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Baseball 2022


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I think this is the 5th (?) time since the drought started that the M’s have won 90 or more games, but the first to punch a ticket to the postseason. It hasn’t been *all* shit baseball the last two decades (disclaimer: there was also a lot of shit baseball) and I’m psyched the team is finally able to bring playoff ball back to Seattle*.

*In the sense that this series will be played entirely in Toronto.

Went 5-2 against the Jays this year, but I think 4 of those wins came in a four game sweep during our 14-game winning streak before the AS break. Once we cooled off, Jays took 2/3 in Toronto. But really, when you break a 21 year postseason curse you’re really playing with house money. Just happy to be included.

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Padres and Mariners advance.  Too bad Tatis is such a numb nuts guy.  Pads spent alot money in an attempt to challenge the Dodgers which was a formidable ontaking.  Have to give them props for the effort.  While they would never has been as good a team as the Dodgers they added enough talent that the outcome of a postseason series would have been in doubt.  All for naught because of the what, idiocy, selfishness, immaturity of Tatis?

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Always amazes me that sports franchises put hundreds of millions of dollars (and an entire enterprise) on the shoulders of a 22-year-old kid and then they gape in shock when something goes wrong.

Tatis is a kid.  He'll probably still have a great career.  

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