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  1. Christ, even if USC wins it’s going to be “coach prime” up all our asses on ESPN/fox/everywhere else for the rest of the year. Really needed USC’s defense to show up here.
  2. Lol, CU TRYING to lose this game in the final 4 mins.
  3. https://x.com/thedigitaldam/status/1707962983845154933?s=46&t=6egS2vrbk_LRLutmcoQaTw
  4. Still almost a full quarter to go, but Utah just can’t move the ball. No way they’re suddenly scoring 21.
  5. And I can only assume that end zone flag was a make-up call.
  6. 3rd QB for Utah is pretty good.
  7. I imagine Aidan Chiles coming back to the sideline and DJ saying “ain’t so Fucken easy, is it?”
  8. MUST-win this weekend for the Beavs to remain at all relevant in the championship race. If they lose this one, it'll be bottom-tier bowl, forgettable season, and J Smith will lose recruits and likely leave in the offseason for some program that won't be G5. Hard to remember the last time a Beaver game had this big of implications.
  9. This. I think Blazers future has potential to be awesome. Just need one of those guys to really emerge as a leader. Fun group to watch.
  10. Man am I glad we won't have to face him.
  11. All WSU needs to do is keep Cam Ward healthy. Kid's a stud.
  12. If Utah can get a steady passing game going, OSU will have trouble stopping it. Corners are our weak spots, and if you guys have a mobile QB it will be especially hard, since we'll be spying the QB run and therefore vulnerable to screens, deep balls, etc. Conversely, DJ has been horribly inconsistent with the deep ball. We'll have to run it down Utah's throat early and often, and use play-action sparingly (for some goddamned reason Smith and Co. were using play-action on first down OVER AND OVER with DJ against WSU, and he was throwing into coverage, overthrowing, panicking from the rush, etc. It was a nightmare until OSU shifted the gameplan later in the game, but we ran out of time). Whatever our O-line did against WSU was a pale shadow of how they looked against SDSU, UC Davis, etc., which may have more to do with competition than gameplan.
  13. Yeah, the conference isn't getting SHIT from Deion Sanders and his kids' antics. Particularly OR State and Wash. State (or anyone else who won't be in the Big 12 next year). This is utter bullshit.
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