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  1. I just purchased my flight to Tampa and hoping there are still tickets available with the Crimson Club group. Otherwise, I’m sitting in the middle of Florida fans. Florida is reloading with a new coach. They will be tough. I expect our team to be ready as Kyle is a great preparation coach. Our offense will be really good and our defense is always good. We picked up a great linebacker from Florida (ironically) that was their best tackler. Humidity is the great equalizer. Very little humidity in SLC. Looking forward to this trip.
  2. I hope your prediction is wrong. It’s been a rumor for a few days. I believe it will be played.
  3. We start our first game playing Florida in Gainesville. SUU, SDSU (there will be payback) and then our NINE game conference schedule.
  4. Utah has picked up two stud Tight Ends in the transfer portal. Our neighbor has a son on the Utah team. His son is a 6’ 7”, 320 pound freshman that is quick but still learning how to play his position. He was an all state basketball player in Arizona two years ago. As he bulked up, he received offers from all over the country. His family recently moved to Utah with his business and to be closer to his son. He mentioned that one of the new transfers coming to Utah is bigger and faster than his son. Bright future for sure in SLC.
  5. Utefan1211

    Rose Bowl

    Mark Harlan (AD) was on the radio today and said there will be over 60,000 Utah fans attending the Rose Bowl. This is what happened when we went to the Fiesta Bowl. This will be Rice Eccles South. It will be extremely loud and one sided for Utah as it appears Ohio State isn’t as excited to be playing in this game. NC or bust is their mantra. How would it be? Utah is playing everyone and it sounds like some of OSU’s starters won’t be playing to not risk injury. OSU may get their ass whooped. Utah’s big goal in becoming part of this conference was to win the Rose Bowl.
  6. Half expecting Noah Sewell of Oregon to come back home.
  7. Utefan1211

    Rose Bowl

    I just purchased our tix. There should be a donation slip with these tickets. I bent over big time. $410 each ticket and $47 in fees. I feel hollow. Utah will represent big time. Seeing charter planes and busses are being advertised. 31 yard line and 50 rows back. That puts me about 100 yards away from the action. It’s the worst stadium (for watching games) in the country. Hoping Rose Bowl eventually moves to new stadium.
  8. Listening to Whit, our Utes will be better next year. I’m already planning my trip to Gainsville to beat Florida next year and will n the PAC 12 again.
  9. What could have been? I don’t know if there are 5 teams playing better than Utah right now. With all the death, qb drama, etc., this has to be be of the biggest turnarounds in our program and the most satisfying. I see that we are 6.5 point underdogs. Utah is going to win and it will be my second favorite win. 1. Alabama win. 2. TCU win in 2008 3. Winning the Fiesta 4. All wins against BYU 5. All wins against USC 6. All wins against Oregon
  10. Where could Cristobal go that is the furthest city from Eugene? Done deal. Will Chip bring the old crew back? (all speculation)
  11. I’m at the game. Poor showing for Duck fans and team.
  12. Like life, everything changes. “Ever” is a long time. I believe USC will return to their glory. They have talent but no leadership in the past 10 years. With NIL, a few schools will stay relevant. Oregon will be there as long as Nike keeps funding.
  13. It’s official now. Riley to USC.
  14. Best move by this conference was to get this game out of Santa Clara. Utah will have over 35,000 fans at this game. We have sold all our allotment and having a hard time finding tix on the Utah side. Interstate 15 will be painted red. It would be something to sell out all 68,000 seats. I’ve got my six for the game. Hoping for another beat down of Oregon. I expect this game to be much closer.
  15. I enjoyed my first experience to the Rose Bowl but it isn’t convenient for UCLA, their fans or anyone else. I thought Pasadena was closer to UCLA.
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