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  1. I don’t think he’s doing it for his own glory. I think he genuinely believes that he’s the only one who can do it. You’re right, and my previous post agrees, he best leads the team when he gets everyone involved. In all three of our losses he tried to win the game by himself. Let’s face it, he’s not Lamar Jackson.
  2. I think it comes down to QB play. Tyler thinks he’s an All-Pro, All American All-World, All-Galaxy, All-Universe player directly descended from Jesus our Lord and Savior. In reality, he’s a 3-star who needs to lead by involving his teammates. He can’t reconcile that. Also, Francis Bernard is always out of position. Always. Always.
  3. Clearly not as good as they looked during the season. Anae and Fotu looked pedestrian. Bernard disappeared. Scalley didn’t look like an elite coordinator. Why the hell does Tyler run so much? He’s not that fast. He did the same garbage hero ball nonsense in all of our losses this year. If our WRs are not getting open, then Holiday has to go. We need some real coaching on our receivers. Oh well, on to next year.
  4. Just like last year. Fold at the end. Last year’s excuse was injuries. Not sure what this year’s excuses are going to be.
  5. Nothing that I’ve seen from Oklahoma dissuades me. (Or, “unsuades” for the truly stupid out there. Yes, you.)
  6. Yeah, and when you use Webster’s, you know, the real dictionary, it immediately corrects you. But hey, Ebonics is a real language, right? Idiot.
  7. “Unrefutably.” smdh 🙄 [Under my breath] un-fucking-believable.
  8. I don’t think it’s real. Apparently some zoob thought starting a rumor would be funny. The surprising thing to me is that the rumor made it to a level that it normally wouldn’t. I think we’re looking for a LB to make up for Jaylan Ford’s flip to Texas, and it seems Cooper is headed to aTm.
  9. Emotional letdown after the high of beating Kentucky. Perils of a young team. They have to learn to be consistent.
  10. DHC, Sr Devin, Jr TJ, Jr Jordan, Soph Tyler, Fr Now Danyiel also a Fr? He would start Day 1 at ASU.
  11. I just heard a rumor that Daniyel Ngata is going to sign with Utah. It’s kind of hard to believe, but that’s what I heard.
  12. Rhoads, the former Iowa St HC Rhoads?
  13. Kenzel Lawler is a Ute. 3-star CB from Corona has now signed with Utah. Utes now have two scholarships left, by my count.
  14. I think basketball would benefit from adopting a football premise. Don’t attempt rankings until conference schedules begin. At least there would be a basis for adapting values.
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