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On 2/1/2023 at 8:19 AM, glduck said:

ugh I hate how good UW is going to be next year.

Ahhh, employing the old the reverse jinx i see. This off season has been way too positive for my normal glass half-empty outlook. There is a trap door somewhere, i can feel it.   

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So I guess I didn't look closely enough to determine that Deion Sanders is a total piece of shit.


This was opening night of the NADA Show, the annual convention of the National Automobile Dealers Association, one of the most powerful trade organizations representing one of the richest professions in America, and there was much to celebrate.

The years since COVID hit had been some of the industry’s best ever. Supply-chain issues had sent prices skyrocketing. New car prices were up; used car prices were up even more. “This has been an unexpected bonanza for new car dealers,” George Hoffer, professor emeritus of transportation economics at Virginia Commonwealth University, told Time late last year. Only a few months prior, the research firm Haig Partners clocked average gross profit for dealers at 180 percent over 2019 levels.


Sanders, more polished than his keynote predecessors, hit the right notes of flattery and ideology that the dealers were looking for. He sympathized with the challenges of running a family business dogged by disappointing progeny, and told the crowd that he ranks his kids every month, to combat the malign forces of youth softness. He knew the names of some cars when presented with the obligatory question of what new make he wanted to buy. His atavism came with the weekend’s most polish.

“We’ve got a soft country right now!” he intoned. Everyone cheered. “We gotta get back to the basics,” he said. “You all are providers, leaders, and conduits of change.” Later: “We cannot change; we gotta get back to the basics.”

“Applaud yourself,” Sanders instructed, and the dealers did.

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On 5/30/2023 at 6:35 PM, Orange said:

So I guess I didn't look closely enough to determine that Deion Sanders is a total piece of shit.

There are a number of ways to read what Sanders was saying, and I hear you.  True, there's a hint of Maga-ism in those words.  On the other hand, though, if you look at Sanders' record, the "what he's done," he's all about lifting those who are under-represented, who've gotten the short end of the stick.  His back to basics comment might be a reference to Uncle Abe and FDR more than Cruz/DiSantis/Gosar, and the one who's name doesn't deserve top be said in a thread.  We need to give him and all of his generated visibility a little rope, to see what he does in changing the entire personality of a comfortably white academic school to one that embraces the diversity and social interaction of the internet-age.


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On 5/30/2023 at 7:31 PM, EastCoastFan said:


Nah, Fuk Deion.

He's got $30M banked, but he needs more cash so he gins up a bunch of right-wingers at a car dealer's conference? That's like a mad-libs of shithead, greedy behavior.  Between this and his total lack of any care in the world for kids at CU, his unbelievably shitty fathering that will guaranteed come back to haunt his kids, Deion is trash.  Fuck Colorado and Fuck Deion.

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I think you both raise valid points. I am inclined to grant Deion more leeway to see how he grows into the role. The car dealership event doesn't looks great, but Sanders is likely just selling to this particular audience.  

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I'm sure Deion will win at CU, and I'm equally sure no one in the entire country except lefties like me cares about things like this, but to me it's just indicative of the gross, capitalistic view we are taking toward college athletes in revenue sports.  I.e., this is late-stage capitalism, and Deion is all about "getting his" while modeling that vicious conservative value of being an awful person in the name of winning/profiting.  I find it sick that it comes at the expense of the mental and physical well-being of "children" (remember, our brain's frontal lobe doesn't finish developing until age 25) in stages of development.  It's reflective of a very, very sick chasm of American culture.  And we wonder why mental illness is peaking, suicide is increasing, teen depression is off the charts, and our standard of living/life expectancy is plummeting.

It's shit like this.

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On 6/1/2023 at 3:35 PM, EastCoastFan said:

You must have confidence that he'll stick around.  The average length of stay for college football coaches is 3.7 years.



My experience much different. 

The point was that if he is successful he leaves for a higher profile job, if he fails he gets replaced. Allowing him to make decisions impacting CU athletic department long term would be foolish. 

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