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  1. Ceremonial win I guess, depending on how they finish the season. But still a game on paper Utah should win, against a storied SEC team. Gets them rolling out of the gate for the season, so more pressure on us Id say.
  2. My son’s 14u club team could beat the Utes….holy shyte.
  3. I have no suicidal ideation at this time....
  4. LOL...Mrs.Chile might be my sugar momma, but we’re not there yet....have to split the fortune with TCU too.
  5. Krystkowiak’s attrition woes and the transfer portal didn’t help anything. This is a ‘from the ground up’ rebuild of our program. Smith is a heads and shoulders better coach than Boylen. Despite their streak, the guys are playing hard throughout which I think is important. Smith has his work cut out for him. I remember when I used to drink through FB season knowing that BB season would soothe the pain. Just need to flip the script for the next season or 2.
  6. Kinda feel like it...#empathy
  7. I’m laughing through the tears....looking at extending the streak to 8 this week. Farkin eh!!
  8. Yup. I was writing this and most of next season off. Interested to see how he recruits. If there is improvement as the season(s) go then I have a couple years.
  9. Chile_Ute

    Rose Bowl

    Sure it is...and on the conference. But you have a team that lost two teammates within a year, drop two shitty games at the beginning of the season, play a blue chip (with their missing studs) against a secondary propped up by a f-u-cking RB. It’s ok to be proud even if coming up short. They represented well IMO. in the big scheme of things it really doesn’t matter.
  10. Chile_Ute

    Rose Bowl

    Twat response
  11. Crappy ending to a special season
  12. Two head shots in the game is not favorable
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