Martin Jones. Sharks might get swept.
  11. Ginger ale was my old favorite before I dropped soda from my diet. I still drink it occasionally on return flights if I've had a little too much fun on my trip. In fact, there's a very good chance I'll be drinking Ginger Ale on Sunday.
  12. Faith in humanity restored! I can't believe those spawn of Satan at United had the temerity to remove tomato juice from their list of in-flight beverages. I was fairly certain up to this point that tomato juice was invented for the specific purpose of providing a refreshing and nutritious alternative to soda on a flight. For some reason, tomato juice is at it's finest when you're 30,000 feet in the air. This is a big win for decent folks everywhere. And because I am flying to SD today for my brothers bachelor party, I will celebrate in kind. https://www.sfgate.com/chris-mcginnis/article/United-reinstates-tomato-juice-12904623.php
  13. Congrats to your brother! Thats a big friggin deal! And hey, us Cal fans don't have much going for us these days so we can't afford to miss an opportunity to feel a little proud.
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