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  1. Lol, imagine being a former president, and using your perp walk as a campaign event. Truly, Donald Trump is a gift to the idea of total absurdity.
  2. This is capitalism, the system we deify, and continue to use, even as it destroys academic sports contests (at best) and destroys lives at worst. I've got a million fucking better ideas, but we, as a society, don't give a flying fuck about each other's lives, so why would we care about college athletic alignments? It's becoming more and more difficult for me to explain to my kids what the fuck is up with this shit country.
  3. Really hard for me to imagine a scenario apart from the bold.
  4. Cal and Stanford are nationally recognized, historic, prestigious universities. If they go independent, they'll be fine. WSU and OSU are not. If they try and go independent, they'll get 5 P5 opponents per season, tops. Bankruptcy.
  5. What we've learned is that pretty much every university in the conference, save for Washington State and Oregon State, has an escape parachute option to some other P5 conference should the SEC/B1G/Big 12 poach the other 8 teams. That's the bottom line. Stanford, Cal, Oregon, UW, ASU, UA, CU, Utah, etc., are all fine. WSU and OSU are fucked, save for a miracle arriving in the form of some wicked TV deal that appeals to the bulk of the other 8 schools. It's as simple as that. If the Pac implodes, and WSU and OSU end up looking for homes in the WAC or MWC, those schools will be absolutely decimated, financially. And the communities with them. It's a bummer, but it's the truth. Everything else is just background noise.
  6. That was pretty gawdawful.
  7. Never seen anyone root so hard for a conference to die. Then where will you post more of your inane, nonsensical screeds?
  8. So again, you spoke for 80% of America, stupid.
  9. Oh, I don't understand that? That's what you gleaned from that? Or maybe it's that 8 paragraphs from an SEC troll about how the Pac-12 sucks where he repeats the same shit we've all been saying for 6 months isn't terribly interesting? Go to bed, boomer.
  10. ... So.....are we done here?
  11. Your takes are mayonnaise-sandwich-left-in-a-car-in-long-term-parking-at-La-Guardia-level lame.
  12. Uh, one source is from a reputable journalist quoting "direct knowledge", the other is passive voice with no source even mentioned. DIPSHIT.
  13. Doesn't matter, we already know Pac-12 and ION is not a thing. READ.
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