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  1. Ty Jordan is a Ute Just saw the tweet. That means that in the past four months the Utes have taken Cam Rising and Ty Jordan from Texas, as well as Van Filinger (if he does actually flip). All before playing the Horns in San Antonio. It Utah wins that game we’ll probably never be allowed back in Texas.
  2. Just fuck off. I don’t care about your opinions. I don’t care about your pedantic rants. I don’t care about your attitude toward this conference. Oklahoma is going to get slaughtered. Both Utah and Oregon are better than OU. Just fuck off. Nobody needs your 14 responses to every post. Go outside do other things. Do anything. Just fuck off.
  3. It’s a terrible disincentive. That’s why CCG winners had to be first consideration. Ducks should at least have displaced OU.
  4. I certainly wasn’t going to go into the CCG expecting to lose. Then to watch on Saturday as everything broke the way that would have benefited Utah...(sigh). Opportunity missed.
  5. I understand reality, but it’s a bad taste. It’s like anticipating prime cut and sitting down to a Macdonald’s cheeseburger.
  6. That doesn’t get the Ducks off the hook for losing to ASU.
  7. If that Friday game had any impact on me, it was to increase my disdain for Oregon. How could they let down this entire conference by sleep-walking through the ASU game. That was a real costly fuck up.
  8. Just get the fuck out. What’s wrong with you? Don’t you have anything else to do except come here and lie your ass off? Just get lost.
  9. Possibility, you stupid fuck. Why are you here? Why don’t you just go fuck yourself?
  10. Dominion Energy Chicken Kabob Bowl in Dallas
  11. The excuses are starting already.
  12. I think the Sugar has some leeway on that. I’ve been reading that the Sugar wants Alabama. That leaves Georgia as an at large team.
  13. With Georgia getting steamrolled today I guess the Cotton Bowl is a possibility for Utah.
  14. Neither Oklahoma nor Baylor looked impressive. Georgia isn’t looking too impressive. That ASU loss was really expensive. Instead of going to the CFP, Oregon will go for roses. Good for them. Bad for the rest of us. Utah falling flat last night means instead of Peach the Utes get Alamo or Holiday. Crappy all around. PS - I still think Oregon is better than three of the teams I’ve seen today, so far.
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