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  1. And LOL at utenation...he continues to deny that he just doesn't like CU.
  2. Travis Hunter is back at practice this week. Don't know if he will play Friday night against Stanford but he's certainly going to be ready for UCLA.
  3. Another reason why I don't like ASU:
  4. Just glad to get that W out of Tempe and that 4-2 record. Should be 5-2 after next week's game at home against Stanford before the bye week before going to LA to face the Bruins. Buffs season is on track with my prediction of how the season would go for the Buffs. UA is leading USC 17-0 but I think USC is just trolling and eventually pulls out the win.
  5. Bill Snyder got a special and rare exemption from the school to allow JUCO players with D grades to transfer those grades into KSU when other colleges would not do and that is part of the reason why they got the KSjuco moniker. That was a running joke for KSU dating to the late BIg 8 days. Those were the days before the NCAA cracked down on stuff like that and Prop 48 which benefited Nebraska for many years before the Big 12 ended that practice thanks to marching orders from Texas and then the NCAA eventually followed suit. KSU has since bridged the gap and raised their research tier to R1 just like any Pac-12, Big 12, and BIg Ten school thanks to that National Bio and Agro-Defense research center which brought in a lot of Fed research dollars. National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility | USDA Given such metrics, I think the AAU lost some meaning after admitting ASU into the club recently but I'd say ASU was considered the better school when you compare that school to KSU in the past.
  6. Bill Snyder and they were called KSjuco for a reason. KSU was also CU’s closest Big 8 rival. They were even labeled rivals in the old NCAA FB 14 which was a little surprising but I know the dislike is there between the fanbases.
  7. I would love to play any Pac-12 school going forward. The school I'd like to play the most would be Oregon given a little history between the two before CU joined the Pac-12. I believe both played in the first ever ESPN game and then played in the Cotton Bowl in 1998 I believe and that blow out loss to the Buffs triggered Phil Knight. The Ducks repaid the favor in the 2001 Fiesta Bowl.n CU plays at CSU and Nebraska next season. There are no scheduled games with the Huskers but I think playing them once a decade would be a good way to make money for both schools. The ticket prices on the resale market for the NU-CU game hit $1,400 at one point this summer and that is the average mortgage payment in Nebraska. CU has on and off games with CSU lined up through 2038. I'd say that after Nebraska and outside of Oklahoma & Texas, I'd say Kansas State was the most detested school when it comes to the Big 12. I also have reason to be excited for CU in the Big 12 because on the west you would have the other 4C schools and then on the east, you have the Kansas schools, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech. Given how Iowa State used to play CU tough in the past regardless of their record, you could include the Cyclones in that one. I am eagerly awaiting the 2024 Big 12 football schedule to see who CU will be playing but I think I will miss the PNW schools the most. CU does have one OOC slot open for 2025-2029 and 2031.
  8. Just wanted to point out that three of the four P12 games this weekend is on the P12N. Just wonderful for exposure.
  9. Agree he could use playing time to improve his NFL stock but didn't he blow his knee out in the bowl game earlier this year? Hard to blame him for being cautious. I'm thinking he's back for the Cal game and he needs to do that before facing USC & UO in consecutive weeks.
  10. Florida is also cheaper to live than CO for the most part. The point I am trying to make is that if CU pays up, CP could just stay for awhile. Might have to be the 10 year 100 million type of contract and the last time CU paid a coach like that led to state laws restricting how many years coaches could have in their contract and how many coaches per school could have multi-year contracts.
  11. So far, it sounds like both would be back next season. The NIL money that Shedeur Sanders is rumored to be more than what he would earn as a NFL first round pick next year. He still has issues with taking bad sacks and there has been some instances where his situational awareness needs to improve.
  12. Yes he's a Florida boy but I have known enough Floridians to know that it doesn't mean they want to go back home to Florida. Florida and Texas might have no income taxes but the rest of the south have tax rates that would go over Colorado's 4.4% flat income tax rate so that's potentially another bonus for Coach Prime to stay in CO.
  13. Utah TE Kuithe had surgery and is done for the season. Barstool Utes also mentioned in that tweet that could affect Cam's thinking about coming back this season. https://twitter.com/BarstoolUtes/status/1709201182202470688?s=20
  14. How many black head coaches have there been in the SEC? Not many and that could be a reason why Coach Prime doesn't go to the South. CU is getting about a $11-12M raise with that Big 12 media contract plus the CU AD has received almost $50M in donations the last two years and that was before the season started. The money is definitely there for CU to extend Coach Prime if he wants to.
  15. Open season on MSU football players. It would be funny if CU picks off MSU players like MSU picked Mel Tucker off from CU.
  16. PAC MAN

    NFL 2023

    There are no shortage of shops that sell NFL team gear in NYC so it's easy to switch.
  17. 100% agree with this. There has been an influx of new Buff fans who are Coach Prime followers. There is talk that CU is Black America's team at the moment and there has been videos of many new people buying up CU gear at the stadium shop during ESPN GameDay and Fox Sports Noon. Maybe it has something to do with four of the last five CU football coaching hires being black including Coach Prime. CU boosters are already hard at work raising funds to extend Coach Prime.
  18. I still remember the photo you posted here of your son and I'm like it's eight years already?!? Time really flies these days. Think he's not going be swayed by his coach to flip to the Buffs?
  19. Looks like the Coach Prime hype has infected opposing PAC fanbases too:
  20. PAC MAN

    NFL 2023

    Broncos finally win one on the road after overcoming a 21 point deficit. Justin Fields was seen on the bench perhaps crying in frustration because the Bears suck and winter is on the way up there.
  21. Buffs go to Tempe this weekend and despite the loss at home against USC, there were some positives such as several Coach Prime recruited freshman players stepping up and one of them made a name for himself against the USC secondary. When Travis Hunter got injuried against CSU, Coach Prime said a minimum of three weeks and that three weeks is up this Saturday so will he make a return in this one? What CU missed out of Hunter was his ability to take an extra defender with him in coverage which frees up the other WRs. That is something that worked very well against TCU and hopefully CU's offense gets started earlier than the last few games (would have been helpful against USC). The Buffs D will give up yards but why not just go for broke with those pass rushes that could lead to turnovers? Win this one and CU has a good chance for a bowl game. Stanford isn't quite as strong as they used to be and they will face the Buffs after the ASU game. Then it is a bye week followed by a road trip to the Rose Bowl to face UCLA. I'm curious to see how Coach Prime handles two weeks of prep for UCLA given how much he was a film room guy while playing in the NFL.
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