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  1. There are a few out of left field ideas where some obtainable schools could add value to the Pac-12. 1. The Pac-12 convinces Notre Dame and/or some ACC schools that the west is best. 2. The power conferences Deep 6 the NCAA and take control of the basketball tournament which would skyrocket the value of basketball centric schools 3. Changing the rules to allow a conference to put together a semi final round to their football conference championship game. Aside from that we've reached the point where the options are status quo, an alliance with the B1G or to become the target of the B1G.
  2. There really aren't any bones to pick over though. Take Oklahoma and Texas out of the equation and the remaining schools in the B12 don't add enough value for anyone to add. The SEC and B1G already make more than the remaining B12 can provide, the ACC is playing the waiting game with Notre Dame and the P12 maybe you can break even but then you deal with schools giving up playing in California for playing in Iowa or Kansas or Eastern New Mexico Lubbock
  3. In terms of targeting it IMO seems likely it would follow something like Tier 1: California, Stanford, UCLA & USC Tier 2: Oregon & Washington Tier 3: Arizona, Colorado & Utah Tier 4: ASU Tier 5: Oregon St & Washington St
  4. Can see it now They already know how to cheat like an SEC program so they could hit the ground running in there plus they already own Texas so all they have to do is beat LSU and that puts them in Atlanta more years than not.
  5. To prepare ourselves for another Bill Plaschke USC needs to leave article
  6. clpp01

    2019-20 NBA

    Here comes that knife to the fanbase I mentioned earlier
  7. I think they make him blush in a mixture of pride and jealousy.
  8. Since we managed to open a gateway to hell can we start throwing some GQPers into it demanding Satan to take his trash back?
  9. clpp01

    2019-20 NBA

    They are going to hand out complimentary french fries before the press conference.
  10. clpp01

    2019-20 NBA

    A wide open dunk - Ben Simmons
  11. Do you think they make prop bets as to who can come up with the dumbest name for a bowl game? Somebody needs to be slapped with a tire iron
  12. Herm Edwards when the NCAA starts poking around
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