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  1. Ha! I noticed a couple of weeks ago that I had the same number of wins as Mugtang, but I was 10-15 points behind, so I decided to employ a more drastic strategy. Plus, I thought all of last week's games were tough to choose.
  2. Good plan, Don. Do we really have to deal with this shit for three more years? BTW, this is from an email meant to look like a tweet, since he can't tweet anymore.
  3. Stanford rolling out 70-71 pseudo throwback uniforms for the Oregon game. https://gostanford.com/news/2021/9/30/football-the-details-1970-71-throwback-uniforms.aspx
  4. Just like USC, their "gold" has never been gold.
  5. I'm waiting for the Ducks to come up with COVID-19 tribute uniforms. Think of that helmet!
  6. The USS Salt Lake City. The old Veterans Day tribute. Air Force will be wearing uniforms that are a tribute to Linebacker II, the Vietnam War campaign of carpet bombing Hanoi with a couple of hundred B-52s.
  7. You really should have stopped for some smoke along the way. You were right there in Humbolt County! 😄 But yeah, the death of logging really depressed much of the rural PNW, and decades later it still hasn't rebounded. Basically, beer and weed are the only industries.
  8. As usual, Oregon heading in the opposite direction. Return of the diamond plate?
  9. Yeah, but I was thinking Lava River would be more suited to California sensibilities. In the latter case, Wind Cave is really great.
  10. Are you a golfer, SC? If so, you'll want to lose the family for a few hours. Some cool geological stuff close by, if you're a geek like me. The Lava Cast Forest, Lava River Cave, Lava Butte (there's a reason Bend High School is the Lava Bears), even Fort Rock and Crack-In-The-Ground (a little further away).
  11. I really do feel for everyone who has to live through this shit but my week is lookin' pretty good.
  12. One great comment on the flag-burning article:
  13. They will always and forever be haunted by their past.
  14. To Don's credit, he did display how he spent his "stimmy" on Nikes manufactured by children who get paid 5 cents per day. 🤔
  15. She sure as hell sounds intimidated.
  16. Whelp, I forgot to play last week, so I'm toast.
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