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  1. Big 12 is meeting again tomorrow to discuss if they want to expand further. Could be the PAC-4 schools. Could be Gonzaga and UConn for non football sports and the Big 12 is working on becoming the SEC of men's basketball. Right now, I don't see OSU in the MWC at all at this point because if the Big 12 doesn't pick OSU up, the AAC would pick the Beavs up. SMU (current AAC member) was the third school along with Stanford & Cal that was trying to get into the Atlantic Coast Conference but failed. Boise State and SDSU probably would join the AAC in 2025 due to that $34M exit fee for 2024 whereas they would pay half of that if they leave for 2025. I think OSU's future will be clear after the Big 12 makes its decision tomorrow.
  2. Number one, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. MWC media rights deal expire after the 2025-26 season. AAC's can be reopened right away for more money and already pays more than the MWC. AAC has that essential ESPN contract and ESPN+ access. Number two: I thought the PAC would be able to keep its Autonomous 5 designation and could simply have the MWC come to them but it doesn't appear to be the case. Number three: Stanford & Cal in the MWC? Hell will freeze over before those two academic snobs join the MWC. Number four: If colleges are serious about the well being of their student athletes, we wouldn't be having those conference moves. They will find the travel money somehow.
  3. Getting OSU off to a good start in the new conference would be great.
  4. He wins 10 this year in the PAC, he's as good as gone.
  5. Clemson Rivals guy saying no ACC expansion that would have included Stanford, Cal, and SMU. Next up it appears that the PAC-4 is headed to the AAC not ACC. What's interesting is that the Big 12 & AAC HQ are in the same city and possibly same business park.
  6. First part: maybe but I like what Chip Kelly is saying and it is time to separate football from the rest of the sports. This realignment might be the tipping point towards that. As for the ACC, who knows what will happen. The basketball centric schools could stick together and take on the Big 12 in that regard especially if ESPN keeps the payments the same.
  7. This is where I think CFB will be in six years. Also maybe we know who the first CFB commissioner will be.
  8. Jonathan Smith, an OSU alumni, has every reason to lead the Beavs to a big season. If that happens, another school with money can buy out his contract and help soften the landing if the Beavs end up in the MWC. Money is a powerful motivator at that.
  9. 3. Having lockers nearby and in some cases, academic support near by. Time is precious for student athletes.
  10. Those two could say they are leaving in 2036 and work out an earlier exit and a reduced exit fee. If the ACC-ESPN deal at least stays the same per team, the ACC's chances of winning in court could dwindle. Once the Big 12 announced their new media rights deal post OU/UT, it was easier to negotiate an exit for those two schools. The same could be said for the ACC after they announce a revised media rights deal after FSU and Clemson declare their intentions to exit the ACC at a specific date. The FSU board discussions also point to a possible FSU & Clemson announcement after this upcoming season. It's going to be the B1G versus the SEC for football and Big 12 versus the ACC for basketball going forward.
  11. Dallas could be a good hub for those two to shorten those ACC trips. That almost assures FSU and Clemson are on their way out of the ACC by next week.
  12. OSU & WSU to either the AAC or MWC by the end of this week imo via merger after Stanford & Cal goes to the ACC imo.
  13. I'm guessing that the Beaver QB battle could go all the way to the end of fall camp.
  14. I went to college on the east coast about 20 years ago and attended games at Maryland during the 2001 season. I was impressed by how many Clemson fans showed up for that game and that was when they were nowhere near being the contenders they have been for at least a decade. They would not like seeing those empty stands at Stanford Stadium and ditto for the FSU fans. I understand why Clemson & FSU want out of the ACC and it isn't all about the money. Stanford & Cal would really benefit the ACC Olympic sports scene. There's also the academic relationships. Just like the PAC-12 is contrasted from the Big 12 out west, the same goes for the ACC and the SEC.
  15. Not trying to make the day of an OSU or WSU fan worse but it could soon be the PAC-2.
  16. Book it: Realignment will be back with a vengeance in six years.
  17. This is what I'm thinking of the current PAC-4.
  18. LOL...his AD is refusing to fly to Morgantown.
  19. MHver certainly has a skill of connecting the dots and I'll leave it at that.
  20. Im stunned that the line is only -9…that should be at least -20.
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