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On 2/27/2020 at 7:46 AM, KUGRDON said:

Ronald A. Klain (born August 8, 1961) is an American political operative and lawyer. He served as chief of staff to two U.S. vice presidents – Al Gore (1995–99) and Joe Biden (2009–11), and served as the United States Ebola response coordinator in late 2014 into early 2015.

Agree that Pence sucks for this, just sayin. . .

Jessica Yellin interviewed Ronald Klain about Coronavirus last night, and he had some very valuable insight about when and how we could get the all-clear, i.e. cases need to be on the downslope, testing needs to be as viable and widespread as a thermometer, and resources need to be absolutely ready to go in the event of hotspots, so we can focus on containment.  He said that our current federalist approach is not workable, and will ensure more deaths.  The lack of the usage of the Defense Production Act is inexcusable.


This Is seems like very learned advice from someone who is 100x more informed about this topic than Pence or Trump.  Naturally, our current administration of toddlers will ignore it.

But yeah, #BothSides, right @KUGRDON?

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12 minutes ago, KUGRDON said:

Donald Trump voted in accordance with the laws of the state in which he voted.  Same for Melania, Ivanka and Mike.  It works for you too.  This isn’t hard.

How the FUCK are you this FUCKING dense, you fat fuck?

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2 hours ago, Orange said:


The market is so fucking dumb right now.  I lost more money than I care to admit this week.  Apparently 20% unemployment, pay cuts everywhere, mass death, overrun hospitals, and a dysfunctional government means we should be only 10% from all time highs.  Doubling down and shorting the market again next week but with longer expiration dates on my puts.  

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The only clear strategy this fucking retarded administration has right now is defunding the US postal service so vote-by-mail can be literally impossible.  

Our democracy is under an unprecedented assault.   This is no different than Hitler using the depression to seize power.  

If you support the GOP I can’t put this clearly enough to you: You’re a Fucking idiot.  

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