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    • I read that the map was based on foursquare check-ins. yeah, exactly. also, both whataburger and five guys are not good.
    • I don't know. I felt really great after the Seminoles played in the Rose Bowl. It's really kind of a BS "tradition" anyway. As dcbl mentioned, for the first 30 years of it becoming an annual event, the Rose Bowl invited teams from around the country to play a PCC team. It wasn't until 1947 that it became a PCC/Big Ten match. That lasted for 55 years, which was a great run, but they sold that streak to the BCS. Six times in the past 15 seasons non- Big Ten or Pac-12 schools have played in the Rose Bowl, including the infamous and blasphemous Nebraska/Miami game. 
    • I can't watch a game on that field. It gives me a giant headache.  
    • it's weird, but the yankees are the young/fun team in the playoffs right now.  i'm glad the rest of the baseball world now knows who jose altuve is. seems like he's been the ultimate mariner killer the last three years, but he should be receiving a well-earned AL MVP award here shortly. my dad was born in LA and moved to oregon in high school. eventually he dropped his usc, laker, and ram interest for the ducks, blazers, and seahawks, but he never let go of his dodger fandom. he'd have loved this season more than anything.