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  1. I stand corrected. But, the Bug guy seemed to make a huge issue over me transposing the L & S letters in MLS. San Diego appears a near lock to get then next MLS expansion team by the way. Will be playing at Snapdragon.
  2. This board is a bit slow when it comes to conference realignment. There are better places to get that information. Just checked in today because of Dan Patrick's statement today.
  3. Gee, you keep compounding on stupid. 1. I didn't say I was an aerospace engineer. However, I do own multiple Supplemental Type Certificates ( STC) and I am responsible for doing the engineering drawings which has to be approved by the FAA ACO, sometimes through my DER or DAR. At certain times I have to make changes through the FAA MIDO. As I said, the government love acronyms. 2. Boeing planes don't "fall out of the sky every full moon." I could tell you why the two 737-MAX crashes happened but that would be well above your ability to comprehend. I am also a pilot, by the way. 3. Not a PAC-12 member yet. I came on here because we are either going to the PAC-? or the BIG-12. I wanted to see what people in the PAC-12 were saying. Thought I would find some intelligent commentary. Unfortunately, I came across an idiot like you. From what Kliavkoff said today, it appears we will be in the PAC in the next couple of months. Nice. Then I will post here even more often. "Fuckface?" Makes me laugh. You are nothing and you come across as that. You ever get laid? Again, you don't appear to be very intelligent, which is why you go straight to insults and profanity. I have to say, I feel a bit sorry for you.
  4. MLS or MSL isn't a word, did you actually go to college? Hell, I work in aviation which means i deal with all kinds of acronyms. I get things transposed all the time and don't fret it. My mind is more math and engineering focused. My brother? Hell, he has degrees in English and Literature from UCSB and it a perfectionist when it comes to writing anything. However, he will review things 4-5 times before submitting it. I don't have time for that.
  5. It's a transposition, sonny. Gosh, there are times when I will type "there's" when I mean "their" or "they're." It doesn't mean I don't the difference. To be honest, I don't find you all that impressive and I'm being nice.
  6. Warren is just screwing with the PAC now. The PAC-? can survive the loss of Oregon, or Stanford. However, take two teams, especially Oregon and Washington, and the conference collapses. Does the BIG need to add 3 more teams out west? Probably not, but possible. Arizona, ASU, Colorado and Utah would look to join the Big12. If WA is left out of the BIG offer add them as well. Cal, WSU and OSU become orphans. Don't see any conference in the West taking them unless it is to backfill. Maybe Cal, but their debt is unsustainable outside of the PAC alliance.
  7. Gee, a transposition. Is that all you got? LOL. The one article I linked from 1999 was for a 25 year agreement. Did you even read it? Only USC and Washington have better naming rights for their football stadium than SDSU. That is the fact, jack! Does that mean it couldn't change in the future? No. However, that is how things stand now. Pretty good for a G5 school I would think.
  8. I'm guessing you don't understand the term, "diversity."
  9. I guess numbers aren't your thing. Only two schools in the PAC have better naming rights than San Diego with Snapdragon stadium.
  10. SDSU has a 34% acceptance rate. Plenty of males could be selected to even out the numbers.
  11. Football Stadium Naming Rights WSU: $11M/10years https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2021/03/12/washington-state-lands-naming-rights-deal-for-stadium-field/115554186/ ASU: N/A. However, it is Sun Devil Stadium so its likely they are getting nothing. UCLA: None. Cal: $17.5M/10 years https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2021/03/12/washington-state-lands-naming-rights-deal-for-stadium-field/115554186/ CU: None. Oregon: None. https://ivypanda.com/essays/having-naming-rights-to-autzen-stadium-challenges-and-benefits/ OSU: $12M/25 years https://www.sportsbusinessjournal.com/Journal/Issues/1999/06/21/No-Topic-Name/Oregon-State-Renames-Stadium-For-Much-Needed-$5M.aspx Stanford: None. Utah: one time donations of $1M and $10M. https://www.deseret.com/1998/7/29/19393729/u-football-stadium-renamed-rice-eccles-to-honor-donors Zona: None: https://zonazealots.com/2021/03/13/arizona-football-add-sponsor-stadium/ USC: $69M/16 years ($4.3125 annually) Washington: $41M/10 years ($4.1M annually) https://www.geekwire.com/2015/uw-inks-41m-deal-with-alaska-airlines-for-husky-stadium-naming-rights/ SDSU: $45M/15 years ($3.0M annually)
  12. Yes, but you have to have a minimum number of men's sports to retain Div-1 status. SDSU is at their minimum. We are going to see PAC schools dropping non revenue mens sports left and right. Title IX requires schools to provide as many scholarships for women's sports as men's sports based on the ratio of of women to men in the the campus population. At SDSU I believe the ratio for women to men enrolled is 56-44 which means SDSU has to offer 12% more non-revenue generating scholarships for women's sports as to mens. This is why men's track and field gets dumped first which also drops mens cross country. Ok, I have to add that I wonder how any university, such as SDSU, can justify such a disparity in enrollment based on sex. Really, women can outnumber men by 12%?
  13. Interesting that an Oregon St fan would even think they deserve an elitist attitude. I live in California, that means I own an elitist attitude unless your are in NYC or Chicago. You may get small pass in Seattle or Portland, though both of those cities are piles of excrement.
  14. Travel East is much harder than travel west. That is why I don't see Gonzaga in the Big East even though they fit perfectly outside of location. I was a CC runner and men's Track and Field and CC are the first Oly sports cut because it is the most expensive non-revenue sport
  15. You're funny, just in a sad way.
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