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  1. It also helps that these local leaders have arguably the most wealthy, educated and intelligent constituents in the country who are capable of acting on informed and reasoned policy decisions. These same leaders would be far less effective in southern states where constituents choose from the leading conspiracy of the day over science and logic. Or as the graphic shows above, the more poorly educated parts of California.
  2. Both Cal and UCLA are no longer listed on the UA website. I don’t think a big buyout is going to happen. Cal and UCLA will likely have to work with UA, whose finances are abysmal. I predict both will get small buyouts and sign with other apparel companies rather than fight this in court for years or risk a UA bankruptcy, which would see both schools get nothing.
  3. Well if you’re going to tell a story, it’s best to not leave out the conclusion. What was his response??
  4. The real tragedy out of all of this is the fact that Gavin Newsom has allowed restaurants to offer sit down dining but has not opened up wineries. You’re telling me I can go to a restaurant, order food and wine but I can’t sit outside at a winery and drink some god damn wine? This makes no sense! Come on Newsom! How can I possibly get the most out of my wine club perks with these inconsistent and unfair measures that have singled out the wine and beverage industry!?
  5. With this foolish take, one would think California’s economy would be shrinking. You post this same crap every year and every year California’s economy puts more distance between it and every other state. California has the largest, and most diversified economy out of any state, which is evidence in and of itself that your claims are stupid. How about this. I’ll start believing your silly claims when the cost of a 1-bedroom in SF drops below a million bucks. Until then, supply and demand speaks for itself and is the easy conclusion to draw against your claims, which are backed by nothing more than anecdotal evidence. Speaking of an economy that is poorly diversified, How is Texas doing? Everything should be fine as long as the price of oil is healthy. The price of oil is healthy, right? Ut oh. Hey, it’s not all bad in Texas. At least I know where to turn for cheap real estate investments.
  6. The market is so fucking dumb right now. I lost more money than I care to admit this week. Apparently 20% unemployment, pay cuts everywhere, mass death, overrun hospitals, and a dysfunctional government means we should be only 10% from all time highs. Doubling down and shorting the market again next week but with longer expiration dates on my puts.
  7. The jobs report is actually disingenuous as it was taken mid-month before the worst of the layoffs hit. The true numbers are much worse than that and the April jobs number is going to rip the market a new asshole because of it. The jobs number also doesn’t account for the millions of Americans who have been asked (forced) to take a pay cut. I just put in a six figure investment to short the S&P 500 and will be donating half the proceeds to Central Legal de la Raza’s undocumented worker relief fund as they have been hit the hardest out of anyone and can’t even file for unemployment.
  8. This is by far the stupidest shit I have ever seen from a government official let alone a governor of a large state. How could you be so criminally stupid with such great responsibility?
  9. Canadians get 5k but we’re the wealthiest nation in the world and we give 25% of that??
  10. Eugene is a very active poster on the Cal Rivals pay site FWIW.
  11. Even if you assume that he did take over “an empty shelf” he had more than 3 years to do something about it. He did nothing.
  12. Everyone on the ship was either bused or flown out and never set foot in the Bay Area beyond the dock. I think it had a lot more to do with earlier confirmed cases as well as the general attitude of the people in the Bay Area. Many of my so cal relatives say that people over there have been very slow to change or alter their behavior. Where as, many prominent Bay Area leaders and politicians actively campaigned for the cities to create a shelter in place. This is how 7 different counties were able to do so. Meanwhile, No county in so cal closed down until newsom issued his order.
  13. That’s all great question and it’s hard to say. One thing I do know is that Newsom has nothing to do with it as the Bay Area was closed down several days before LA was. LA has a fairly similar Chinese population. I remember that the first confirmed case in California was in the Bay Area so perhaps that played a role. Either way, our leaders were organized and unified and acted very quickly. Something that I am very thankful for.
  14. Too many stupid leaders in this country. The Bay Area acted quickly and shut everything down. Only 223 confirmed cases out of 7 million people. NY was slower to act when their population density suggests they should have taken the most extreme actions and look at them now. Over 30k confirmed cases! Cuomo’s getting all this credit from the media because he’s a decent guy but he was too slow to act. China literally handed us the blueprint on how to fight this and we were too arrogant to follow basic directions.
  15. That’s exactly what the liberal fake news media wants you to believe. More fish cleaning solution for them.
  16. California has been issues a stay at home order. Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti is now on cnn talking about how this is the only thing to do yet he refused to act for days while the Bay Area issued stay at home orders. What was he waiting for? Why was LA chillin while this virus is running rampant?
  17. 7 Bay Area counties are now in “shelter,” which is really close to being a lockdown. Other counties and other states will likely follow suit.
  18. Same. And I’m very closely related to this person.
  19. Freezing cold takes exposed.
  20. It’s sad that even the Surgeons General has become a Trump mouthpiece. Sad and dangerous.
  21. Merkel said that she expects 60-70% of Germans to get infected. This isn’t going away anytime soon.
  22. People on the fringes always try to cast themselves as centrists to further legitimize and mainstream their positions. That being said, I don’t think Don is on the fringes but the point still stands as he is more conservative then he lets on. I am the only true centrist on this board I believe.
  23. Hah. So perfect that Gaetz is in quarantine — almost makes me believe in karma. https://www.google.com/amp/s/time.com/5799243/coronavirus-gas-mask-matt-gaetz-constituent/%3famp=true
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