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2013-2014 NBA Thread


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Cant believe we didn't have GL or AllHail start a new NBA thread. 


Season started Tuesday night, my Clippers lost to the Lakers, first time in over 2 years that happened, but rebounded tonight with a good win against a better than last year Golden State team. I was going to comment about how Doc is going to bring defense to this team, but looks like there's some work to do.


Miami looked strong against Chicago, and then went to Philly and lost. I agree with GL on another thread, that I think the "going through the motions" is going to set in with this team this year, and save themselves for another Playoff run. I'd look to them to be the #3 seed by the time the playoffs come around.


Oh, and some guy named Derrick Rose is back -- and hit a game winning running jumper off the glass tonight against the Knicks. 

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blazers looked like hot garbage in the opener and got run out of phoenix, bounced back and ran the nuggets out of denver. not sure what to think. bad loss, then a blowout win against a team that has a lot of problems... but in a place that traditionally gives portland fits. spurs tomorrow in the home opener, should tell us a bit more.

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kind of a funny reaction, he put his hands on his head and had a 'oh shit, shouldn't have done that' look on his face.


the spurs will have to get back at him by going to the western conference finals or something.

I would guess that Pop didn't even care.

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almost everyone has played three games. knee-jerk and unfounded opinions ahead!


philly, one of mav's picks in the wiggins race, is 3-0; the suns, one of my picks, are 2-1, a heartbeat away from 3-0. i always thought the sixers had a bit o' talent (not playoff-calibur talent, but enough to keep them out of the most ping pong ball race) but phoenix looks like a textbook example of "unknown quantities don't always equal a bad thing...". miles plumlee, who played all of 59 minutes with the pacers last season, came over in the luis scola trade and has been amazing down low. bledsoe looks like a star playing outside of chris paul's shadow. they've got role players. who knows what the season has in store for them, but through the first week it looks like i've vastly underrated the suns.


who has looked the best in this silly, miniature sample we've got to go on? houston, indiana, and... minnesota. houston's no surprise, they've got two legit first team nba'ers on the roster and plenty of quality role players and depth (omer asik coming off the bench for anybody is ridiculous). indiana is playing lethal defense, giving up only 83.7 ppg... nobody else in the association is keeping anybody else under 91.0. and the t-wolves look like the explosive, talented young group that everybody has been predicting will break through into the playoffs for the last three years, only to have season after season get derailed by injury. but minnesota is healthy, and they look good.


why did denver fire george karl again?


who's giving up more points than anybody else in the nba? the clippers. small sample size, i know, i know. but they're getting blown up. // shrug, but they're also 2-1. and let me on the 'blake griffin will never be a legitimate star player' bandwagon. dude can throw down, sure. but there's a dozen 4's i'd rather have running with me if i were chris paul.


my power rankings, based on nothing more than how teams have looked so far:


1. houston. houston is @ the clippers tomorrow, and @ portland tuesday. not to piggyback the blazers into being an elite team or anything, but pdx does have a pretty good homecourt and houston will be coming off a really tough road game against a fellow western conference contender. should be a couple good early season games to gauge where the rockets are at.


2. indy. likewise, an intriguing back-to-back coming up for the pacers: @ detroit, who can come as close as anyone in the east at matching indiana's stout frontcourt, and then a night later at home against division rival chicago. pacers want to dream bigger than a division title, but the bulls w/ derrick rose have always given them fits.


3. minnesota. honestly, the t-wolves play a bunch of crap this week, with the exception of a home date against the warriors. that should be a ridiculously fun, high-octaine game. win that and the wolves could be in uncharted franchise territory... 7-0?? ehh, maybe they did that with KG. i have no idea.


4. spurs. lost in portland, but no shame there. i still think they're coming out of the west.


5. sixers. nah, this won't last. but hey, they've beaten the heat and the bulls. they deserve a little recognition. and they even won a road game, even if that road game was in washington. good on you, philly.






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The Heat are going to be just fine -- as mentioned, they'll be a #3 seed when April rolls around. In terms of the Sixers, we're what...5 games into the season. They could still tank. Who knows though, Charlotte looks god awful, and could conceivably tank for Wiggins and then draft some kid out of Haiti. That organization blows.

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