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  1. Guy is from Charleston in WV which is known for big FBI drug busts...no surprise if he's using some stuff but he has been accurate on some of that stuff of late like Greg has been telling you. Also if you search online, the WV Board of Regents-like body for all the colleges (just like AZ) is located in Charleston, the capital city of WV. Could be some regents who are well connected to athletics with loose lips.
  2. This is unfolding just like I think it will. X thread…click on the X below to see more.
  3. You might be right it is feeling more summer than fall right now.
  4. Or he was trying to get a national TV slot for this game. CU already has five national TV games for this season which is amazing for an 1-11 team last year.
  5. Especially those non football and non basketball athletes. They are the ones getting screwed hard in this saga.
  6. Utenation and Mano need to place the order for the Pac-12's casket soon!
  7. I’d take the offer from the AAC (not Atlantic Coast Conference) over the MWC. Better pay and ESPN contract. I know travel will suck.
  8. I'm ready to take the weekend off from the internet LOL. But this isn't done...the ACC could blow up by or on 8/15.
  9. Also if OSU & WSU gets into the Big 12, it looks like they could be earning more than UO & UW in the B1G. Been reading information from CU sources that the B12 could be paying each member at least $50M in just a couple of years to a few years. Every Big 12 school got more than $40M for this recent athletic season.
  10. NM...tweet was what Mano posted earlier.
  11. I miss the old Big 8..that was an awesome conference right up to before the Big 8/4 TX school merger so I can sympathize. I agree with you about the four teams going independent. I think CU earned more TV money back in 2011 as a quasi independent (I don't think they earned any money from the P12 that year) than what the MWC pays their schools today.
  12. Good to know that the Big 12 ignored the cries of the Twitter Big 12 Anon and gave them a full share. And BYU doesn't get a full share until 2025. Enjoy the rest of your day. 😎
  13. I'm pretty certain that there will be WSU flags waving at UCF.
  14. Maybe another reason why ASU & Utah could be on hold: ACC schools have until August 15th to inform the ACC they are leaving after this upcoming season.
  15. Fox and ESPN's executives want to thank you for not blaming them. Fox is putting that money they got from ESPN's parent company into good use.
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