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  1. Nevada had the turnover towel. Not all athletic budgets are created equal.
  2. First time in league history that all 4 division winners lost in the first round, that’s crazyness. it would have been 6 of 8 lower seeds had the Sharks not comeback from a 3-1 series deficit as well as a 3-0 deficit with 10 minutes left in the 3rd period of game 7. The best looking team in the playoffs IMO was the 8th seeded Avalanche. They look way faster than everyone else and that offense ripped apart top seeded Calgary. Now they face what has to be the worst goalie in the playoffs in San Jose’s Martin Jones. Sharks might get swept.
  3. Ginger ale was my old favorite before I dropped soda from my diet. I still drink it occasionally on return flights if I've had a little too much fun on my trip. In fact, there's a very good chance I'll be drinking Ginger Ale on Sunday.
  4. Faith in humanity restored! I can't believe those spawn of Satan at United had the temerity to remove tomato juice from their list of in-flight beverages. I was fairly certain up to this point that tomato juice was invented for the specific purpose of providing a refreshing and nutritious alternative to soda on a flight. For some reason, tomato juice is at it's finest when you're 30,000 feet in the air. This is a big win for decent folks everywhere. And because I am flying to SD today for my brothers bachelor party, I will celebrate in kind. https://www.sfgate.com/chris-mcginnis/article/United-reinstates-tomato-juice-12904623.php
  5. Congrats to your brother! Thats a big friggin deal! And hey, us Cal fans don't have much going for us these days so we can't afford to miss an opportunity to feel a little proud.
  6. But Arizona State has an honors program! Doesn't that count for anything?
  7. Yeah, those were the two worst years of Tedford. AT&T Park only holds about 40k. Memorial Stadium holds about 66k
  8. Bug with some light hearted haterade on your boy Bennet so I returned the favor.
  9. Or when Kershaw wins a CY Young and then gets slapped around in the playoffs? Oh wait, that happened both times. You're welcome Don.
  10. Yeah, Sonny Dykes. Wilcox isn't nearly as sexy of a hire as say a Chip Kelly. It takes time and winning to bring in a California crowd that has far better things to do on weekends than spend 4-6 hours watching crappy football. Cal was top 4 in the confernece in attendance during most of the Tedford years.
  11. California in general is a terrible state for college sports. The average person just doesn't care that much at all. If you listen to sports talk radio, college sports is almost entirely ignored.
  12. Anyone who believes this has never seen a Stanford home game on TV or has never been to a Stanford home game in person. They would be lucky to hit 70% attendance.
  13. "When are you going to get the Pac 12 Networks on Direct TV!? Is it time to admit that not partnering with a distributor was a huge mistake? What are you guys doing to proactively grow the pac 12 brand? Isn't it time we end the Friday Conference Championship game experiment already?" Yeah, I wouldn't have been of much help either.
  14. Oh now were doomed? We haven't been doomed for the past 60+ years? Sincerely, - Cal fans everywhere
  15. I guess I missed the joke. We should both aim to do better.
  16. I doubt it. How many southerners are really going to vacation in this town to check out their football stadium. I bet less than 500 families per year.
  17. Building a giant high school football stadium to become a "destination city." They just haven't quite figured out this urban planning thing in the South yet have they?
  18. I wouldn't say most but a decent amount went towards structural integrity. LA has fault lines too you know
  19. USC is only spending half of what Cal spent on it's renovation.
  20. Yeah, I remember Don and him getting very personal on cf.com
  21. God help us all if Washington State beats Stanford this weekend.
  22. Does "state of the art" really need to be in all caps. As if he was going to say something like, "I've seen better."
  23. There was a some self-deprecation thrown in there too!
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