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  1. Of course. OSU gave this game away and Utah didn’t take it. By the way, do you even know the definition of fascism? Look it up.
  2. Thanks for your opinion.
  3. Would rather have you leave. How did your team do yesterday?
  4. Look for GameDay to be in SLC after both USC and Utah win next week.
  5. OSU has the best offensive line in the league. Once they get the other pieces, they will be a great team. OSU beats Stanford easily. Utah is working out their offensive woes with our best tight end gone for the season and our best running back butting heads with Coach Whit, we will come together in Pasadena for a huge offensive game and whip UCLA by 17. Utah always plays well in Pasadena. Look for Utah to bring at least 10,000 fans to the game. Utah leads the nation in interceptions, takeaways and red zone defense. Looking for multiple interceptions against UCLA. This win will set up ESPN Game Day in SLC the following week vs USC. This will be the 5th Game Day in SLC. Oregon wins a close one in AZ. USC pulls out a close one at home vs WSU. Washington will barely beat ASU.
  6. Headed to the tailgate. Hoping for a beaver beat down. Go Utes!
  7. I got this one right. UCLA has the talent. Usually don’t have the best coaches. Sets up a huge game next week.
  8. HLB quoted: Oregon State @ Utah - PAC12 Game of the Week (imo). In the end, the Utes will overcome a valiant effort from the Beavers. (23-20) It will be loud. The standing only tickets are sold out and the secondary market is strong. If we could add 5,000 temporary seats, they would sell them. Noon Mountain is early. All the little league soccer and football parents will show up late. I am surprised Vegas line is 11 points. I thought it would be closer. I believe it will be close through 3 quarters but Utah will pull it out and win by 14. UCLA beats UW. This sets up a huge game in Pasadena the next week. Utah fans will purchase 10k tickets to this game. Oregon over Stanford Arizona beats Colorado in front of 8,000 fans. WSU beats CAL USC spanks ASU.
  9. Teams that are are better than I thought: Washington, OSU and WSU. OSU and WSU both exposed weaknesses with USC and Oregon. We still don’t know how good UCLA and my Utes can be. They play each other in two weeks. I’m looking forward to playing OSU this Saturday. Colorado and ASU are trash.
  10. No. Not for Jazz, Utes, Cougars. We only see these for movies, Universal Studios and local amusement park.
  11. Can you imagine being Orange’s child, husband or wife? They’ve probably all left his miserable world. I would dare say many of us like his posts more than Orange person. He has absolutely no value or worth in his posts. Pac 12 guy posts actually have substance and passion about his team. If the Orange prick was not on this page, there would me a lot more posters. Go yell at your cats Orange freak.
  12. Huge win WSU. Utah took out their frustration on SUU. UW and UCLA doing what they should do. USC looks good Oregon back on track. Colorado continues to embarrass themselves. Cal barely pulls it out.
  13. We brought half to the Rose Bowl. It would have been more but Utah didn’t know they were in the Rose Bowl for 3 days after Ohio State was in. We didn’t think we would win but knew we had a chance. Utah brought 80% of the fans to the last Pac12 championship games and 60% to the two Pac12 championship games. We knew we would beat Oregon last year but had no ideas we would win against Oregon or Washington. We had over 12,000 fans at Florida last week. The fans there were incredibly impressed. The stadium holds 90,900 and was announced as the largest opening day crowd in their history and the 7th largest crowd ever at that stadium. It was also their biggest crowd in 8 years. Utah would have traveled even more if Florida was ranked. To say there is nothing else to do in the Fall in Utah shows that you’re gullible. Are we putting more fans in our stadium than BYU? No. We can only fill what we have. We bring more fans on the road than BYU or any other PAC 12 team for that matter. By the way, we do compete against the Utah Jazz, BYU Cougars, Real Salt Lake Soccer, a Triple AAA baseball team, other smaller Universities, etc. The owner of the Jazz just partnered with a company that is planning to put another professional league in Utah. (NHL or MLB) I brought more conversation to this silly board than most posts. You’re welcome! Look at all the red!
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