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  1. They released their "demands" and as expected half of it is a complete non starter so we will see if they will follow through with the threat of a boycott https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/pac-12-players-covid-19-statement-football-season
  2. Curious to see if this is the same stuff that Rudy Carpenter was tweeting out about a couple weeks ago, if so they might as well not waste anyone's time and just announce they are sitting out as those demands he listed would never be agreed to.
  3. clpp01

    2020 MLB

    Can't wait for the Dodgers to pick us at the team they face so we can be the only team that Kershaw doesn't suck against in October.
  4. In before the social media outrage over their fans being called Krakheads
  5. Should have rustled some feathers and called themselves the Sonics
  6. clpp01

    2020 Season

    It would make some sense for regional games to be played but this is about conferences consolidating their power and authority over the schedule this season. If the Pac12 felt it was the best course of action to cancel a game or even the entire season they would have the sole ability to do that without having to deal with push back from a BYU or B12 or Notre Dame etc... who may disagree with them.
  7. clpp01

    2020 Season

    Just wait until they hear the playoffs have been cancelled and that a 9-0 Ohio State is awarded the AP National Championship ahead of an 8-0 Alabama or Clemson.
  8. I voted no on principle of not wanting to be in close proximity of thousands of random people during a pandemic but to be fair I refuse to go to any sporting event that serves alcohol even under normal circumstances.
  9. And for good reason, 60% the country isn't staying up or in until 1/2 in the morning to watch a Pac-12 game regardless of the matchup.
  10. To put some numbers on it for last season the Pac-12 viewership per game: 3/4 EST: 2.7 million 7/8 EST: 2.5 million 10/11 EST: 1.1 million There is still a market for late night games but the conference needs to limit it to one per week and in honesty they need that 1 game a week to be on the ESPN platform because the ratings for those late night games on FS1 are terrible. That 10/11 window with games on ESPN had about 1.4 million people watching compared with FS1 dropped down on average to 500k.
  11. I've heard/read between 350-400M/year for that package which combined with their other deals would push the SEC per team payout right around 70M/year.
  12. ESPN's current deal with SEC does extend to 2034 but ESPN is missing the SEC's (and all of college media rights) most valuable asset which is their primary media rights which is currently held by CBS. In 2024 those rights will be on the market and it is widely expected that ESPN will be walking away with them, When that package goes to market the SEC will make more money off that 1 game a week and their championship game then the Pac-12 makes from everything total.
  13. I don't think the conference can resign with ABC/ESPN and get more 12 and 3:30 kick offs. Between the entire ACC and likely SEC rights plus at worst secondary B1G rights and some combination of primary/secondary rights to the B12 they'll have an excess of broadcast rights to fill their early/mid day time slots without the Pac-12 even entering into the equation.
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