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  1. http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/09/04/weekend-wrap-uclas-amazing-comeback-the-pac-12s-perfect-weekend-and-a-heisman-switcheroo-the-overreaction-edition/ "Take Hawaii and the points." Slump buster: Washington State. Snapped a five-game losing streak in season openers — and two-game Week One slump against FCS opponents — by shutting out Montana State.
  2. Are any of those people a university president? i don't think Fans would care if the New Mexico Bowl or Las Vegas Bowl are played December 16 this year. if the bowl isn't played near New Years we don't need it
  3. Revenue skews to the top bowls and ratings for earlier bowls are declining. Guaranteed revenue from another good regular season matchup is probably close to what a lower tier bowl offers now, and the amount for a lower tier bowl is probably going to decline along with the ratings.
  4. There are a couple clear steps the PAC 12 can take that are not through expansion. Texas was really the only school that could make a three time zone conference viable. Texas is with ESPN and we created a 100% independent conference cable network. Our Paths have diverged and won't cross. first, the conference can mandate FBS only scheduling equal to the BIg Ten. It means more regular season matchups that have viewer interest. UCLA and USC never schedule FBS. second, Power 5 matchups can be mandated as well. third, contraction. There are ten schools who could move forward with a great round robin schedule and the exact same advertiser/network interest as the PAC 12. luckily, money isn't that important. If it was there would be incremental steps like no more FCS matchups before drastic steps
  5. Wilner Pac 12 Network $

    Sling TV offers the Pac 12 network and is available on most platforms those other services are on. I prefer it because I can get my local RSN NBC sports bay area without getting ESPNor $25, and get the Pac 12 network for $5 more. It's great and $30 is less than all the other services. Personally, I think that rather than having a two way package, the Pac 12 should have a four way package like the NFL does. Fox and CBS both need content in 'Window 4' just like ESPN does, and NBC also has a national network. The packages should be exclusively for national broadcast networks. The Pac 12 network should be the only cable network to get Pac 12 football that isn't a national broadcast.
  6. Conference Realignment: The Next Wave is Coming *Long*

    Let's go back to the Pac 10 now that we can still have a championship game with a ten team round robin schedule. In 1959 the Pacific Coast Conference dissolved and the 'Big 5' of UCLA, USC, Cal, Stanford and Washington formed a new conference. Of the non-traditional power schools, Arizona and Oregon obviously have distinguished themselves over the past sixty years into having an elite program. Utah and Colorado both are relatively new to the conference but both have been great additions. Of the remaining schools without particular academic or athletic distinction, I think you have to include Arizona State because it encompasses Maricopa County pretty comprehensively with it's five separate locations. The entire population of the Pacific Northwest (without Canada) is less than Northern California, yet there are four schools in this market while the more populated markets have one or two schools. A dissolution of the Pac 12 would mean that the assets would be distributed among the members more or less equally (I presume there isn't some special contract provision that would make the conference function differently than a business partnership). WSU and OSU would get the equivalent of one conference network if they combine their residual property and it's likely that there would be a home in the Mountain West for those schools because of Big 12 expansion removing one or two schools from the current MW (CSU definitely, maybe New Mexico because of proximity to Texas Tech and certainly BYU to the Big 12 after Texas and Oklahoma leave). The West Coast has totally different dynamics than the East Coast with respect to sports fans. Fans still say Pac Ten all the time. A round robin schedule in football and a home and home schedule in all other sports was a great way to organize it. OSU and WSU would love an eight game conference schedule and there would probably still be an annual rivalry game ala BYU/Utah and Colorado/Colorado State with UW/WSU and UO/OSU. Ideally the conference includes teams from comparable athletic programs and universities. UW shows that other west coast universities can be academically on par with California's best universities, so it seems unnecessary to be in the same conference with universities that don't really compete with the other schools for applicants, research grants, or on the athletic field.
  7. Gee, thanks Pac-12 friends and enemies...

    I agree that the importance of annual Pac 12 network revenue is overblown. Remember that over half of Pac 12 schools have always had plenty of revenue for their sports programs and have endowments that mean significant resources are available, so tv revenue is not as make or break as it is in the SEC. We have both equity and defrayed start up costs that should be consider assets which no other college conference has. A publicly traded company needs to focus on quarterly revenue, but we aren't publicly traded nor do we need additional prestige for the schools in the conference. Medium to long term we will be better situated to go 'over the top' on the Internet and we aren't relying on windfalls from cable networks that are historic right now but are in a pricing bubble from cable subscriber fees. Hopefully we realize we can't top the SEC or Big Ten for ratings, etc. and stop scheduling week night football games (except the Championship game) and 7:30 PM or later start times. Other conferences that need the exposure should give up the Saturday afternoon tradition of college football. Maybe we leave some money on the table, but we don't have to take it and are still more than OK in our present situation.
  8. Out of conference schedule

    I posted the topic to generate discussion. I guess it depends how good you think Boise State, Colorado State and Houston are. I'm higher on Colorado State versus Houston because of a returning coaching staff. The post Chris Peterson boise state team has been worse each successive year. Whatever pipeline Chris Peterson had to Boise now heads to Seattle and both Wyoming and Colorado State are probably better teams in the Mountain division of the MW. the great thing is that I can be proven wrong on the field when Colorado State and Boise State tangle again next year.
  9. Out of conference schedule

    I think a no FCS scheduling requirement is a higher priority than a Power 5 requirement. BYU v. Utah is a 'must watch' rivalry in my opinion and Colorado - Colorado State should get to be a better rivalry. Washington State's out of conference is complete garbage. No road games?
  10. Out of conference schedule

    http://www.espn.com/blog/pac12/post/_/id/108406/the-six-toughest-pac-12-nonconference-schedules-in-2017 Interesting article about the out of conference schedules of Pac 12 teams. The article ranks USC the most difficult, then UCLA, then Stanford. Cal and ASU are fourth and fifth, while Oregon has the sixth best schedule. I agree with them, and note that four Pac 12 schools aren't playing an FCS team this year. Here are my rankings for the bottom half #7 - Oregon State (Portland St, Minnesota, @ Colorado State ) #8 - Washington (@Rutgers, Montana, Fresno State) #9 - Utah (North Dakota, @ BYU, San Jose State) #10 - Colorado (Colorado State, @ Texas State, Northern Colorado) #11 - Arizona (Northern Arizona, Houston, @ UTEP) #12 - Washington State (Montana State, Boise State, Nevada )
  11. Pac-12 Bowls

    In a few years, the Pac 12 should only have firm commitments for the Rose Bowl and bowl games in NFL stadiums. Levi's, Univ of Phoenix, the Las Vegas stadium for the Raiders, and the Rams new stadium are all going to be great places to see a college football game. San Diego probably won't get a new football stadium, or even a soccer stadium. San Diego State might be able to redevelop the current Qualcomm site for a new stadium but it would be in the ~30,000 seat range at best. I'm dubious about any San Diego MLS team because Tijuana is in Liga MX which is a much more competitive and respected league so I don't think there will be a partner who can share a stadium with the Aztecs. If I'm wrong and there is a San Diego stadium suitable for a Pac 12 v. P5 bowl game matchup, San Diego is a no brainer place to have the sixth (or seventh) best Pac 12 school play every year.
  12. FBS only scheduling requirement

    In 2017 most Pac 12 teams are playing an FCS school. I guess so long as teams schedule ten Power 5 games there isn't an issue with the TV partners of the Pac 12. My new proposal is that FBS opponents are required unless they are a Division I school from the same state because there is always some degree of an intra-state rivalry. Perhaps after 2024 there will be a push to get more Pac 12 Network revenue that causes FBS opponent requirements to be put in place. As a fan of the sport generally, I want to see competitive games. FCS v FBS generally aren't compelling games and the Pac 12 Network mostly broadcasts games where the teams have losing records or are against FCS and Group of 5 opponents, so it hurts the perceived value of the network when no games of significance are broadcast through that medium. Hopefully that changes. The Pac 12 North is especially egregious in scheduling FCS opponents in 2017. In 2017 Washington is playing Montana, Washington State is playing Montana State, Oregon is playing Southern Utah, Oregon State is playing Portland State, and Cal is playing Weber State; only Stanford has a full FBS schedule. The Pac 12 South is split between UCLA, USC and ASU who schedule against all FBS opponents while the others do not. Arizona is playing Northern Arizona and Colorado plays Northern Colorado which fall within my exception for playing in-state Division 1 opponents. Only Utah's game against North Dakota is completely without any possible interest. Hopefully this post sparks a little more discussion.
  13. P12 & B12 in talks over scheduling alliance

    I'm a UCLA alum and fan but I follow Cal, Stanford, Nevada, Fresno and SJSU. There should be an annual game between Cal and Nevada based on the legendary 0-0 keeping Cal from a national championship. Potrero Hill is my current neighborhood in SF and I grew up in Northern California
  14. P12 & B12 in talks over scheduling alliance

    Thankfully the conference didn't act to rescue the Big 12 from itself. I'm more in favor of a Pac 12 Mountain West scheduling alliance because it means fans can actually attend road games. Once you have to cross the continental divide, you've gotta have a real incentive like legal marijuana to attract a solid group of Pac 12 fans. I just realized how excited I am to tailgate this coming season ...
  15. The article you link interprets Larry Scott's statements. Scott said "“I think it’s likely you’ll see more expansion, more consolidation (of conferences) over time. Don’t know when that is". This sentence is not in the first person or in the 'royal we' third person. The author's interpretation that Larry Scott just said there will be four power conferences with sixteen teams each is a YYUUGGEE stretch. That's not reading between the lines, it's writing between the lines! If you wanted to say Larry Scott thinks Texas is leaving the Big 12 eventually then I think you are reading between the lines fairly and it is surprising a Power Five conference commissioner has said as much. What Scott was trying to do is establish that the Pac 12 has an over the top solution they can sublicense. Theoretically this would mean networks can pay for each broadcast in open bidding rather than in a semi-exclusive contract for fifteen years and there would also be a way Pac 12 fans can just get the Pac 12 network itself over the top. Hopefully it means Saturday games and few start times at 7 PM. I think ESPN will hedge by signing an exclusive deal with the Mountain West, to give ESPN a western time zone league that will do mid week and 7 PM start times to pair with their existing deals with MAC,Texas, SEC and ACC. The Group of 5 FBS leagues the American, the MWC and the Sunbelt renegotiate with ESPN in 2019-20. ESPN is probably not re-upping with the American or the Sun Belt because they geographically overlap with the SEC and ACC but those deals were signed before either the SEC network or ACC network were created. If ESPN is taking the Pac 12 network seriously as a competitor they would probably consider signing the MW because tv ratings for ESPN broadcasts of those games are not that much lower than Pac 12 games and the cost of licensing the fees are currently a whole lot lower. Obviously this isn't happening any time soon, but it is fun to speculate.