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  1. Someone put pop pop in the dementia ward of the prison.
  2. Can't we just tell Iran "no harm, no foul" in this case?
  3. He grew up an orphan, as I understand it. Pretty rough childhood. It's sad, let us be sad.
  4. It’ll prob be OS getting tripped up in SLC. Not inconceivable for the Beavs to be 3-1 or 4-0 when they get to that game.
  5. Hey fuckface, you told me you don't give a shit if you misspell they're, their and there. Need me to quote it for you again? Riiiight, everyone knows that making tons of little mistakes when you're an engineer in aviation is totally the industry standard. No wonder Boeing planes fall out of the sky every full moon. Lol, says the guy who has posted 42x in about two weeks regarding conference realignment on a message board for a conference where his team isn't even a member, lolololol
  6. Actually, I think it does. If you're not worried about communicating correct English words, then I'm not sure why you expect us to take you seriously. And ONLY if I impressed you would I be worried.
  7. You used "MSL" like 17 times. It wasn't a transposition, you're just fucking stupid.
  8. No, I don't understand why you're whining over the repression of men.
  9. But why? Do you support diversity or something?
  10. That's a bummer. Is he feeling ok? Any notable hikes/visits?
  11. Seems like lip-service. CU was on the downswing, academically speaking, when the Pac picked them up. While I was in Colorado working as a public defender, I worked with about a dozen CU grads, and they bemoaned what it had become, as compared to even the University of Denver, UO, etc. They were happy to see me, a UO grad, looking to work in Colorado. It was bizarre, because I had always assumed CU was an upper-tier school.
  12. How are males being treated?
  13. More women are applying. And women were historically banned from higher education, for centuries.
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