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Fox News spent the entire morning on the bombing, including bringing in some country music douche to rant on about how "they won't keep us in our houses with their terror", and frame it as a war on xmas and freedom (the official right-wing reaction of "I don't want to think hard about this").


lol, uno reverse card, bitch.

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15 hours ago, Scscsc89 said:

Interesting piece on why military vets (esp special forces) find Q so intriguing.

might help explain the fmr Air Force woman who was shot breaking thru a Capitol door


Because people who (a) have no great career or college prospects, and (b) fall for bullshit Army recruitment propaganda are incredibly easy to fool?


This ain't hard to understand.

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1 hour ago, Scscsc89 said:

You should read it — the author reminded me of you

I did.  The remarks in there about how "special operations" forces are highly intelligent, and therefore we shouldn't conflate education and intelligence with a bulwark against fantasy, is a little specious to me.

You can be "highly intelligent" within your trade, but that doesn't make you less vulnerable to bullshit.  This is my problem with people who shit all over liberal arts education.  That form of critical thinking is the best inoculation against horseshit, because it focuses on history, and philosophy, and human nature.

Being physically fit, able to blow shit up, plan a raid, etc., just isn't the same kind of inoculation.  If anything, it fans the flames of ignorance and makes these guys seek out glory after the war (like the author said).

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