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Bowl Game thread


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What's funny, is I never had anything against SDSU until ******. Now I root against them in everything.

Good...We don't want anybody from Oregon rooting for us. :)


Damn, all I heard for months was quit talking about the Aztecs. Now all of you are talking about the Aztecs. Congrats. I like it.


On the game. Tough loss but in the big picture we played in our 5 Bowl game in 5 years and are entering next season with a good chance of the best Aztec team since the 10-1 1977 Aztecs.

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Yes...Ugly for Fresno State and all of the MWC.


Next year is a new season.

Just goes to show the huge insurmountable gap between the P5 and G5. The MWC needs to drop down to FCS along with the rest of the G5. It's clear the P5 are in a different league than the G5 and we need to make it official by breaking away from the G5 to form a separate division.

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If USC was playing scalpers would be getting $1000.

Things have changed, people have to make a choice, fly to LA and get a hotel for 1000-1500, or gamble that your team makes it to Dallas and go to that. Plus you add in the horrible idea of playing the PAC 12 title game in the bay. People are spending a ton of money, and using time off for these games.

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I've read that the highest priced Rose Bowl ticket was 1998, Michigan vs. WSU.  Michigan had not won a national championship for many years and WSU hadn't been to the Rose Bowl for 70.  I paid $1400 for two really good tickets, high, ten or fifteen rows from press box, but on the 50.  Perhaps it was just the highest to that point.


By way of contrast, I paid about $100 per ticket for the 2003 Rose Bowl, WSU vs. Oklahoma.  WSU's athletic department was playing hardball and requiring all sorts of donations in order to get the tickets  I guess they figured they had been hoodwinked by the scalpers in '98.  There wasn't much demand by Oklahoma and not much interest in LA, so there was a glut of tickets.  I and lots of Cougs bought from Oklahoma sources, the game didn't sell out and I think the conference ended up having to pay the Rose Bowl committee some money.


WSU fired the guys running the ticket operations when it should have fired the AD.  If they had done that, they may have been spared both Doba and Wulff.

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