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6 hours ago, Scscsc89 said:


His talking to them, sweating on them in practice, or even sneezing had nothing to do with it?  Just "touching" things?  SMH.  If all you had to do was avoid touching stuff, we would all just wear gloves and never get sick.  Besides, he was at his most contagious before showing any symptoms.  

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14 minutes ago, Orange said:

Yeah, no one is saying Rudy Gobert is necessarily the one to blame for more people getting sick.

If they are saying he was careless in his precautions, I think that is what they are saying.   He certainly put them needlessly at much greater risk.

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Why is a 19-year-old rookie the one paying the salaries of New Orleans Pelicans employees?  The owner is worth $3 billion.

I'm all for clapping Zion on the back, but he should be told to put his money elsewhere, and Gloria what's-her-bitch should be writing a check to everyone.

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Michael Jordan is one miserable asshole.  It's hugely ironic that his production company made this documentary, because he doesn't come off well (even though he tries to make himself appear to be a badass riding into the sunset).


But yeah, it was entertaining as hell.  I'd like to see some bonus episodes about his misguided comeback with the Wizards and his bungling management of the Hornets/Bobcats.

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