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2022 Pac 12 Football


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My first trip to a game at the Rose Bowl was a success. We had an Airbnb 5 minutes from the stadium, UCLA fans were great to party with before the game, but not too many happy ones after the game. The USC section was rocking all game. After Korey's INT, I was worried the bleachers would start collapsing. 🤣

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Congrats to the Oregon fans, your team really shut Utah's offense down.  The Utes had their chances, but were unable to make the big play on offense when they needed it, while the Ducks stepped up on defense all night.

Rising has not been the same guy since the undisclosed injury against USC. It is unfortunate that it seems that Utah's defense has progressed, while the offense has regressed at the end of the season. I know that Utah can still back into the CCG, but USC and Oregon ( when Nix healthy ) have been playing the best ball in conference, so would be fitting for them to meet. Hoping everyone gets healthy and we all have a good end to the season.


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On 11/20/2022 at 5:06 PM, Quack 12 said:

Oh, here's your response.

So Daniels is just like Bo then!

Not at all.

I've watched Bo since he was at Pinson Valley High School, outside of Birmingham.

Rest assured, as a follower of Auburn, it was painful to watch Bo play the last two years.  He never improved from his freshman year, and he consistently carried bad habits onto the field.  Fans were glad to see him go.

He was not terrible at Auburn.  He was 2019 SEC Freshman of the year and led Auburn to a 9-4 record that included a win over BAMA. 

But he didn't improve in the following years.  He struggled, despite having plenty of talent around him and became hit and miss at Auburn.  We called it "good Bo" and "bad Bo".  You never knew what to expect.  He carried bad habits from HS into college.  His inability to step up in the pocket was a problem and he was too quick to break out of the pocket and throw on the run.  This resulted in a lot of incomplete passes and turnovers that killed drives and caused anguish for Auburn fans.

Additionally, his father (former Auburn QB, and his HS coach, Pat Nix) seemed to be too involved with the Auburn coaching staff, where it appeared that Gus Malzahn played favorites in making Bo the starter.

As a true freshman, Bo was inserted ahead of Malik Willis, who was set to become the starter in his sophomore year.  That was a move that many questioned by many, who felt that Malzhan had an agreement with Bo's dad to make Bo the starter, as a true freshman.  Willis went on to excel at Liberty University and is currently the back-up QB with the Titans, and the heir apparent to the starting QB role, when Tannehill's time with the Titans comes to an end.  Willis is bigger than Bo, a better runner than Bo, and equally accurate as a passer, but with a stronger arm.  Many think that had Willis remained as Auburn's QB that Auburn would have had more success over the last two seasons.

At Oregon, Bo is facing easier competition (imo), while also being in a system that is better suited to his skill set.  At Auburn he had to play against BAMA, Georgia, LSU, Ole Miss, Arkansas, TAMU and MS State every year.  He faced the CFB NC in three consecutive seasons, (LSU, BAMA, Georgia) and the NCG runner-up every year.  That's a tougher slate of teams than he's currently facing in the PAC12.  And at Oregon, he's playing for one of the conference's better teams (like a BAMA, UGA, etc. are in the SEC) and more times than not, he's (and Oregon) are playing down and against lesser teams.  He doesn't have the same hurdles in the PAC12 that he had at Auburn, because he's on one of the better teams in the PAC12.

Last year, Bo was pulled from a game, and after that moment, he showed little interest in playing.  He was angry and sulked.  It was noted by many, and his lack of support for his team was evident by fans.

While I know Bo has done well in the PAC12, what were his numbers against UGA in week 1?  He was 21-37, for 173 yards, no TD's and two interceptions.  He also ran 8 times for 37 yards .... Those are the type of numbers he put up in his last two seasons at Auburn.

Daniels has improved a great deal since week one - as has the entire LSU team.  Daniels has more tools (teammates) to work with at LSU than he had at ASU.  I also think he has better coaching at LSU.  Overall, he's on a much better team, than he was at ASU, and that allows him to do more.  That being said, Daniels started in all 29 games he played in, at ASU.  He completed 62% of his passes, for 6,025 yards and 32 TD's.  He also ran for 1,288 yards and 13 TD's.  Daniels wasn't as pedestrian as the picture you want to paint.  He was actually good.  He just wasn't on a good team.

In short, Bo is on one of the PAC12's stronger teams and is facing a weaker slate of opponents, and Daniels is also on a better team with has a better complement of players on his team, while also having better coaches to teach him.

I will also add that Daniels and Dart are both on record as saying that they transferred from PAC12 schools to SEC schools, because they wanted to play in the best conference, against the best teams, and the best players.

Bo ran away from that.  IMO, because he struggled against the best conference, best teams and best players.

Looking ahead, LSU won't beat UGA, while Oregon has another loss in their future.  My prediction is this weekend, vs. Oregon State.




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On 11/25/2022 at 4:54 PM, utenation said:

@azgreg Not sure what you have coming back next year but I’d say this year was a win overall for AZ football. 

Fisch seems like he gets it. Your schedule the last half of the season was brutal. 

I think we bring back something in the neighborhood of 18-19 starters. 

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