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I think he may have switched it up when sc89 was clowning on his tweets where he adored Trump (while simultaneously claiming here he didn't support him).  I'm honestly surprised his handle isn't @WillDertingWasA2Star

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41 minutes ago, glduck said:

love that sweet, sweet utah-colorado rivalry nearly as much as the mariner-padre rivalry. 

you can taste the HATE.

Both schools have bratty little brothers ( in Utah's case more of a retarded cousin ) that are easier to hate, and much more ingrained.

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Faith in humanity restored!  I can't believe those spawn of Satan at United had the temerity to remove tomato juice from their list of in-flight beverages.  I was fairly certain up to this point that tomato juice was invented for the specific purpose of providing a refreshing and nutritious alternative to soda on a flight.  For some reason, tomato juice is at it's finest when you're 30,000 feet in the air.  This is a big win for decent folks everywhere.  And because I am flying to SD today for my brothers bachelor party, I will celebrate in kind. 


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3 minutes ago, MrBug708 said:

I generally drink bloody Mary mix on morning flights and ginger ale on afternoon or evening flights. 

Ginger ale was my old favorite before I dropped soda from my diet.  I still drink it occasionally on return flights if I've had a little too much fun on my trip.  In fact, there's a very good chance I'll be drinking Ginger Ale on Sunday. 

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