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  1. Vuzi is not a pot stock. Although Canopy growth has been on fire too!
  2. I spoke to soon, Vuzi closed up 20%!! Hell of a Friday.
  3. JT up 5% Mark up 4.5% CLLS up 2.5% AZRX up 5.25% OSTK up 10.5%! VUZI up 5% BLOZF up 5% WEED.CA aka TWMJF up 5.5% How about that Portfolio!?
  4. I don’t know how much you have invested in pot but I would caution you to not put all of your eggs in one basket. Diversify your holdings or risk getting obliterated by the market. If pot stocks account for more than 20% of your portfolio, it’s time to start Liquidating some of your positions immediately and investing into other sectors. Even 15-20% is still too high. Pot is an unregulated, dangerous sector with far more unknowns than knowns. It should be treated as a speculative investment and nothing more.
  5. I'm invested in BLOZF, which lost about 15% today. However, it is still up over 45% since I purchased it about a month ago. BLOZF is the Canadian company that is making THC breathalyzers and they are well funded. If Jeff Sessions starts cracking down on weed in legalized states, it will make the need for breathalyzers even more necessary to either way I feel like this stock is a winner as long as they are able to successful bring the product to market before they run out of money. This seems like a good bet to make as they just recently raised 6 million dollars on an offering that was immediately scooped up by underwriters and large holders. Clearly I'm not the only believer. I've also recently initiated a position into Canopy Growth $WEED.CA -- seems like the company most likely to dominate the California weed industry. Here is my portfolio as of now not including the aforementioned stocks: $JT - China loan play, going to be a big winner $Mark $CLLS - Will get bought out by Pfizer soon, watch. $AZRX (up 13% today, might double in the next few months) $OSTK - up huge and expect this stock to hit the low $100's sometime this year. $Vuzi - Augmented Reality Glasses, big believer in the short term, not as much long term.
  6. Are you sure they start with pot and not alcohol or tobacco?
  7. I've tried many differerent strains at many different times and each one ended in terrible bouts with anxiety. I don't think I'll ever be smoking again unfortunately.
  8. Brownies and edibles would wreck me. They were great at first but would leave me feeling super hungover the next day and I would get wayyy too high. I used to smoke pot frequently but the stuff turned on me and started causing extreme anxiety whenever I would smoke it. These days, my drug of choice is wine, beer and the occasional high end burbon.
  9. Oh now were doomed? We haven't been doomed for the past 60+ years? Sincerely, - Cal fans everywhere
  10. I guess I missed the joke. We should both aim to do better.
  11. I doubt it. How many southerners are really going to vacation in this town to check out their football stadium. I bet less than 500 families per year.
  12. Building a giant high school football stadium to become a "destination city." They just haven't quite figured out this urban planning thing in the South yet have they?
  13. I wouldn't say most but a decent amount went towards structural integrity. LA has fault lines too you know
  14. USC is only spending half of what Cal spent on it's renovation.
  15. Yeah, I remember Don and him getting very personal on cf.com
  16. God help us all if Washington State beats Stanford this weekend.
  17. Does "state of the art" really need to be in all caps. As if he was going to say something like, "I've seen better."
  18. There was a some self-deprecation thrown in there too!
  19. For UCLA to claim that they were unable to admit Marshawn is nonsense. They could admit him as an exception, just as Cal did and just as UCLA did with other athletes at a more frequent rate than Cal I might add. UCLA chose not to make academic exceptions for Lynch, likely because they were never serious contenders for him in the first place. It takes approximately one Lynch interview to be convinced that he was never serious about leaving the East Bay. Anyhow, that is all in the past. Moving forward, Cal will get to legitimately use the excuse UCLA's fans erroneously co-opted. Cal could have saved themselves this trouble by doing what UCLA does and just invest more money into academic support for the players on campus but it wouldn't be Cal if the policy wasn't penny wise and pound foolish.
  20. It's not free, you gotta earn it.
  21. Ted Cruz is going to be President. Oregon State gets better recruits than Michigan. And Arizona State has the loudest student section in the West. He's forming quite the list.
  22. According to your link, CU has Raised $75,781,589 total, which includes the endowment. CU has raised $57,645,266 of "capital," which isn't defined, and an Endowment of $18,136,323, which added to the "capital" equals a total of $75,781,589
  23. He was fired for poor performance but his recruiting was always solid even in his dying days. You still can't answer why Tedford recruited better with poor facilities than he or Dykes did with good ones. Cal has been far worse this decade with the facilities upgrade than they were last decade before the facilities upgrade. It's always interesting when you decide the media is credible and when it is not. There's some sort of correlation going on...
  24. Yes and that was my point. He was recruiting better than Dykes ever did with the worst facilities in the conference and got far better results as well. Facilities don't matter nearly as much as coaches do and until Colorado gets a good coach, their facilities won't mean a damn thing.
  25. Cal finished the regular season ranked #4 in 2004, hauled in top 10 recruiting classes in 2006 and 2010, and was briefly ranked #1 in the nation in 2007 and all of this was done before our facilities upgrades. It was done because of a coach. I'm not sure what you consider down for a very long time but if the aforementioned stats meant that Cal was down then ASU has never been up. Who brings in the talent? That would be the coaches, not the facilities as Tedford repeatedly proved. Recruits commit to coach they can trust, they don't commit to a gym.
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