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    • So far Arizona (7-3) Kenpom: 19 - Undefeated stateside USC (4-3) Kenpom: 30 - Probably should be doing better. Melton's family is petitioning to have him reinstated Arizona State (9-0) Kenpom: 34  - The surprise team of the PAC-12 for sure. Hurley is setting himself up nicely for that Duke job. Or another bigger, better job. UCLA (7-2) Kenpom: 46 - Should really be undefeated but Alford and China. Best win is 61st ranked Wisconsin who isn;t going to the NCAA's this year Oregon (8-3) Kenpom: 52 - Similar to UCLA. They've beaten any team lower than Kenpon ranking of 101. Lost to any team higher. Utah (7-2) Kenpom: 59 - Done a nice job, considering their talent level. They have two decent Kenpom wins Stanford (4-6) Kenpom: 110 - Biggest disappointment bar none. They were a fringe tournament team, now they are a fringe .500 team Oregon State (7-3) Kenpom: 112 - Some bad losses, but I think they are still trying to gel Colorado (7-3) Kenpom: 116 - They shouldn't be losing to bad teams at home. Boyle recruited poorly a couple years back and it's showing Washington (7-3) Kenpom: 127 - It was nice to see them beat Kansas. They win/lose like Romar is still around California (4-6) Kenpom: 168 - Better than WSU Washington State (6-3) Kenpom: 186 - Better than SDSU
    • freeman won't be playing. but tony brooks-james is 100%, and as you said we go pretty deep. i have not heard about crosby yet. he's from vegas and has made a big deal about going home for his last game, but we'll see.