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On 8/19/2022 at 3:10 PM, EastCoastFan said:

This might make sense ... but don't you?

No.  Why would I?  The world is burning; drought is destroying the entire west.  Democracy is being eroded by Republicans.  Inequality is at its worst point since 1929.  I'm supposed to care what a president/candidate/governor does about a football conference??

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Thanks for the link, Sc. Here are another couple of intriguing sentences from the article: 

Last month, Action Network reported the Big Ten would expand beyond 16 schools and was targeting Notre Dame, along with Oregon, Washington, Stanford and Cal from the Pac-12. Those plans have not changed, sources said this week.

Regardless of whether Notre Dame joins the Big Ten or remains independent, the league still wants to add more Pac-12 schools to help reduce potential travel concerns for USC and UCLA, sources said.

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Oregon has initiated preliminary discussions with the Big Ten in Chicago to determine if the Ducks are compatible in the conference, sources told Action Network.

Outgoing University of Oregon President Michael Shill, Oregon AD Rob Mullens and Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren were not involved in the discussions in Chicago, another source said.



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