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I’m guessing we all have one NFL team and one college team we are most attached to.  Who are your teams?  What’s their combined record?  Is the record what you expected?  Are you enjoying the season.

Chargers and Cougars. Combined 6-3.  Cougars (4-1, expected 3-2) are a little better than I expected, Chargers (2-2, expected 4-0 or 3-1) worse.  Season is meh.  Expected Chargers to make a solid Super Bowl run, expected a +or- one game difference from .500 for Cougs.

injuries looming large for Chargers, OL, QB, Edge and WR.  Wildly high expectations for Ward going in has me disappointed there.

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Trojans, Dallas, and Chiefs. Combined 11-2. 

Trojans (5-0). I honestly didn't know what to expect with a new head coach, and so many transfers it's hard to keep up. I did expect the team to drop a game maybe 2 at this point and be 3-2, but I'll take a 5-0 record. They've already topped their win total from last season. I was thinking an 8-4 maybe 9-3 type of season but 10+ wins isn't out of the realm of possibilities barring any serious injuries or other issues with the team. 

Dallas starts off doing what Dallas does best, having high expectations going into the season only to let you down in the first game. Not shocked because Dallas is 0-7 against Tom Brady though. The backup QB came in and I thought all hope was lost for the season at that point but he's been doing pretty good so far and they're at 3-1. Even I hate turning against a player, but it may be time for Dallas to move on from Dak. After being a fan for nearly 30 years it would be nice to see them win another SB before I die. 

Patrick & Co. seem to be focused on a 2nd SB this year and are off to a 3-1 start with their most recent win being over Tom Brady and on the road. Their home game against the Thundering Josh Allen's in 2 weeks should give us a more clear picture of whether or not the team has what it takes to make another run. 


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Utah is obviously my team in all college sports. Started following them in basketball in the Jerry Pimm era when they had players like Jeff Jonas, Jeff Judkins, Danny Vranes, Tom Chambers, Buster Matheny and Pace Mannion. Football was horrible in this era with Wayne Howard as the coach followed by Chuck Stobart. 

Pittsburgh in the NFL has always been my team. Having a rough start, didn't really expect much. Started following them in the mid seventies during the steel curtain era.

Cincinnati has always been my baseball team, but they  have been bad the past 30 years. Started watching when they were "the big red machine" with Bench, Rose, Foster, Morgan, Griffey, etc.

In Hoops I grew up following Philadelphia during the Dr. J era, but switched over to being a Jazz fan once they moved to SLC.

Lean times for all my favorite pro teams, but really enjoying seeing my Ute's competing at levels I thought were unreachable growing up.

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Oregon football and basketball have always been my 1-2, I’m definitely more a college guy than pro. But for pro sports I’ve always been ride or die with the Blazers and Mariners. Seahawks are a ways behind, my dad was a big Seahawk fan and I grew up watching Mirer, Moon, and Kitna (and Cortez Kennedy!) but I wished them well more than I rooted heavily for them. I didn’t even really jump aboard the 05 SB run. I finally went all in when Pete Carroll came aboard. They were *bad* and I thought it would be fun to follow a total rebuild to wherever it would lead.

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Oregon State basketball was my first love.  Dad took me to games during the AC Green era, and I have clearer memories of Jose Ortiz and Gary Payton and Scott Haskin.  I attended Ralph Miller basketball camps in the late  80s (got his autograph along with Freddie Boyd's).  Oregon State football was a tough watch until I was 21 years old, but I was a fan, and I attended games in the 1980s.  In 96 when I was a freshman in college, we tore down the goalposts after beating Stanford (first conference win in two years).  We finished the year something like 1-10.  To this day, my favorite fan move is the sarcastic tearing down of goalposts.

NBA has always been the Blazers; I can remember watching games back to Maurice Lucas, Kiki Vandeweigh (sp?), and of course the Drexler/Porter/Williams/Robinson/Kersey teams of 89-91.   Never yelled louder at a TV than I did when the Blazers blew it against the Lakers in 2000, G7.

Don't really have an NFL team.  I've been to a few Seahawks games, but none since they left the kingdome.  Naturally, the only NW team to have recent success is the one I have the least connection to.

Like every other 1990s schoolboy in the pac NW, I loved Ken Griffey and A-Rod  and Edgar Martinez, et al, in 95-2000 for the Mariners.   Since then, they've been cursed, and I've lost interest, which -- as with the 2020 Dodgers who I gave up on after 32 years of ineptitude -- probably means they'll win the WS this year.


The lesson is simple, if Orange is a fan, that team is in trouble.

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On 10/5/2022 at 8:40 AM, Orange said:

Since then, they've been cursed, and I've lost interest,

I don't follow baseball much, but yesterday's win over the Jays was the most incredible thing I've ever seen on a baseball diamond.

Anymore, I only have room in my heart for the agony and ecstasy of following one football team. I support the Seahawks because my wife loves them, but I don't consider myself a "fan" per se. I mostly just follow former Ducks in the NFL, so the Chargers and the Falcons currently have my interest.


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