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  1. I hope she enjoys my Satanic Temple prayers once I become a first-grade teacher.
  2. Literally where we’re headed. Don doesn’t care because he hasn’t seen a woman who is useful to him for something other than eye candy in decades.
  3. Yeah, civil rights should totally depend on who is able to legally give food to someone in an 8-hour voting line. “Hey guys, the shit-and-herpes sandwich you just got is okay because it has chipotle mayonnaise!” - Don the fascist-adjacent fuckwit.
  4. This idiot's shelf-life was short.
  5. There are still four SEC teams in the College World Series and not one of them is the SEC team that was #1 through almost all of the season. Crazy.
  6. This is what Facebook's and Fox News's separate realities have shaped. A world where some people think the biggest problem is women, gays and trans people flexing their inexhaustible power to terrorize straight, white men.
  7. You realize tens of millions of those are progressives, right? Because Democrats are not in a huge cult. We have actual positions on issues, as opposed to blindly worshipping guns, an obese con man, and the sport of bullying gay and trans children.
  8. Tweeted by, I shit you not, a grown adult.
  9. They're still going to vote for this nutjob, aren't they?
  10. Here's what I don't get: Everyone is whining about inflation (and blaming all of it on poor people having money), yet no one seems to be slowing their spending. Could it be that inflation is merely a great reason for the entire right-wing media apparatus (which now represents probably 60-70% of all media) to shit on democrats and the idea of poor people receiving higher wages and more benefits? https://www.nytimes.com/2022/05/27/business/economy/pce-inflation-april.html Where were the inflation concerns when trump cut taxes for the rich by some $2T? And where are the right-wing pundits who are shitting on trump for signing a shit-ton of the handouts? We were in a pandemic that resulted in people dying if they left their house too much. You HAD to pay people to stay home. Wanna know how to cure inflation? Get rid of bullshit middlemen, like medical insurance companies. Then the cost of living for everyone goes down, and inflation doesn't have the impact it otherwise could have. We could've cut funding for defense. We could've cut police departments (they don't all need tanks). But thanks to Republicans, there were no cuts, and so we have to borrow to pay people in an emergency. Reactionary politics breed these crises, over and over and over. We're pretty close to going back to pre-Lochner, so get ready for these economic panics and recessions on a regular basis now. The PPP process was corrupt af; anytime you throw cash at businessmen, it gets misused. That's as reliable as gravity. I would've been in favor of direct-payments to all individuals, and no money for businesses/employers.
  11. Honestly, I can never tell if you're serious anymore. That inflation is a worldwide problem does not mean that a domestic solution isn't viable, and shouldn't be tried. I realize you're incredibly old, but I really thought dementia usually had an onset later in life than 69 or 70.
  12. Being Republican literally kills
  13. They absolutely didn't miss it; it's precisely what Yellen cited as the reason inflation is no longer transitory. But please direct us to the GOP prediction of the Russian invasion, omicron, etc. I think they were too busy banning books, harassing gay and trans kids, and trying to overturn American democracy.
  14. This is how bought-and-fucking-paid-for Republicans are on guns:
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