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  1. Coaching Changes

    Aaaannnndddd, never mind. Harding staying at Utah.
  2. Coaching Changes

    Jim Harding, Utah Asst HC/OL interviewing with Cincinnati Bengals.
  3. PAC-12 Bowl Season Thread

    This is a travesty. If conference championship means nothing, then why bother? I'm ready to just forget about cfp and shut the whole thing off.
  4. PAC-12 Bowl Season Thread

    Well, the dude was "wandering," so, edumucashun.
  5. What Will Revive the Conference

    So now the plan is to humiliate them into canceling the series by beating them every single year. Seven in a row and counting.
  6. What Will Revive the Conference

    We tried to shitcan the byu series. Our legislature stepped in and threatened funding-not to the athletics department, mind you, but to the general fund. Utah can be a truly fucked up place sometimes.
  7. What Will Revive the Conference

    Page 1348 of the Shaggy Texas realignment thread that discusses the concerns we seem to share: http://www.shaggytexas.com/board/showthread.php/108844-Realignment-talk-not-going-away/page1348
  8. What Will Revive the Conference

    I'm following an expansion thread on Texas' independent board, ShaggyTexas. There's the usual idiocy, nonsense and drivel that a person might expect from such a 1400 page thread, but there's also some good insight. One major recurring theme is that the BigXII and PAC12 should pursue the type of schedule agreement that the PAC12 once explored with the B1G (the one that was down voted by USC and Stanford to protect their ND series). That the leagues should pursue that in lieu of any type of merger. I think that it's an interesting idea and could help in matters of exposure and possibly revenue. That such an agreement would effectively leverage the relative strengths, and conversely cover weaknesses, for both leagues. They want to keep their league because they don't like any of the alternatives. I think we could probably say the same In this same thread are numerous comparisons between BigXII and PAC12 power centers of Texas and California, primarily that the U of Texas, alone, demands more attention in its state than all four California schools do in theirs combined. How is it that the PAC12 can have the demographics without having the influence? I think it's a good question. They have a similar problem to the one we have. They're not happy playing second to the B1G or SEC either. Neither do they have sufficiently enticing expansion candidates. Our answer hinges on what the California schools do. I know that Utah is doing everything in its own power, but our impact has a ceiling that is much lower than that which the California schools have. I know that the answer is not to sacrifice programs on the altar of a supposed "flagship program," nor is it to distribute revenue unequally. Neither the B1G nor the SEC does either of those things, and the PAC12 should be looking at "best practices" of those leagues. If the California schools have the power, they also have the responsibility. That's where the answer lies. Tell the conference offices to save money in staff or location or whatever. Those are small changes that would result in some small benefit to each of the schools of around $2mm annually. Get the California schools on board with scheduling, eight league games with no fixed crossovers. Play ball with the rest of the league in pursuing schedule agreements purely for exposure purposes. Push back on game time slots with broadcast partners, or pursue alternatives with Google or whichever partner can take us to the next revenue model. Play Sacred Heart or The Little Sisters of the Poor in Week 9 or 10. Exposure is now, IMHO, our biggest problem. Most of our hurdles are self-inflicted. One man's opinion.
  9. What Will Revive the Conference

    You make some decent points, but there's no need to panic.
  10. What Will Revive the Conference

    Entirely too much is being made of one down year. The PAC12 handicaps itself with 9 conference games, terrible scheduling and an insistence of the California schools on both playing each other every year and including late season games OOC. The only problem this league has is soft interior lines. Correct that, balance schedules and tell bspn to take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut, and we'll be fine. I predict a deep run by a PAC team next year.
  11. Coaching Changes

    Yeah, well, now he's coming back to Utah.
  12. Coaching Changes

    Unless they have their guy locked in, this would be a highly questionable move at this time.
  13. Coaching Changes

    I don't in any way mean this as an insult. I've been to Corvallis, it's beautiful. If I was an 18 year old being recruited, I'd definitely consider Corvallis. The situation has been right for coaches in the past, just not Gary. Plus, I hear that he wasn't happy about leaving Utah (the state). I mean, he played at Utah, coached the UTE DL for years (when Kyle was the LB coach and Fred Whittingham was D.C.), was the DC himself for Utah's greatest win ever. His whole family lives in Salt Lake City. Thats all I meant.
  14. Coaching Changes

    Yeah and from what I've been able to lazily, second-handedly piece together, it was over recruiting frustrations.
  15. Coaching Changes

    Just guessing, but I think he was frustrated by the recruiting challenges at Oregon state. In Wisconsin think he had clashes with the administration and couldn't get poly kids to play on the frozen tundra.