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2019-20 NBA


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The Blazers should just tank. Lillard can get tendinitis and miss 50 games, move CJ, and let Little and Simons play 35 minutes a night. The Collins injury is really devastating, as this was his year to play big minutes and really develop, or not. But at least we were going to see a better glimpse of what he really is as a player. 

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2 hours ago, RogueDuck said:

Olshey made horrible off season decisions.  Whiteside is a horrible defender, but he tricks people into thinking he's good because he gets a few blocked shots.  Neal needs to go.  

Yep, it's the Allen Iverson defense. He couldn't be a bad defender, he led the league in steals 3 times!

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13 hours ago, glduck said:

Melo is both bad and at the same time a better option than Hezonja or Tolliver. Portland’s forward situation is uniquely awful right now.

Ideally, Lillard would come down with a non-serious 50-game ailment and we’d throw this season down the drain.

What does this have to do with Aron Baynes?

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Changes coming to the NBA?  Post Thanksgiving tourney that would run through December?  New playoff seeding?  Post season play-in? I'm intrigued.

Would happen beginning with the NBA's 75th season in 2021-22.

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