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  1. 2 wins over Minnesota, 15 runs against New Mexico, 4-0 to start the year. Man we would’ve torn up the WCC.
  2. Trump owes 85$ million for rape and $350 million for fraud, and just started a gaudy shoe line and a Go Fund Me to put a dent in it. The first of his 91 felony counts will go to trial next month. But Biden fumbled a line about Rafah, so it’s an obvious choice, amirite?
  3. Orange


    Congratulations to Republicans on successfully impeaching the homeland, security secretary purely over policy differences. This doesn’t set a completely crazy precedent or anything. Just nakedly playing politics with the border. A problem they demonstrated last week that they do not want to fix. In addition to being the do-nothing party, Republicans are also the crybaby-throw-a-fit-party. Based on the special election in New York, and another special election in a state legislature race in suburban Philadelphia, it looks like the rumors of Democratic demise are quite premature.
  4. “eLoN mUSk is a GeenYuz!” @halfmanhalfbronco
  5. I am more and more aghast with how fucking stupid college football is right now.
  6. Orange


    More than 30 pro-Palestinian Harvard students participated in a 12-hour hunger strike Friday in solidarity with 17 students at Brown University who refused to eat for eight days to pressure the Brown Corporation to divest from Israel.
  7. Orange

    NFL 2023

    Likely. Check out the politics/non-sports threads.
  8. Orange


    Who else (and how) is there a choice at this point? #DontBlameMeIVotedBernie. I’ve been yelling at the moderates here for years. No one’s listening. We’ve got an old, stuttering man who means well, vs. an old, stuttering insurrectionist-white-supremacist buffoon who just said he’d sell out NATO if Russia attacked and will have to issue 91 pardons to himself if he ekes out an EC win. And somehow, this has been equivocated as an even choice by assholes like Don
  9. Fucken Bidenflation, amirite?
  10. Orange


    The special counsel interviewed Biden on October 8th and 9th. Can anyone think of a reason a U.S. president would have been distracted on those dates? America won’t learn. We may well elect someone who absolutely does not believe in free and fair elections, and will never leave office. At least we know he has zero chance of winning the popular vote (no Republican ever can). Yet, to people like Don and all the MAGA cretins, it’s just another election horse race. Utterly fucking depressing.
  11. Orange


    Joe Biden to ****** Doucy’s stupid kid: “I have such a terrible memory I let you speak.”
  12. On what planet does it make sense to try a 15-year-old as an adult and give him life with no parole, while simultaneously trying the parents of that alleged “adult” for negligent parenting?
  13. Orange


    Disaster for Joe? Donald Trump and the republicans represent the end of democracy. Disaster for all of us that your party is so dumb and cowardly.
  14. Is Mike Johnson a goddamn idiot? Nancy Pelosi sure as shit wouldn’t have had a day like that. Loses the impeachment AND can’t fucking fund Israel with a stand alone bill. Male speakers, am I right, don?
  15. Mr. & Mrs. Smith on Prime is superb. “We’re in Night Country now.” Stoked for the penultimate episode. Poor Things is overrated af. Not much has changed for men analyzing female sexuality. Everything turns to color when a man finally pleases her? Meh. Boring. Can’t wait to watch Zone of Interest.
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