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  1. You are hiring a coach that will be coming in and doesn't have the support of anyone in the community outside the president which means he is basically going to have to win right away to get people off his back but is coming to a program which is currently a dumpster fire and will be next to impossible to win at with the complete lack of talent on the roster, he don't have ties to recruiting on the west coast and as Jon Wilner has pointed out the money you have for assistants is the lowest in the Pac-12 so he is going to be handicapped in what he can do to build those connections. I still
  2. The only good news is that the guy is a jumper, its as if he knows that he sucks so he bails for another gig after a year or 2 before anyone else can realize it.
  3. Will save this here for when they start talking about developing QBs
  4. Can a hire be considered an epic disaster before it is even legally finalized? They managed to go out and hire a guy who doesn't have the support of the AD, boosters, alumni, fans, and players. I can't comprehend how that is even possible.
  5. Dave Heeke right now: well you know our football team has managed over the first half of this game to accumulate more total yards, have the advantage in time of possession, have twice as many first downs as ASU does and our offense has not been forced to punt a single time so far tonight, man does Sumlin have those boys fired up or what.
  6. Me watching Arizona losing to ASU but hoping that means they will fire Sumlin Me after watching Arizona reach a new depth of the dumpster fire they are by getting blown out by ASU and Heeke deciding to maintain status quo
  7. ESPN constantly mixing up Arizona & ASU, it happens so often that someone has to be doing it on purpose.
  8. Will be home field for one of the schools. https://pac-12.com/article/2020/10/03/pac-12-announces-2020-football-schedule
  9. And in other kicking the Pac-12 while they are down news.
  10. clpp01

    2020 NFL

    Don't think a team has ever had such a wide discrepancy as Dallas does this Thursday, a win basically puts them as the overwhelming favorite to win the LEast and a loss would be a huge boost to getting a top 5 pick in the draft. Me after the game
  11. No one in the Pac-12 will be ranked high enough to get in as an at large
  12. Shouldn’t be but it isn’t. In order to get to 270 you’ll need a Texas/Florida combo or a collection of southeast & flyover states to join when none will want anything to do with California & New York “Telling them what to do”
  13. Problem with that is that short of swing states sacrificing their importance in elections that there are not enough votes in democrat favored states to get to 270 and the states that have already signed up for it will be losing electoral votes starting with the '24 election making it even more difficult.
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