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This is fairly objective reporting by npr.  No GOP rooting for Russia.

Even Trump’s blathering about Putin’s “savvy” doesn’t add up to rooting for him.

Biden’s biggest victory has been with GOP support.  Infrastructure.  He seems on the verge of additional bipartisan agreement on significant legislation.  America Competes Act and the Senate's U.S. Innovation and Competition Act, despite their huge price tags, seem likely to garner enough GOP support to get through the Senate.  Where Biden has failed it’s largely due to his inability to make a deal with moderates because the new left hasn’t learned to “govern.”

One of the first books dealing with American Foreign Policy that I read was James Minchner’s The Bridge at Andau which dealt with the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.  In short, the Hungarians effectively drove the Soviets out of Hungary for a period of a very few days using Molotov cocktails, single fire weapons and quite literally sticks and stones.  While preparing for a Soviet counterattack they literally begged for weapons, air support, ammo.  Eisenhower determined it was both hopeless and dangerous, suicidal.  
The Ukraine is much better situated to combat Russia than the Hungarians were the Soviets.  Still the similarities are haunting.  It’s hard to be over critical of Biden here, it’s a tough call.  He does seem reactive rather than proactive and his delay in getting sufficient and effective weapons to fight Russia may be the difference between a narrow Ukrainian win and a devastating slaughter and destruction of Ukraine.

The only two ways out of this conflict with a W for Ukraine is to put enough economic and or military pressure on Russia to force it to the negotiating table.

The coalition needs the stability and resolve to maintain and increase the sanctions specifically to cut off purchases of oil from Russia.  For that to happen energy prices must come down.  An oil/gas embargo is doubtful, near Impossible as it would likely trigger recessions in Europe and the US.

The wild card is the Middle East and radically increased oil production.  What would the ME require in exchange?  After celebrating the overthrow of Mubarak, the untimely troop withdrawal from Iraq, allowing ISIS to sell oil and terrorize the Middle East with the proceeds, refine change in Libya, rubbing out the red line on chemical weapons in Syria, allowing Russia to rule the skies over Syria and the unnecessarily devastating withdrawal from Afghanistan, would Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, UAE, believe any promises of future support?

The other way is military pressure.  That means weapons of a different class, kind and era than we have been providing and probably includes air support.  Weapons and support timed proactively so as to put Russia on the run rather than dribbled out to sustain a weakening resistance.  Is that goin to happen?

Sustaining the war without an economic or military path to winning likely means the war is a slog with Russia using WWII style complete destruction, genocide, famine and devatatation to advance.  The best hope for the West appears to be a military coup in Russia and there’s no read on that.  


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Where Biden has failed it’s largely due to his inability to make a deal with moderates because the new left hasn’t learned to “govern.”

Spectacularly idiotic assessment.  The right has never "governed" because they don't believe in government, much less democracy.  

"The left" is making the same mistakes all of us on the left make: Believing there are sane adults in government who would like to not shit in our own water supply.  There aren't.  There are money-hungry assholes who would rather pocket $500k annually than take one tiny step toward a climate bill, or one tiny step toward fixing the childcare crisis, or one tiny step toward easing inequality in even the smallest way. 

There's nothing "moderate" about Joe Manchin.  He's a corrupt shill for the coal interests.  That's not "moderate."

As for the rest of your post, it's really stupid to compare 1950s Hungary and 2020s Ukraine.  Hungary was a homegrown revolt.  This is an outright invasion by a hostile, genocidal foe against a democratic government.  And Ukraine has the ability.  They can hold the capital, and the entire west of Ukraine, and they have 45 million people, not 10 million. Of course we have to stand up to Russia. 

But good luck getting 70% of your party to believe that.  Tucker Carlson and Trump are the rule in your party, not the exception.  They believe in one-party rule, autocracy, and ethno-nationalism.  They've been quite clear on this point.

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